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The Emperors Have Returned!


And that shall count for a post.


Because Shinhwa is PRECIOUS!

So, a while ago Dreamy told me to do a little Shinhwa pimp post. I considered doing video post but was too lazy to do it. So I just decided to do a little moving picture post cos they’re easier and I already have lots on my Shinhwa folder.

Disclaimer: these are NOT made by me. I found all of them online.

Commence SPAM! Sorry, but I won’t put these under a cut. Cos Shinhwa is too preshyuussss.








Various K-Popness Fangirlism

I was looking at pictures of my stay in Korea and realized that I went to some other fangirling events that I haven’t really posted up here before. Mostly cos I didn’t take a lot of pictures at these events, but anyways, I’m just gonna post them up in one go.

2PM for Newton Filming – You can barely see them, but yeah, it was 2PM. SOOO freaking many people. Whew, it was crazy, man. I remember being yelled at by so many of their bodyguards cos we weren’t supposed to stand there or something, lol. But people ended up ignoring them anyway.

Shin Sekyung Brewing Coffee – I came across this by chance. Was just walking and saw the setup for the event. SSK was not interactive at all, she barely mustered up answers when the MC asked stuff to her. All she did was shield her face from the sun and looked down. The MC, btw, was an extra in Chuno, if you can spot him.

Actress Bae Doona and Wang Bitna – Bae Doona came to a Hot Potato’s concert. She was taller than I expected, probably the heels factor, but she was really towering, lol. People were whispering her name, but I wasn’t very familiar with her so I just looked and left. Wang Bitna, I was walking and literally just passed by her and realized that was her. I think she probably had a shoot in Everland. There were lots of kids that day and she was like ‘aww, they’re so cute’. Honestly, she looks better on screen. In real life, she’s a bit caked up.

Tiger JK, DJ DOC, Beast, Bada, 4 Minute, After School, 2 AM Jinwoon etc – This was a school event on campus and they invited lots of singers. One of the best memories I had in Korea. Tiger JK and Psy (not pictured), were fucking fantastic. They were true performers, it was so much fun. Beast, DJ DOC and  4 Minute were also great. After School was really meh (but they made up for it in Dream Concert). 2AM Jinwoon was there to promote his variety show along with Lee Hwijae, Park Hyunbin, Lee Eunyoung, and Kim Minjoon.

THE Dream Concert – Well, there were about 20 acts present, but our seats were like miles away from the stage that I had to use binoculars to see the SCREEN. It was so far and it was raining almost the whole time. Some pics of crowds during SS501, Kara Gyuri, Lee Hyori, and 3 of Super Junior that I managed to snap, in between wiping my face from the rain and screaming my ass off.

Shinhwa Andy, Jo Insung, etc at Military Concert – I was gungho that I would  not leave Korea without seeing at least one of the Shinhwa members. Lucky for me, they were holding an army concert and one of the performers was Andy! The bad news was that it was the one army concert that Lee Dongwook didn’t attend even though he usually was present at this kind of event. But yeah, Andy, Jo Insung, and Lee Junki (who just got into the army that time) received the loudest cheer, oh us fangirls. Kim Jaewon, Boom, HOT Tony, and Epik High DJ Tukutz were also present. Kim Jaewon was dreamy, yo.

SS501 Surprise Fanmeeting for Newton – Tears were abound here. Fans just started crying the moment they showed SS501 History slideshow. Everyone seemed like they already knew that it would somewhat be the last event the band would have. At least this year. I’m holding on to Hyungjoon’s promise that SS501 is NOT done, but if they end up on an infinite hiatus like GOD then at least I have a memory of being present for their very last activity as a group.

Mate in Eumak Changgu Taping – I followed a couple of friends to the taping of a show called Eumak Changgu (Music Hatch??), a music show for indie bands. It was supposedly hosted by Clazziquai Alex. Unfortunately he wasn’t actually there during this taping. But it was a lot of fun, to listen to something other than mainstream K-Pop. Mate got popular with their song Longing, but has hatched other albums, if I remember correctly. I need to listen to their newer stuff.

Alex at World Cup Concert – LOL, so after the failure of seeing Alex in the music show above, a few days later, I actually got to see Alex. It was exactly one day before I left Seoul and I was just walking around the Cheonggyecheon with a friend when I saw the concert being set up. Lo and behold, Alex started rehearsing. Horan was supposed to come as well, but she came later and I didn’t get to see her. Alex was pretty nice, he started talking to the audience about the World Cup prediction (Korea lost later that night). Most of the audience were older people so the situation was really quiet. I, in my fangirl glory, screamed out ‘I love you, Alex!’ and he looked at me amused, and was like ‘Haha, I love you back’ LOL

And that concludes my madness in Korea. Ah, those good times.

THE Leader is Back!!

OMG, you guys, I literally raced home for this!!

Move over, baby idols, THE original idol is coming back. Eric Moon aka Moon Junghyuk aka ET aka Shinhwa Leader is finally back to the public’s arms after 2 years of army service. This means PARTAYYYYY in the Shinhwa fandom world. FINALLY, one out of 5 of them currently in the army is actually back! Eric was released from the army earlier today Korea time and held a little fanmeeting as well as signing for the lucky fans (grrrr, lucky bitches!!) who were there.

FYEAHEricMun has a whole bunch of pictures of Eric’s glorious return. So does Nate.Com (where I got these from) and if you search up other Korean news agencies, you would see many pictures as well.

God, I still vividly remember the day 2 years ago when Eric first went to serve in the army. We cried buckets (okay, perhaps not), threw tantrum (not if you’re sane), but bottom line is we as fans were heartbroken (this part is true) cos not only did that mean Eric would have to be away for 2 years, but that also meant Shinhwa effectively went on hiatus as Eric was the first member to enter the army. Soon after, the others started serving as well, and currently, 4 out of 6 members (Shin Hyesung was exempted for knee injury) are serving in the army, due out in a year and two. Next up to expect is Kim Dongwan’s return sometime in November, I believe.

In the mean time, I am off to make new banner. I’m sorry, Kim Jaewook, but this is Eric’s day!

Video of his little interview has been uploaded. He’s so fucking purrrfect.

Shinhwa Fan 20 Questions

*man, this picture is like a million years old! Eric’s got glasses, wtf, hahaha*

It had been a really long time since I visited my favourite Shinhwa forums. And today I was being a little nostalgic and lurked around there again. As I was browsing I saw there were a lot of discussions and QA between the fans about Shinhwa. Kind of like the usual 100 QA. I decided to indulge a bit and compile some of them for me personally, thus the whole “Shinhwa Fan 20 Questions”. So, let’s start!

1. What is your Top 5 Shinhwa songs? A tough start! 10 Studio Albums, 4 Winter Albums, 4 Singles and a bunch of other independent songs obviously make it hard to pick just 5. They have close to 200 songs and of course they’re not all perfect but man, I have so many favourites among those and they keep changing depending on the weather, hahaha. But anyways, with heavy heart I will have to leave a lot of my favourite songs. My pick would be Snowy Night, Perfect Man, One More Time, Eusha Eusha,  and Deep Sorrow. Reasons? My Shinhwa obsession started around the same time as Snowy Night release in 2007. Perfect Man is an addictive song that I can listen to 50 times a day, and I have done that in the past. One More Time is sentimental to me because this is one of Shinhwa’s last songs before they had to go on hiatus and I feel a little twist in my heart whenever I listen to it. Eusha Eusha never fails to cheer me up. Deep Sorrow has got to be one of Shinhwa’s sexiest songs ever.

2. If you win a date with Shinhwa, who would you take and how would your day be like? I remember answering I’d take Junjin before, but now that I think about it I think I’d pick Dongwan. Because stuff like this tends to get pretty awkward but I feel like Dongwan would be someone you can click right away. For one, he’s chatty and I think I would have fun laughing at his stupid silly antics too. I’d probably take him to the countryside because he seems to love traveling and taking pictures. I want to spend time talking about random stuff and about his life away from the spotlight. And of course I would prepare a gift, a mirror, because dude LOVES to look at himself in the mirror, hahah.

3. Out of all Shinhwa members solo effort, which one do you like? I’m more of a drama girl than a music girl, so for me I’ll give the crown to Eric for his drama Que Sera Sera, which is still one of my favourite dramas of all time. Runner up would go to 2 members, Minwoo for his 4th album M-Rizing and Dongwan for his 2nd album The Secret. Both of these are such great albums. Now, I like Andy’s and Junjin’s songs as well, but objectively, they haven’t displayed the level of quality that Minwoo and Dongwan did. As for Hyesung, he is an amazing vocalist and I’m sure his albums are great but I’m not really one for ballad so it’s not my taste.

4. What is your favourite Shinhwa variety show moments? Another tough one because they have appeared in numerous variety shows. I’ll pick some I can remember. One is: Shinhwa in Yashimanman. For a Shinhwa fan, this is like gold, man. A lot of secrets being spilled and there are so many hilarious moments in this appearance. Second: Shinhwa’s Love Letter. Not just that episode but basically the whole 1st season of Love Letter. W get to know the ‘Ideal Guy’ contenders with their hot date and the ‘Minor League’ losers with their intense training, and naturally chaos ensues, heh!

5. What would you do if Shinhwa breaks up? The million dollar question and my answer is that I don’t think Shinhwa will break up. That’s not exactly answering the question but I think that Shinhwa’s gone past the point where there’s a question if they will break up or not. They were to break up if their 2nd album didn’t sell well, but then it did. They almost broke up when their contract with SM Entertainment ended, but they stuck together and got through it. In short, they have weathered so many obstacles that breaking up at this point is just pointless and they know it too.

6. Do you miss Shinhwa? Err, duhhh! I became a fan when Shinhwa’s activities were winding down. So I had to be content with just watching their old shows, listening to their old songs, and keeping my ears open for the occasional news of the group. But more than that, I miss being obsessed with Shinhwa, getting home straight away from school so I could watch the next part of Shinhwa in X-Man or Heroine 5, going to youtube and type the word ‘shinhwa’ and just watched random videos. I also miss having chats and crazy discussions with fellows Shinhwa fans. Heh, let’s hope Shinhwa comes back soon. Next year Eric and Wannie are out of military anyway, wohoooo!

7. Shinhwa and plastic surgery? I’ve heard a bunch of speculations and actual facts regarding the members fixing themselves up. What I know is that Dongwan got a nose job and Jinnie got his eyes done. They admitted it a long time ago so it’s not exactly news. I’m still sore about Junjin’s surgery because I think he looked older and more tired after the work done. People speculated about Hyesung getting his eyes done and Eric getting his nose (or lips??) done. I don’t think Eric got surgeries, but I do think Hyesung got a double eyelid cause his eyes look pretty different now compared to his younger self. I think Hyesung looks better now tho.

8. Does Shinhwa have a big influence in your life? Not really, but it does creep in sometimes. It was only after liking Shinhwa that I seriously thought of visiting Korea for real and I did. There’s also the tiny stuff that is unconsciously influencing my daily life. A few weeks ago, I had to buy a headphone because my old one was falling apart and I just automatically picked an orange one. Why orange, you say? Cause orange is Shinhwa’s colour. Simple as that.

9. If Shinhwa wasn’t Shinhwa, where do you think they would be right now? I think Eric would have stayed in the States and got himself married to a Californian hottie. Minwoo would have become an entertainer anyway, or a dancer because this field is like his calling. Dongwan would have been a journalist, I think, because he’s very eloquent and loves to get his thoughts out there. Hyesung would’ve been a salaryman who frequented karaoke place (to sing) and was  married with children. Junjin would have been a PE teacher in Elementary school because he’s crazy about sport and little kids. Andy would have been a businessman because he excels in his finances and is independent.

10. What is Shinhwa’s best album so far? Although I like the 6th album for its slightly RnB sound, I have to give numero uno to 7th Album, Brand New. After parting with SM, people didn’t think Shinhwa could make it. But Brand New came out with such a bang. It was helped by intense promotions, different look, a positive attitude, but above all, the album itself is full of fabulous songs. It was a different sound than their previous albums and the reinvention was succesful.

11. If you can give presents to Shinhwa members, what would they be? I already said I would give mirror to Dongwan. I want to give a bunny for Eric so he can treat it better than his neighbour’s bunny, hehe (there’s a story behind Eric’s bunny signature). Hair mousse for Hyesung so he can style his hair to his heart’s content. Beanie for Junjin because he wears it even in the summer. Shopping voucher for Minwoo who is a total fashionista. Love potion for Andy so he can finally find love after years of being single.

12. If you can take one Shinhwa member to a desserted island, who would you take? Now, refrain from playing out suggestive scenarios! I want to take Andy, because he’s a great cook!

13. You know you’re a Shinhwa fan when… When you start a)to insist that orange is your favourite colour, b)compare every single boyband to Shinhwa and thinks that Shinhwa is better, c)scour all of internet to find if one of their rare DVD special is being sold, etc.

14. Who, among the members, do you think is…. a)the funniest? I think none of them is comedian funny, but all of them are crazy! b)the most shy? I used to think Hyesung, but after watching We Got Married, I think it’s Andy. c)the most playful? Like I said, all of them (or at least 4, excluding Minwoo and Hyesung, are) are crazy, but the king of it is ET Eric! d)the most talkative in interviews? Minwoo and Dongwan are like the speaker of the group. Andy and Eric would be in the corner playing among themselves and Hyesung standing around being quiet. Junjin would either join the RicDy madness or in a good day, help out MinWan answering questions, haha. e)up for fan service? Absolutely Minbong. f)he cuddliest? Hmm, I don’t know. Probably the two magnae, Andy and Junjin. g)looooves giving hugs? Eric, no question. Just how many times have we seen him jumping on Hyesung or Andy?

15. Favourite Shinhwa member? I’m going to change this question to: which member solo news do you follow most often? For me it’s Eric, Junjin, and Dongwan.

16. If you can find celebrity girflfriends for the members, who would you match them up with? For Eric, probably someone slightly older than him with a quirky charm like him too. One contender would be Choi Kang Hee. For Minwoo, I’d introduce him to Park Yejin who’s feminine but can be tough when necessary. For Dongwan, it has to be someone who can appreciate and endure his brand of wackiness and match up with her own crazy, I’d go for Koyote’s Shinji. For Hyesung, a super feminine lady but also full of aegyo, like former Jewelry Lee Jihyun aka Queen of Danghyunaji. For Junjin, a prettygirl who seems nice and the type to bring home to meet mom, like actress Han Damin. For Andy, definitely Solbi, no question. Hehe, sorry, my We Got Married bias is still so strong. Ansol couple FTW!

17. If you can get one member to perform one dance, what would it be? Aaahhh, tough!! Between Andy’s heart dance to Dongwan’s Doloop, everything is so entertaining. But I’ll have to go with Hyesung’s ‘Mom Buy Me That’ dance! Too hilarious!

18. If you can interview Shinhwa, what is the one question you would like to ask to each member? For Eric, If you can have only one solo career, would you rather be an actor or a singer/rapper? For Dongwan, Why are you so obsessed with Japan?? For Junjin, When will you get married, you’re not getting any younger?? For Hyesung, will you ever venture into acting? For Minwoo, Can you make one song especially for me? For Andy, Which one are you??

19. What do you think of Eric as a leader? Bias aside, I really do respect Eric as a leader. He’s charismatic to boot, but he knows how to lower himself so that the other members can treat him like a friend. It seems like he understands the inner workings of every single one of his members and can position himself so that everyone feels comfortable. I also like how Eric doesn’t hog the spotlight. If asked, he would answer. But if not, he would let the other guys have their moments. If you notice, Eric usually stands in the corner during interviews or variety shows. When Shinhwa was on the brink of breaking up, Eric united his members so that they can still perform under the name of Shinhwa. Look at what Yunho of DBSK is doing right now. Eric would be disappointed.

20. What would you like to see Shinhwa/members doing in the next 5 years? Only one. I want to see them have group activities under the name of Shinhwa again. The last time they did that was for their 8th album in 2006, which is like AGES ago. For the next 3 years, member will go to and come from military service. But after that, I would really like it if Shinhwa, not only holds concerts, but also promotes on TV so that even the new fans of K-Pop would know who Shinhwa is and how long they have been together!

