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The Emperors Have Returned!


And that shall count for a post.


Missing Person: Eric Moon Junghyuk

I was watching:



and this.

And I kinda realized how much I miss Eric. It’s almost been a year since he’s been out of the public eyes doing his service and unlike Dongwan who updates his blog often, we only get scarce news about Eric. It does seem that the military life (he’s not active duty as he injured himself during the filming of Wolf) agrees with him, who in his recent pictures looks about 5 years younger.

Rather than Eric, the rapper, I knew and like Eric more for his acting work. He’s a good enough rapper and overall musician (err, just not vocal, haha), but it’s his acting that first snatched my attention. Well, Eric’s not exactly the best actor around, that much I concur. You can’t even tag him with the word Good. He’s got flashes of great acting, but he’s also got his awkward moments. He’s the most enjoyable in Super Rookie and Invisible Parachute Agency, where he basically plays the same type of person. Literally, those two dramas challenge my funny bone. Eric is simply hilarious in a dolt, silly kind of way. But yes, the best acting I’ve seen is still Que Sera Sera. He pushes Kang Taejoo to the point where he is barely forgivable anymore. I tried Strongest Chilwoo and have not been able to go past episode 5. I even bought the entire DVD set of Phoenix and I couldn’t get past episode 1.

I cannot wait until he returns from the Army to Shinhwa and acting. Everyone has been saying how they want Eric’s solo album, but to be honest, I’d rather advances his acting resume more rather than starting from base 1 as a solo singer. At least he has set all the needed foundation in his acting works. Hugely popular drama? Check. Comedy? Check check. Challenging drama? Check. Traditional drama? Check. Now he just needs to keep improving his acting skills and become a credible actor in his own right. Of course I wouldn’t complain if his CD hits the store, but IMHO, he’s got enough musical activities from Shinhwa and a bunch of other featuring.

The most distinguished Shinhwa members are perhaps Minwoo for his music, Hyesung for his vocal, and recently Junjin with his variety shows (tho I wish it’s his deep and strong vocal instead). But arguably, Eric is THE most popular member, for his commercials and endorsement deals, that leftover popularity from Phoenix, and simply for his good looks. Those are fine, but will he always be known as a hottie as he ages and people forgetting Phoenix and those CFs going to the younger up and coming stars? Now, if he can actually establish his credibility as an actor, he can be popular for a good, solid reason: Terrific acting. And terrific acting will not fade as one ages. In fact, it gets better.

Last, Eric the scaredy cat:

And Eric the cake cannoisseur: