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1N2D Global Workers Special

I have to admit, I’ve been on a dry spell with 1N2D for a while. Usually my sunday mornings are coloured with watching these guys braving the cold or sleeping outside, but lately I tuned in to the competition show Heroes more regularly. Sometimes I watch 1N2D after Heroes, sometimes I just went to watch something else. I think it had been at least 2 months since I last watched the show.

After MC Mong left, the energy  level was sliding slowly. Even though I know the casts and crew have been working extra hard to fill his void, it is still different. And while I admire the show for constantly discovering itself, never letting itself and the members being boxed into particular “characters” (like Eun Jiwon as Choding, or Lee Sugeun as Apjabi), I find myself missing the original elements of the show, the things that made me first fell in love with it: like drinking fish sauce, a distinctive wake up song (Snake song!!), and most of all the members sticking together, driving somewhere to their destinations. But then again, perhaps, I also have a 1N2D fatigue after almost 2 years watching it every week.

So last week, a friend tweeted me saying that I definitely needed to watch the recent episode with lots of tissue at hand. The episode was about the foreign global workers, so I did. I did so, without actually watching the preceeding two episodes, just the last tail of it.

But within the first 20 minutes, I was already sniffing. It was so heart rendering to see these men who are away from their family and missing their family really badly.But at the same time, I felt weird watching the workers and their family reunite, because it was something so personal. There’s that guilty feeling that you’re witnessing such personal moments of people you don’t even know. Even the members didn’t go with the workers to meet their family, yet here we are the viewers who watched every single moment. It felt a little intrusive.

Jiwon’s partner Akhil is only 23 and has been in Korea for 2 years. He’s so young yet he’s so far away from his country, busting his ass in a factory job in a place that is completely different from home. Pork ranks as one of the things Korean consume the most, Akhil, he can’t eat pork. He has to pray 5 times a day, but that’s misconstrued by his boss as him slacking on the job. It’s hard to imagine how tough it must be for him when he first came to Korea.

So each member is paired up with a foreigner, each from different country, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Their language proficiency is varied as well. Sugeun’s partner Khan has been in Korea for 15 years and has done a Korean movie and won a Korean National song award. But on the other hand, Jongmin’s partner Ssowan has only been there for a year and speaks pretty minimal Korean.

I loved the part where they were all discussing what to eat that night. Akkil and Khan can’t eat pork, Karrki, whose religion is Hindu, can’t eat beef, and Seunggi’s partner Yeyang can’t eat sashimi. I guess for a country like Korea whose demographic is pretty homogeneous, people almost never encounter this kind of issue but at one point in my life, this was actually everyday life, deciding what to eat so everyone can eat. I’m glad that 1N2D touches on this part of multiculturalism.

My favourite pair is hands down, Kang Hodong and his same age counterpart Karrki. How can two 41 year old ahjussis be so freaking adorable together?? They do ice cream love shot, fail the Human Zero games over and over again, and are just sweet to each other. I am really glad Kang Hodong got to pair up with someone age similar. It’s an interesting dynamic to see. Both are really polite toward each other, but I love how they warm up to each other right away . Karrki shrivels up when Kang Hodong told him to use banmal because he was older than Hodong. He’s only been in Korea for 6 months, but his korean is surprisingly really good.

Karrki is someone who tears up at the mention of his daughters and wife. He prays to the ocean so he can see his family soon. Yet, he’s also someone who sees Kang Hodong and not having the slightest clue who he is. He sees Kim Jongmin and asks him what country he’s from, lmao. He eats more than Kang Hodong and he absolutely must eat too, lol. I was curious as to how he would take the show, with the possibility of not eating and stuff. This was when Kang Hodong’s people skills were tried as well. He needs to keep the show’s rules intact, yet he also has to appease his guest. I think when the show has guests, these kinds of rules (not eating and stuff) are kinda pointless, they’re just there to show the guests how things are done on the show.

Jongmin and Ssowan are a quiet bunch with great language barrier. Ssowan dreams of building a school back in Cambodia because he couldn’t afford to go to school when he was young. He and his boss genuinely seem to have a good relationship. He’s younger than Jongmin but already a man with a family. He was soooooo shy when he saw his wife again, it was like he met her for the first time. Yet, he was crying so much when he took them to airport. Seeing him breaks my heart. One of my favourite Jongmin moments ever was when he dove to the water (it was MINUS 20 celcius!!!!!!) so his guest can eat something. I actually went to that beach around April last year, and just dipping my feet in the water was crazy mothereffing cold. I can’t believe Jongmin went full body in the water at that wheater, god. Just like Lee Seunggi and Park Chanho who went to have a fantastic year after diving in the winter water in 1N2D, I hope 2011 can become Jongmin’s year as well.

I gotta hand it to the Happy Sunday team. Not only do they constantly find something new to add to the show, they are also bringing awareness to the issue of multiculturalism, foreign workers in Korea, and other asian countries. In some cases, foreign workers are related to some negative sentiment like illegal immigration, criminal activities, and stuff. So I appreciate 1N2D is shining positive light on these workers and their own culture.

With all the problems that have been surrounding Happy Sunday, what with MC Mong’s military scandal and Kim Sungmin’s drug crime, I truly wish the best for the program this year. The program as a whole is still among the highest rated variety show, but I hope it can continue to improve.

“We are family.”


Oh Seunggi..

I’m being lazy of actually writing something. But man, sometimes when I watch 1 Night 2 Days, it feels like Lee Seunggi is JUST begging to be screencapped! Sometimes his fashion sense is WAY off the grid, sometimes his hair is just wrong, sometimes he’s being too cute, there are just a lot of reason. In general, he’s always pretty and lickable, heh.

I love it when he dresses simply. I think sometimes he (or his stylists) is trying to be fashion forward and goes too far with their fashionable concept. He’s had some episodes where his clothes just make me cringe. They’re often so mismatched and ugly. I know he continues to be cute, but still, dress better, dear lord!

My Fangirl Life is Complete

What a week!!

I mentioned this before, but there are 3 Flower Boys who occupy the flower boy loving territory of my heart: Kim Hyunjoong, Jung Ilwoo, and Lee Seunggi. And in one week, I actually got to see all them up close! Am I awesome, or what? Heeheee.. Also, disclaimer, this is purely a bragging post laden with enormous fangirlism sentiment, not informative or rational at all. At this point, I shall have no more reservation in declaring my fangirl insanity and will plod on shamelessly. Plus, it’s pretty image heavy. Close the window, if you will.

Also, heaven has sent me a sign to upgrade my camera because out of these three “sightings” I could not get any good pictures.


The Uneventful One: Wherein I Begged To Take a Picture and Failed

I found about Jung Ilwoo’s Nix fansign in Seoul one day before the actual event. I just happened to see soompi and his DAUM fanclub to discover that I was one day away from the chance to see this 6 ft tall of fair smooth skin with killer smile and (at the time) horrible perm. In short, I was so hyped up for this. It was great enough to be able to see him in the play Beautiful Sunday in March, so even if I left Seoul without seeing Jung one more time, I would be content. True, I definitely wanted to see the person up close, and coincidentally, this was THAT exact opportunity.

Except that the place was FREAKING far from my place that it took 2 transfers of subway and it took almost 2 hours to get there. The thing about transferrring subway line is that the walk involved is always so far. Also, I just HAD to forget my camera and ran back to my room. I was rushing so much and when I finally got to the destination station, I realized that except for the station, I had no clue where the fansign took place exactly. So, for about 10 minutes I was just wandering around aimlessly to the direction I THOUGHT the fansign was.

By coincidence (it’s really all coincidences that hold this thing together) I saw two girls holding Jung Ilwoo’s sign and arrived at a sports store where the fansign was held, all thanks to them. I arrived at like 15-20 minutes after the fansign started and OMG, luckily, I could get a number and waited in line. What must be noted, and what was quite embarrassing, was the fact that the majority of the fans waiting there were in school uniforms, and seemed to be around 15. Those schoolkids seem to be the neighbourhood students who just happened to walk by the store and saw the chance to get his autograph. To be honest, the actual people who came there for the sole purpose of seeing Jung were very few. But then again, this was 4 years after his claim to fame Unstoppable Highkick, 1 year after his hyped up drama Return of Iljimae ‘failed’ commercially and his other drama My Fair Lady failed critically. He spent 2010 mostly in theater production (aforementioned Beautiful Sunday), a few commercial ads shooting, and mostly stay away from the screen.

He wore a black ensemble. I was actually wishing he would’ve worn something brighter. When I got there, he was already inside, giving out his autographs. Good thing, the store was small and it was only covered in glass, so you could see the entire thing from outside. He greeted everyone with his signature smile. When my turn came up, I already wrote my name on a piece of paper. I was one of the VERY FEW foreigners there (only saw two other girls from China and that was IT!). This is so cheesy, but because everyone waited outside and only entered the store when it was their turn, I had almost unobstructed view of the dude 2 meter away for like 3 minutes. My turn was up, he asked my name. While waiting, I was rehearsing my Korean to say something meaningful to him. I wanted to say that I’m a huge huge RoI fan and I wanted to blab about how awesome said drama is. But I was sooo star-struck when I saw Jung Ilwoo face to face that I ended up just telling him the classic overused line, ‘I’m a huge fan!’. Lame ASSSSSS T__T

Also, I seriously begged EVERYONE if I could please please please take a picture with JIW, pulling the whole ‘I’m a foreign fan’ card. In my mind, it should’ve been easy, because like I said, there were like 3 foreign fans who came and the fansign was so low-key and there were really few people coming. I tried asking the security guards and the president of JIW’s fanclub. Heck, I even asked JIW himself, to which he replied apologetically ‘Sorry, no.’ So I didn’t want to press further.

I waited a bit until he was done and took pictures then instead. GAAAWDDD, dude is SO fair. My superficial self immediately regretted that I didn’t dress up a little, but my logical self just quashed that thought with a simple ‘geez, what are you hoping for, anyway?’ so that was that. I’m not loving the hair at all, but man, his smile is like a bajillion watt, sooo brilliant. The event itself was pretty quiet. Slightly more than 100 people came for his signature, but some just stuck around there to watch, 150-170 people max.


The Fangirl Experience: Wherein I Waited for 8 Hours to see SS501 (and CN Blue and MBLAQ)

A fellow SS501 fan from Philippine came to Korea so we decided to catch some SS501’s comeback performances (Love Ya is addictive, right!). We were planning to see the TVN’s new music show Newton and KBS Open Concert the next day. I actually wanted to see Open Concert more because Newton was so new that I didn’t know what to expect. I registered for tickets, but Open Concert was all done for. I could only get the tickets for Newton. I hesitated to come because I had like two presentations the next morning, but I figured I could just go home around dinnertime and did them then. Well that totally didn’t happen.

So my friend already got there around 12. We had no idea what time the thing would start, but she figured it would be better to be there as early as possible. If we had gone to the 3 big music shows, we would have to be there at 7 in the morning!!  I finished up some stuff and got there at 2. We found out that having a ticket meant we were being prioritized to go in, so it was good. We waited outside until about 5 and they lined us up and we went in to…wait inside, lol.

I think it was around 6 that they let us in, and voila, CN Blue was on stage!! And the thing about Newton is that there were no seats, only standing. The distance to the stage was less than a meter too. I was in the second row, so I got to see CN Blue pretty closely. I chose to stand near my favourite, Jungshin, who also seemed to everyone’s favourite. People were like shouting his name over and over. A quick rundown of first impressions: Jungshin was uber uber cute. Minhyuk was so much more handsome in real life. Yonghwa’s foundation was so thick. Jonghyun was too far from me to make an impression. They recorded Just Please and came back later for the live show of LOVE.

Surprisingly (at least to me), the one who was more interactive with the audience was Jungshin. In general, theywere all quiet, but  Jungshin often responded to the audience screaming after him. But all in all, I was so glad to see CN Blue after my thwarted attempt to get into their fansign event months before.

After CN Blue’s performance, MC Gil came on stage with his Leessang counterpart. Epik High, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mirae were also on stage. I thought at first they were each going to sing but apparently they were just there for the opening, which lasted for about 3 minutes. Uhm, okay, so that was it??? Oh well.

Then the unthinkable happened. They told us to get out of the studio because SS501 was going to rehearse. WTF! It was already dinnertime and I had not seen MY Hyunjoong. I was getting annoyed at this constant cockblocking. But alas, we were all herded out and waited outside. A little commotion happened when Hyunjoong himself arrived for the rehearsal through the front door.

But anyways, finally we got in again. I was a bit disappointed upon seeing the stools because it seemed like they were just going to sing Let Me Be The One. I wisely picked my spot on the left because Hyunjoong’s spot tends to be on the left. And true enough, he WAS sitting the second from the left. My friend is a huge fan of Jungmin who was sitting on the far left so we were both thrilled, heheee.

Tho I’ve seen SS501 on their Encore concert and Dream Concert, but hell, my seats were like a galaxy away, they were always sooo far. This time, the boys were actually in front of my naked eyes, and I didn’t need to use binoculars to see their face, lol. Another quick rundown: Jungmin and Kyujong looked more handsome in real life, Hyungjoon looked thinner, Youngsaeng was a bit shorter, and Hyunjoong didn’t look much different on and off screen. Kyujong, particularly, just screamed HAWT. He looked so good.

SS501, being more used to screaming fangirls, was more interactive with the audience. They smiled a lot and responded to the audience more. So they sang Let Me Be The One and retook it a couple more times. One cute incident: they were gonna start recording and the PD told people to be quiet. Only, because there were a lot of foreigners, some couldn’t understand and just kept screaming. The PD was like ‘Can anyone shut them up in English?’. This is when Hyunjoong suddenly quipped ‘Calm down, caaalm down.’ in a funny voice. Only, instead of calming the fangirls, he got the audience screaming an octave higher and a few decibels more. Perhaps, he was embarrassed, perhaps he was just weird, he just started cracking up randomly at his own quip. Which led to THIS, pretty much his only smile the entire evening. Oh, this is not my picture, by the way.

People were pretty crazy, they just yelled the SS boys names repeatedly. When Kyujong was walking my way, I screamed out his name and he waved back. Heee, Kyu, you’re my number 2! How cuter can you be?? Jungmin and Hyungjoon were ones more responsive to audience. Hyunjoong is seriously NOT interactive with audience at all, hell it was sooo hard to see him smiling, lols. Duuude, you’re so pretty when you smile, do it more often! But at the end of the show, a couple of fans had small presents for him and were calling his name and he actually reached out to the audience to receive them. That was a really nice bit.

After they finished, MBLAQ took the stage. Audience was mildly supportive, but when they started NG-ing over and over, most of the audience, who was there for SS501, started getting pissed, lol. What they said: You gotta do well next time, okay!, what they meant: Get off the fucking stage now!

And this is what shaped my first (bad) impression of Lee Joon. To show MBLAQ a little more love, they had a bunch of MBLAQ fans, complete with black balloons, to fill up the space right by the stage. Because at this event, almost 100% of everyone was there for SS501. What struck me as rude is how  most of MBLAQ gave very little attention to those few of their fans. Literally there was only one person who engaged the MBLAQ fans. Lee Joon in particular was either too focused or was too disinteredted in his fans. Even the manner in which he exited the stage rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sorry, but dude just looked like a douche.

But anyways, I’m not here to write about MBLAQ. After MBLAQ I got pissed for real because they told us to wait outside AGAIN!! We ended up waiting an extra 2 fucking hours before they let us in for Love Ya performance. OMG, by then I lost all fangirlism desire. Because fuck, it was midnight already and here I thought I would be back home by 8 at most. Geez.

But when we got in, the studio was transformed completely. Chandeliers were hanging and the string orchaestra were neatly lined in the back. The SS members and dancers stand in an extension stage, all ready to go in black themed outfit and makeup. Of course I scrammed to Hyunjoong’s side and man, it was suuuuper close, about a meter away or so. There was NO distance from the stage and again, I was in the second row. The audience got too crazy so Kyu, the former president body, tried to alingned the distribute the fans and aligned them to the other side, but audience were like Shiroooo, lol, poor guy being ignored.

BTW, Kyujong and Hyunjoong looked positively sexxayyy, that was pretty much the first time I acknowledged that these guys could actually be sexy.

But then Hyunjoong turned his back cos the choreography of Love Ya dictated, and I was like EBAHRDFXFG!! WTF, come back to me, face!! So I ended up staring at his butt longer than his face the entire time T____T. Fans at the other end were so lucky.

Hyungjoon made some mistakes with the coreography and this girl kept screaming informally, ‘Hyungjoon-a, do well!!’, and Baby replied with a ‘Yes m’am.’ LOL. Even Youngsaeng asked the audience to cheer for Hyungjoon so he would do well, which only embarrassed Hyungjoon further. He retaliated by kicking Youngsaeng evenly. Baby’s tantrum.

After the performance ended, Kyu came to our side to return his mic, and he was nice enough to extend his hand to the fans and we got crazy trying to touch it, oh man, if my mom saw me in all my fangirl glory, she would have a fit.

I was so lucky that I came to this music show. Cause it was a really new one, nobody knew about it yet and the amount of people that came only amounted to less than 200. The word hadn’t got out so the people were fewer. Also, some people got home before Love Ya, which made it easier to get good spot.

But yeah, the thing ended and I quickly got home, because fuck, I had to finish doing a presentation that would start in less than 8 hours. Personally, I don’t think I can do this often. The whole waiting thing really wastes your time. I spent basically half a day just dedicated for this, and the performances, if you add it up, were only about 2 hours. The rest was the wait.

But I gotta concur that because I didn’t have much expection for this show, to be able to see the band up close was worth it.


The Activia Adventure: Wherein I Sneaked into Lee Seunggi’s EMPTY Waiting Room

Now THIS, I was really anticipating. Out of the 3 Flower Boys, Lee Seunggi was the one I had not seen. So I was prepared to exert all my energy to see him in this Activia fansign event, especially since I heard that one of Seunggi’s fansign event was literally canceled because of the mass he had gathered and it was deemed not safe to carry out the event. I got there about 2 hours before the event started and was surprised to find only 4 ladies waiting there. But that excitement died fast because I was told that the sign was on a lottery basis and winners were already decided, so only the winners could get in.

So my friends and I used the usual Foreigner card and begged the staff that if at least some winners were no show, they could get us in. The reply was optimistic, they told us to wait. So we waited, along with 15 other fans if maybe we could get in. We were also guessing which way Seunggi would walk in. Then Seunggi came! Only, none of our predictions was correct since he came from the other side. He walked in, waved, swerved left, and was out of sight in 2 seconds. The first thing that came to mind: OMG, ahjumma hair!! I loved how he dressed though. It was summery and he actually colour coordinated with Activia’s green signature colour.

But all and all, my spirit was downcasted. I had little time left in Seoul and if I didn’t see Seunggi then, I would just leave without ever seeing him. So in my mind, it was decided: There was no way I would fail to see Lee Seunggi TWICE!

And yes, there was a first. Lee Seunggi had a campaign event in Konkuk University and I specifically skipped my class to go for it.  But none of us actually even knew WHERE in Konkuk Univ the event was held. Upon entering the univ, we saw a huge black van with super tinted window passing by.  We immediately suspected it was Seunggi’s van. We didn’t run after the van (still sane, y’know!) but that fueled our spirit. We looked high and low for this event, only after we lost the van, we couldn’t find it. We literally walked all over the campus for over an hour JUST searching for sounds of screaming, people gathering, anything. But no avail. Later, when the pictures came out, the event was a closed seminar thing in an indoor venue. Seeing as a campus is FULL of those, I don’t think we could have found it even if we had stayed longer. But anyways, that first time was a failed attempt.

So this time, I was really gungho. The waiting fans got into arguments with the staff because as it turned out, there were at least 10 winners not showing up. Now, if most of the fans at Jung Ilwoo’s fansign wore school uniform, most of the fans at Lee Seunggi’s fansign wore perms. About 80% of the fans showing up were…mothers (I’m avoiding the word ahjumma here). So they have honed their arguing skills.

At first, the staff asked if people were okay letting the “3 Foreigners” (us) in. At first the ladies were like okay, then suddenly they weren’t okay anymore because they said they were older than us, students.  But then after more arguing, the ladies decided that fine, let the stupid foreign girls in. And they were now actually vouching for us to be let in. This time, the staff changed their minds and no, we couldn’t get in. By this time, I was freely cursing. FUCK YOU ACTIVIA!! I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR YOGHURT!! MOTHERS, MAKE UP YOUR MINDSSSSSS!! Etc.

One of my friends (one that later actually got a picture with Seunggi, boooooo) was supremely pissed already and was ready to leave. But HELL NO, I was going to stay and see this elusive Mr Lee! So I saw some ladies walking to the other side and disappearing to where Seunggi walked in earlier. I followed them and we ended up downstairs, in Seunggi’s waiting room, where we could see the entire fansigning event from above! This is where I shot all these pictures from. The waiting room had a window film so we got to see everyone, but nobody downstairs could see us.

The fansign ended and we all quickly got out so as to not be caught. So the aforementioned friend stayed back and she saw Seunggi coming out and asked for a picture. At first the manager refused, but Seunggi said okay. Lucky girl, and we all hate her now. But I got out quickly and stood by Seunggi’s van (YES, the black one I saw in Konkuk Univ, ugh!). He came out, hair still terrible, but damn, so handsome! I had a camera in my hand but pretty much forgot all about it.

I waded my way through the crowd (which actually only amounted to 30 people at most) and stuck my hand out. I wanted to impress him with my Level 1 Korean, but the only thing I said was “Lee Seunggi, I’m from *country*” (in English too), which was about as lame as his permed hair T___T. He was like Ah yes, and shook my hand.

And my euphoria level just shot through the roof. KYAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. I know it’s tacky and perhaps slightly deranged, but I just couldn’t believe that I finally saw this dude up close. He is thinner than taller than I expected. And he’s one of those who looks better in real life than in pictures. I mean, I think Seunggi looks better in motion than in still images, but even compared to motion, he still looks better in real life. He’s really fair skinned and his complexion is really good, his hand is also  way smoother than mine.

What must be noted I think is how NICE Lee Seunggi is. He really sets the bar to how nice a celebrity should be. The other two pretty boys, Jung Ilwoo and Kim Hyunjoon just PALED in comparison. He really makes an effort to be down to earth and tries as much as possible to engage people. During the fansign he listened to whatever the sign receiver said and he would offer a high five or a handshake or whatever. In comparison, while Jung Ilwoo smiled a lot, he was more reserved with words and physical contact. Whereas Lee Seunggi seemed to genuinely liked interacting with people. And I’ve heard that Lee Seunggi is a celeb that if invited to some sort of event and he had the time, he would attend.

So that concludes my week of Flower Boy chase. I count myself as lucky because in all three events, there weren’t a huge number of people and thus the chance of seeing the person I wanted to see was A LOT bigger. If say, I had gone to Music Bank or other music shows, it was absolutely not possible to see SS501 that close and for free (Newton had no requirement that we brought an artist CDs or anything). If the Jung Ilwoo fansign was located in a more crowded area, like in a shopping mall or popular shopping street like Myungdong, definitely I would have to content myself with waiting outside while jostling with many people for the chance to view Jung in the 30 secs we had while he was getting in/out of the store. But the one surprises me the most is Lee Seunggi’s event. It was very low key, perhaps because the date and place were announced only a couple of days before the event, so not many people probably knew about it. But yay for me, hehehe.

Bad News

It saddens me that I have to bring this into your line of vision. I couldn’t help it because this issue is quite urgent and has to be brought to the table. The pain is unbearable for me to bottle this up inside (dramatic, much?).

*picture taken from Lee Seunggi World*

But WTF is going on top of Lee Seunggi’s head? It looks like he’s got squid sitting and gliding around on top of his head. Or is it that he hasn’t shampooed for a week and sets the curling iron on the loose?? Or is he trying to ugly himself down for fear of the ahjummas trying to marry him off to their daughters?

I saw a picture of Seunggi in the Baeksang award, but that did not compare to what I’m seeing here. Now, Lee Seunggi is one of the Princes of my lil black heart, but that doesn’t mean that I will just sit back and stew over this madness in silence. What in the name of all things holy was he thinking?? Is this supposed to be the new look for the drama he’s preparing? If it is, then I will have to question the credibility of this drama’s costume director.

If you say that Hwan of Brilliant Legacy had similar birdnest hairdo, I beg to differ. Hwan at least looked hot, especially with that scowl on his face. But this, is pretty bad. He needs to modify this look a bit, or he will look like *gasp* Robert Pattinson. The horrors.

Guess the Abs

Does that picture above match the picture below??






So, one of my biggest misteries in life has finally been answered.

I’ve watched a whole bunch of 1 Night 2 Days and we’ve been given glimpses that underneath his clothes lies a built body. I even asked, to my embarrassment, on his thread if there’s any ANY picture at all of Seunggi being topless to pretty much no avail. I’ve seen view from the back, but really, it’s the front part I want to see badly.

Therefore, on this day, I’m having a hard time picking my jaw from the floor after seeing this interview.

What a beautiful body. I wish I can smear some honey on it.

I need to neutralize myself for a bit.

Back to cutie Lee Seunggi..

Current Events..


So, Lady Castle/My Fair Lady is its final week. In fact, in mere hours, its last episode will air. Man, perhaps THE most anticipated drama for me this year ended up being THE disappointment of the year. I am glad it’s ending because I am impatient for the actors, especially Jung Ilwoo and Moon Chaewon to go do other, better, projects. While I stopped watching that crap a long time ago, I still follow Javabeans’s recap every week. And sometimes if a scene sounds interesting (which is fortunately really not often) I would go back and watch it. But other than that, I’ve moved on.

I was just struck by how significant a writing in a drama is. If you compare Brilliant Legacy and My Fair Lady (I know, I’m sorry BL to put you in the same sentence as MFL), objectively, Brilliant Legacy probably has more cliches going, a disadvantage to the drama. Kindhearted girl with mean evil stepmother and equally plotting stepsister, etc. But the writer so skillfully weaves through and around those cliches and work out the subtleties instead. The characters are explored more and the actors are worked to bring out the characters’ respective charms. MFL had a great opportunity to take Kang Hyena’s struggle in the company into another level and make it as her maturing experience. But oh no, they’d just rather go round around the same circle surrounding Dongchan/Hyena Love of The Century concept. Oh well.. Let’s hope that the main cast learns from this piece of crap and be more careful in choosing other roles.

Anyways, so updates have been rare in between. I wish I could write more, but I find that I have to cut back on drama watching by a lot. I am very slowly in the midst of catching up with Tamna The Island (episode 3) and I keep up (for now) with a new drama as well, called Smile, You. Smile, You stars Jung Kyungho, Lee Minjung, Lee Chunhee, Lee Kyuhan, Choi Jungyoon, etc. It’s a mix between family drama and trendy romcom. I am enjoying it immensely at the moment. It’s not free of the familiar cliches or setups, but it’s quite invigorating. The younger, more low profile stars are a breath of fresh air. It reminds me of the drama Happiness but with considerably less potential angst and evil deeds. So far, while it has its meh moments, it’s a fun and lighthearted drama.

The new variety show with Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi called Kang Shimjang (Strong Heart) premiered recently to a surprisingly high rating! Rating was around the 17-18 range, which is really good for a variety talk show kind of program. It was also surprisingly really entertaining. I have found that basically the only variety shows I can watch without wanting to pause a lot are 1 Night 2 Days and We Got Married. Stuff like Star Golden Bell, Infinite Challenge, Star King, Happy Together, and a lot others are okay, but I never have the desire to follow them week to week religiously. Plus, there’s also the language barrier that is quite pervasive when it comes to talk shows. So when I watched Strong Heart, I didn’t have any expectation.

I was surprised because not only I could digest it moderately easy, it is also a very interesting program. The concept is simple. Celebrities talk about themselves, their past experiences, and share interesting stories. If a story is interesting (be it a sad story or a hilarious one), you get a Strong Heart sash. The next person will challenge the story. If the story is deemed to be better or equally good as the previous, the sash will be passed on. I have yet to figure out who actually decides whether a story is sash worthy or not, but that is the general mechanism of the show.

The viewers responses have been good, from what I’ve read. The consensus is that many people feel that there are too many guests (24 per episode) and because of that some guests don’t even get a chance to speak. Another complain is that the screentime is not divided equally at all. The first episode has 2 Big Bang members and they are basically the focus of the show. Well, the camera DID capture them unnecessarily too many times. They asked Seungri to show his dance once and G-Dragon to perform his song like twice. Come on! They didn’t ask Kim Taewoo or Mc Mong or Epik High who just released their works very recently to perform! Having said that, I have to concede that the stories being shared by or about them are pretty hilarious.

But anyways, yeah, those are the two things I’ve been watching the last week. I am trying the first episode of You are Beautiful (Jang Geunseok,ew) as I’m typing right now. I missed the last Hong Sisters drama Hong Gil Dong, and to be honest I am not exactly THAT excited about this drama either, but I figured I’d just try the first episode to see if it’s worth it to continue to the 2nd one.

So, adios for now. Gnight!