See You Soon, Junjin


*fangirl cheesiness start*

Argh, other than Lee Dongwook, THIS is the saddest military enlistment for me. I’m a big fan of Shinhwa, but despite loving all the members, Junjin holds a special something so to see him going off the spotlight for two years is tough and I admit that I resent this national obligation a little bit, especially after so many great men go this year.

My fangirlism for Junjin has been going up and down since last year. After he did his eyes, his appearance changed quite drastically and call me cheesy, but I felt that his cute troublemaker semi magnae charm just went away with his eye fats. I kept saying it didn’t matter but frankly speaking, it had an impact.

I still followed him and his album releases were top priority. And then his image in variety shows like Infinity Challenge, his High School Girls show, and WGM just became more prevalent than his works as a singer and that was a source of disappointment to me because while it proved that Junjin is a multi entertainer with a great personality to be going back and forth in reality shows, it also highlights that singing, his original title occupation, has taken a backseat compared to variety programs.

But now, after seeing him going off to Army, I am regretting the useless time spent to pile up negative sentiments on someone. Especially after seeing the picture above. Junjin’s signature impish toothy grin. It feels like this cute troublemaker semi magnae is back.

I am sad that it means Junjin will be inactive for two years, but on the other hand, I feel relieved that he’s now free to live a more personal life, away from the spotlight, FINALLY. After pretty much 12 years of entertainment slave labour. I hope this is a chance for his to reflect on what he’s accomplished so far and what he wants in the future. I hope that this two years will be a healthier and happier life for him.

Jin, eat well, sleep well, work well. Don’t go on too much drinking binge, don’t get yourself injured, don’t get too competitive in your job. Take care and see you in two years.

*fangirl cheesiness end*


Reasons to love Junjin and relive these old times:

Last, but not least:


Missing Person: Eric Moon Junghyuk

I was watching:



and this.

And I kinda realized how much I miss Eric. It’s almost been a year since he’s been out of the public eyes doing his service and unlike Dongwan who updates his blog often, we only get scarce news about Eric. It does seem that the military life (he’s not active duty as he injured himself during the filming of Wolf) agrees with him, who in his recent pictures looks about 5 years younger.

Rather than Eric, the rapper, I knew and like Eric more for his acting work. He’s a good enough rapper and overall musician (err, just not vocal, haha), but it’s his acting that first snatched my attention. Well, Eric’s not exactly the best actor around, that much I concur. You can’t even tag him with the word Good. He’s got flashes of great acting, but he’s also got his awkward moments. He’s the most enjoyable in Super Rookie and Invisible Parachute Agency, where he basically plays the same type of person. Literally, those two dramas challenge my funny bone. Eric is simply hilarious in a dolt, silly kind of way. But yes, the best acting I’ve seen is still Que Sera Sera. He pushes Kang Taejoo to the point where he is barely forgivable anymore. I tried Strongest Chilwoo and have not been able to go past episode 5. I even bought the entire DVD set of Phoenix and I couldn’t get past episode 1.

I cannot wait until he returns from the Army to Shinhwa and acting. Everyone has been saying how they want Eric’s solo album, but to be honest, I’d rather advances his acting resume more rather than starting from base 1 as a solo singer. At least he has set all the needed foundation in his acting works. Hugely popular drama? Check. Comedy? Check check. Challenging drama? Check. Traditional drama? Check. Now he just needs to keep improving his acting skills and become a credible actor in his own right. Of course I wouldn’t complain if his CD hits the store, but IMHO, he’s got enough musical activities from Shinhwa and a bunch of other featuring.

The most distinguished Shinhwa members are perhaps Minwoo for his music, Hyesung for his vocal, and recently Junjin with his variety shows (tho I wish it’s his deep and strong vocal instead). But arguably, Eric is THE most popular member, for his commercials and endorsement deals, that leftover popularity from Phoenix, and simply for his good looks. Those are fine, but will he always be known as a hottie as he ages and people forgetting Phoenix and those CFs going to the younger up and coming stars? Now, if he can actually establish his credibility as an actor, he can be popular for a good, solid reason: Terrific acting. And terrific acting will not fade as one ages. In fact, it gets better.

Last, Eric the scaredy cat:

And Eric the cake cannoisseur: