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1N2D Global Workers Special

I have to admit, I’ve been on a dry spell with 1N2D for a while. Usually my sunday mornings are coloured with watching these guys braving the cold or sleeping outside, but lately I tuned in to the competition show Heroes more regularly. Sometimes I watch 1N2D after Heroes, sometimes I just went to watch something else. I think it had been at least 2 months since I last watched the show.

After MC Mong left, the energy  level was sliding slowly. Even though I know the casts and crew have been working extra hard to fill his void, it is still different. And while I admire the show for constantly discovering itself, never letting itself and the members being boxed into particular “characters” (like Eun Jiwon as Choding, or Lee Sugeun as Apjabi), I find myself missing the original elements of the show, the things that made me first fell in love with it: like drinking fish sauce, a distinctive wake up song (Snake song!!), and most of all the members sticking together, driving somewhere to their destinations. But then again, perhaps, I also have a 1N2D fatigue after almost 2 years watching it every week.

So last week, a friend tweeted me saying that I definitely needed to watch the recent episode with lots of tissue at hand. The episode was about the foreign global workers, so I did. I did so, without actually watching the preceeding two episodes, just the last tail of it.

But within the first 20 minutes, I was already sniffing. It was so heart rendering to see these men who are away from their family and missing their family really badly.But at the same time, I felt weird watching the workers and their family reunite, because it was something so personal. There’s that guilty feeling that you’re witnessing such personal moments of people you don’t even know. Even the members didn’t go with the workers to meet their family, yet here we are the viewers who watched every single moment. It felt a little intrusive.

Jiwon’s partner Akhil is only 23 and has been in Korea for 2 years. He’s so young yet he’s so far away from his country, busting his ass in a factory job in a place that is completely different from home. Pork ranks as one of the things Korean consume the most, Akhil, he can’t eat pork. He has to pray 5 times a day, but that’s misconstrued by his boss as him slacking on the job. It’s hard to imagine how tough it must be for him when he first came to Korea.

So each member is paired up with a foreigner, each from different country, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Their language proficiency is varied as well. Sugeun’s partner Khan has been in Korea for 15 years and has done a Korean movie and won a Korean National song award. But on the other hand, Jongmin’s partner Ssowan has only been there for a year and speaks pretty minimal Korean.

I loved the part where they were all discussing what to eat that night. Akkil and Khan can’t eat pork, Karrki, whose religion is Hindu, can’t eat beef, and Seunggi’s partner Yeyang can’t eat sashimi. I guess for a country like Korea whose demographic is pretty homogeneous, people almost never encounter this kind of issue but at one point in my life, this was actually everyday life, deciding what to eat so everyone can eat. I’m glad that 1N2D touches on this part of multiculturalism.

My favourite pair is hands down, Kang Hodong and his same age counterpart Karrki. How can two 41 year old ahjussis be so freaking adorable together?? They do ice cream love shot, fail the Human Zero games over and over again, and are just sweet to each other. I am really glad Kang Hodong got to pair up with someone age similar. It’s an interesting dynamic to see. Both are really polite toward each other, but I love how they warm up to each other right away . Karrki shrivels up when Kang Hodong told him to use banmal because he was older than Hodong. He’s only been in Korea for 6 months, but his korean is surprisingly really good.

Karrki is someone who tears up at the mention of his daughters and wife. He prays to the ocean so he can see his family soon. Yet, he’s also someone who sees Kang Hodong and not having the slightest clue who he is. He sees Kim Jongmin and asks him what country he’s from, lmao. He eats more than Kang Hodong and he absolutely must eat too, lol. I was curious as to how he would take the show, with the possibility of not eating and stuff. This was when Kang Hodong’s people skills were tried as well. He needs to keep the show’s rules intact, yet he also has to appease his guest. I think when the show has guests, these kinds of rules (not eating and stuff) are kinda pointless, they’re just there to show the guests how things are done on the show.

Jongmin and Ssowan are a quiet bunch with great language barrier. Ssowan dreams of building a school back in Cambodia because he couldn’t afford to go to school when he was young. He and his boss genuinely seem to have a good relationship. He’s younger than Jongmin but already a man with a family. He was soooooo shy when he saw his wife again, it was like he met her for the first time. Yet, he was crying so much when he took them to airport. Seeing him breaks my heart. One of my favourite Jongmin moments ever was when he dove to the water (it was MINUS 20 celcius!!!!!!) so his guest can eat something. I actually went to that beach around April last year, and just dipping my feet in the water was crazy mothereffing cold. I can’t believe Jongmin went full body in the water at that wheater, god. Just like Lee Seunggi and Park Chanho who went to have a fantastic year after diving in the winter water in 1N2D, I hope 2011 can become Jongmin’s year as well.

I gotta hand it to the Happy Sunday team. Not only do they constantly find something new to add to the show, they are also bringing awareness to the issue of multiculturalism, foreign workers in Korea, and other asian countries. In some cases, foreign workers are related to some negative sentiment like illegal immigration, criminal activities, and stuff. So I appreciate 1N2D is shining positive light on these workers and their own culture.

With all the problems that have been surrounding Happy Sunday, what with MC Mong’s military scandal and Kim Sungmin’s drug crime, I truly wish the best for the program this year. The program as a whole is still among the highest rated variety show, but I hope it can continue to improve.

“We are family.”



Oh Seunggi..

I’m being lazy of actually writing something. But man, sometimes when I watch 1 Night 2 Days, it feels like Lee Seunggi is JUST begging to be screencapped! Sometimes his fashion sense is WAY off the grid, sometimes his hair is just wrong, sometimes he’s being too cute, there are just a lot of reason. In general, he’s always pretty and lickable, heh.

I love it when he dresses simply. I think sometimes he (or his stylists) is trying to be fashion forward and goes too far with their fashionable concept. He’s had some episodes where his clothes just make me cringe. They’re often so mismatched and ugly. I know he continues to be cute, but still, dress better, dear lord!

Who Loves Meat?


This is so random. This was featured very briefly in last week’s episode of 1 Night 2 Days and I just got a chance to see it. This is to illustrate Kang Hodong’s hypothetical twitter post if he won against Lee Manki during their recent wrestling competition for 1N2D (KHD lost, btw). Just thought it was so funny, lol. The power of Twitter has really spread in Korea, huh? They don’t do parody of Cyworld anymore now. But anyways, I just thought it was so appropriate that they parodied Kang Hodong’s twitter account’s name with I Love Meat, lol, ahhh, Uncle Hodong, I lubbbb ya! Plus, look at him following “Meat” hahah.

Random News I’m Interested In

A little pimping. A new Yoo Ah In-centric blog has been opened under the name Yoo Ah In Preventorium. This, I hope will be a good source for people looking for a consolidated body of information, spazzes, and everything else with regards to Yoo. Plus, it’s a way to expose Yoo to international community, albeit smaller ones. At least we don’t need to go cross-eyed reading the blog, heh. Yours truly is one of the contributors over there, although seeing as I barely even update my own blog, I don’t know if I can be of help over there, lol.

So anyway, this was the HUGE K-Pop news yesterday, one that actually crashed All Kpop. Apparently Shinee Jonghyun (who I know almost nothing about) is dating actress Shin Sekyung, who played one of the dead ones in SITCOM High Kick Through the Roof (if you can’t tell, YES I’m still bitter -___-“). Furthermore, I read that Shin Sekyung was named as Jonghyun’s ideal type early on, before they started dating.

Well well well, according to a friend who knows more about the Shinee fandom, Jonghyun has quite the passionate fangirls. This ought to be interesting. I just read that their respective homepage crashed from too many traffic. I’m surprised actually that SM is peachy about this, as far as I know, they both don’t have a project together, so this can’t be a promotional stunt. Oh and fangirls, we better pay MORE attention to who celebs mention as their ideal types. Apparently, some of them are not lying, lol.

1 Night 2 Days production team has announced that it would finally recruit an additional member to fill the void left by MC Mong.

On one hand, a new face would balance out the current 5 member ratio for bokbulbok competitions and stuff. Plus, with Jongmin still half comatose (and heck, I WAS one of the super excited ones for his return), the show does need another member to be noisy and funny.

On the other, it’s disappointing that it seems like the decision to kick MC Mong out is pretty final. Even if he’s proven not guilty, can he even come back to the show? The show that he has contributed SO much. I’m not an MC Mong stan here, I still watch the show without him and I do like it. It was a good decision to let him off filming because we don’t need to see him being the quiet, odd one out and watch the rest of the members trying to make up for it. But gosh, this is MC Mong we’re talking about.

He was the one who coined the Variety Jungshin aka the Variety Mindset, the Sup Sup Hae/You’re Making Me Sad, Na Man Animyun Dwae/As Long As It’s Not Me, he was part of the Low Quality Pingpong Team, the Wild Monkey, THE Mong Janggeum for his great cooking skills. If I can be honest, MC Mong breathed the wild element into 1N2D and without him, they are just a bunch of funnymen traveling around the country, occasionally whining about not being fed. Kang Hodong is the glue, Lee Sugeun is the witty comedian, Eun Jiwon does the whining, Kim Jongmin acts as a backdrop, and Lee Seunggi is the poster boy. Think about it, nobody does misdemeanour and imopromptu mess as well as MC Mong. And that was one of the reasons 1N2D was so winning.

True, 1N2D can’t possibly let Mong on the show right now (public fury and all) but they are losing big if they don’t let him come back after his scandal is done.

Hot Potato’s Indie Series Concert

Unfortunately no picture. At all.

Wish I can take pictures of Sir Casanova Milky Skin, but alas, it was really not possible for me.

I learned about the concert around late last month when I started fiddling around with Korean fan cafes. You would not believe how crushed I was when I learned the concert was sold out. Hot Potato is perhaps one of my favourites Korean musicians and whose song I have on constant repeat in my Ipod. I like all singer-members in 1 Night 2 Days, but music wise, I gravitate toward Kim C/Hot Potato’s music the most. So, a Hot Potato’s concert was on my list even before I got here.

I visited the ticketing website more than 10 times a day hoping that a seat might suddenly pop up out of cancellation. On a lucky midnight (my ticket even says the ordering time 00:35 lol), I saw about 15 seats opened up. I couldn’t care less if I was placed on the back of the 2nd floor seating, I just had to get a seat!

So imagine my euphoria when I saw there were empty seats on the front and 2nd row!! OMG, man, seriously, I thought I was gonna die from spazzing too much. So I picked a center seat on the 2nd row and couldn’t sleep that night because I was grinning ear to ear.

Learning from the mistakes I made when attending SS501 concert, I did my due dilligence before the concert. It’s true that I am more familiar with Hot Potato’s songs, but I still couldn’t recognize individual songs and put a title on them. So I got myself memorizing the titles of the songs and stuff. It’s so ironic that when I got to the concert, we were given the rundown of what songs the band would perform. LOL. So my Name That Hot Potato Songs game wasn’t necessary after all.

This concert serves as a complete contrast to the SS501 concert I attended before. Whereas Persona was held in a venue that seats probably 20,000 people, Hot Potato’s concert seats around 200 people. What a difference, huh? Upon entering the venue, I was actually struck at just how small it is. There was no stage, basically the band performed on the floor. There was no fence separating the artists and the audience. Sir Casanova Milky Skin was at most five meters away from my seat (I can vouch for his milky skin now). It was only slightly bigger than the venue of Jung Ilwoo’s Beautiful Sunday play. Persona was full of yelling fangirls, and even tho the overwhelming majority of Hot Potato’s audience was also female, the vocal expressions were definitely much much tamer.

But anyways, the concert started on time at 8. Kim C and Go Bumjoon came out decked in simple white T and jeans with sneakers. The rest of his bands (a young looking cutie who manned the keyboard, the drummer with mohawk and pink T, and electric guitarist with glasses) also came out similarly simple. Kim C was so awkward, man. When he came out, we cheered, and it was so cute because Kim C literally went all bashful, lol, with that embarrassed grin. He was stuttering about something before starting on the first song, 풋사과 (Green Apple?) out of their 2nd album, New Turn (LOVE this album, btw!).

Can I just say, flawless vocal? Damn, Kim C live is something everyone’s gotta listen to. I would have preferred if they started with a more popular song, but it was a good warm up song.

The 2nd song was 도마뱀 (Lizard) from The journey of cultivating a potato field, 4th album. Great electric guitar piece here. And Kim C’s voice was so clear and dreamy, man..

Without stopping, the band launched into 봄바람 따라간 여인 (Lovers Who Follow the Spring Wind) from 3rd album, Yearly Diary. Love the husky element of vocal of this song. Another great electric guitar company.

If my memory serves me right, after this is a little intermezzo and talk time. Once again, say it with me, language barrier SUCKS! This is what I gathered. He talked about how they came to be one of the Indie Series Concert participant. He also stressed that Hot Potato is not an indie band and explained his reasonings. None of which I could understand. Sigh…

But anyways, the band’s 4th song is only one of the two songs out of their newest album Seesaw. The song is called 고백 (Confession). I have a hard time putting words to say about this song without butchering everything. It’s lovely, but it’s so much more than that. It moves your heart, it makes you smile, but it also strangely makes you feel blue. This was a great performance for a great song.

After Confession was 수학이 좋다 (Math is Good????) from 4th album. I swear to god, I specifically looked for the lyrics of this song to see what the song was about. LOL, I still don’t quite understand after running them through Google Translator.

The next song is one of my favourite Hot Potato songs, 소라를 줍는 여정 (Journey to Pick up Shells). There must be a deeper explanation behind this song, but the first thing that came to my mind was whether Kim C was documenting the hardship he went through to pick up ark shells in Beolgyo with the 1N2D crew? Nevertheless, I love this song a lot and this was the song I immediately looked for upon getting the rundown of the concert number.

After this was U-turn. Nothing eventful here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice song, but I would’ve preferred something more exciting like 몰라, 정말 몰라 (No Clue) or 빈방 (Empty Room). Next up is 잡담 (Gossip/Chat?). Again, a song I would have changed if I had a say. Both of these songs are from the 2nd album.

This next song is the song that introduced me to Hot Potato in the first place, 청춘 (Youth). Heard this when Kim C guested on the show Taxi and as they say about unforgettable first love, this song remains one of the most memorable songs. This song is basically only carried by Go Bumjoon’s bass, guitars, and Kim C’s vocal. A performance full of serenity.

The 10th song was the only one I wasn’t familiar with. It’s called 오늘 난 뭐했나 (What Did I Do) from their 1st album. Sir Casanova Milky Skin was SICK in this performance. He started with his trademark husky voice and then rose and rose and rose until it was an almost held-back scream and then he finished the song softly. I barely blinked, you could see the veins on Kim C’s neck standing up as his face got redder and redder. You don’t need fancy backdrop and fanservice, great singing and devotion to music is all you need.

Thankfully, after this song was a really relaxing song called 생각 (Thought) from 4th album. A good chunk of the songs performed are from the 4th album, which is great because I love that album.

Next up is the main song from the new album and shares the name with it, 시소 (Seesaw). The only thing I remember from this performance was the fact that Kim C didn’t have his guitar while he was singing and continued to move his arms around. Instead of focusing to the song, I wondered how pretty his hands were and how fair his skin was, hence the Milky Skin campaign here.

After this was a song everyone should know, 비 눈물 (Rain Tears). For some strange reason, the band, who was mostly quiet and serious the entire concert was full of smiles. I love the drummer with mohawk who was so expressive and looked like he had a helluva fun, which was great to see.

Following Rain Tears was 따르릉 (no idea what this means), the 1st song on the 4th album that’s uber catchy, and 좌절금지 (which means Frustration is Forbidden??) out of the 3rd album. These two songs were the climax of the concert before Hot Potato closed with a more low profile Bless Me from 2nd album.

And the concert was over.

But no, cause there’s ENCORE! The band came out for the obligatory encore with 맛좀 봐라 from 2nd album. Whereas Kim C had been mostly composed during the concert, he let loose with this song. He jumped up and down and twirled around that I got scaref he would get tripped off by the microphone’s cable. But Master Kim proved he’s a pro because he maneuvered his way around the cable nicely.

And why I focused on the cable is beyond me.


Kim C posted a few tweets prior to the concert, which he brought up during the concert. He made notes that he was still very nervous and awkward in front of strangers so even when doing performance like this, it was slightly uncomfortable for him to face the audience. Which is why he tweeted that everyone should have a glass or two (of that social lubrication known as alcohol) before the show so the show could be less awkward and more enjoyable. It was a great show nonetheless. I liked the small venue, you feel more emotionally involved in the performance.

The concert was a low profile event yet because it was so, it was really enjoyable. Plus, my killer seat was all sorts of wonderful.The only sucky thing is that there was so little chance to take pictures. Because the place was so small, the snippy ushers easily caught us and they would demand to see your pictures and delete them right away. Heck, they even interrogated a girl on the front row because she thought the girl had been taking pictures. And keep in mind that the band is barely 3 meters away from the front seat. Geez, woman!

Bae Doona, who starred in the movie Seesaw, came to see the show. And I believe there was a girl from Kim C’s team in the 2nd Viewer’s trip who came as well.

I was hoping to get an autograph or something and tried to loiter around the concert venue to catch the band. When I was on my way out, Kim C opened the exit door nearby, obviously on his way out as well, but upon seeing there were people, he went back in right away. A shame, I wanted to chase him down to sign my CD, but my lefty brain told me to get the hell home and finished the damn homework.

Hot Potato will be having a concert on May 15 and is performing on May 21st for the Greenplugged event. Awesomeness!!

Jongmin Returns!

Seems like my last few posts have been about entertainers getting out of military service.

So, following Gong Yoo and Chun Jungmyung, Kim Jongmin is set to be released soon. But that’s not the only reason he’s making news. It has been confirmed that Jongmin will return as the 7th member of the variety show 1 Night 2 Days, a topic that is quite controversial.

Jongmin is originally one of the founding members , along with Kang Hodong, Eun Jiwon, and Lee Sugeun. It’s only when he went to do his service that his place was vacated and MC Mong came as the new member. Two years have passed since that and 1N2D went from being the rookie variety show to a huge sensation it is today. And despite the start of the show, 1N2D’s current members are regarded as THE members.

Sometime ago, the discussion of whether or not Jongmin would go back to 1N2D after his release was spurred to dividing comments. Some were in favour, but the overwhelming majority hated the idea. I’ve read a lot of people stating their worries. The reasoning was that Jongmin’s return can potentialy muck up the current members’ chemistry and dynamic. That and the fact that one person might have to wave goodbye if Jongmin gets back. What is funny is that apparently, even among the members themselves, Jongmin is a taboo topic, hahaha.

But Lee Myunghan PD ended up inviting him back anyway, which I think is a big gamble considering how many people are opposed to it.

I, for one, am excited.

First off, I really like Kim Jongmin. Sure, he might be a singer, but really, it’s his work in the variety shows that are more known. I’ve watched him in those old variety shows and I find Jongmin to be really funny and his jokes are not over the top like I think No Hongchul’s is. I watched some episodes of the “old” 1N2D and I will just say that Kim Jongmin was easily the funniest member.

Second, I find it a good thing to change things up. One of the biggest charms of 1N2D is that it is such a dynamic show and even though the core concept of the show never changes, the producers and other crews have been very smart in inserting small changes and shiftings around this 90 minute/week show. I would say that adding a new member perhaps fall in the category of big change so it remains to be seen if this would be a successful move or not. But for me personally, I like the idea of Jongmin’s returns because it will freshen things up. I don’t mean to say that right now 1N2D is boring, not at all. But I do think that sunday mornings will be even more exciting.

Third, I want to see how Jongmin interacts with the current member and IF he will fit in again. Probably the first few trips would be awkward as he is adjusting, but we can see after that if Jongmin’s return, or more importantly adding a new member, is a good idea or not.

1N2D, 6:80 Members Vs. Staff

I don’t blog about 1 Night 2 Days a lot even though I watch it every week. No, what I used to do was watch the RAW on Sunday, rewatch it once or twice during the week, catch the KBSWorld subbed version on Thursday, and watch the next episode on Sunday. And when I’m bored, I usually go back to some old episodes and watch them again.  That’s how much I used to watch 1N2D. It’s just that now I’ve got more things on my plate that it’s hard to rewatch the episodes, but I always make it a point to wake up early on Sunday morning to watch 1N2D.

The reason I barely blog about 1N2D is that there’s no subtitles for the Sunday episode and I feel awkward blabbing about it since I don’t understand the entire thing anyway and even when I think I understand, there’s a big chance that I make mistakes that lead to a misunderstanding. It’s a sucky situation when you want to talk about the show but don’t really understand Korean. However, I’m just gonna do that, blab I mean, hehehe. It’s only because I really want to share the 1N2D love around and spread some good words about the show. 1 Night 2 Days is one of the best things on earth and I feel that it is actually quite a privilege to know and fangirl the show. Anyways, here goes.

We start the trip to Jeollanam Province with some fashion flash. The question is: What the heck is MC Mong wearing??


But Mong is forgiven because his outfit is hilarious. You know, I’m always on the lookout for Mong and Seunggi’s fashion. The former because they are often colourful and spectacularly hilarious and the latter because they are often mismatched and spectacularly hilarious.

The guys apparently have to go on this bridge up in the mountain to get some cash. I’m hazy on the details, but they proceed to do, as usual, Bokbulbok to decide whose fate it was to have to go mount climbing that day.


It’s a sad day for Seunggi, Sugeun, and Mong who are chosen the hard task of hiking up to get to the hanging bridge and get some cash. So grudgingly, off the go up and apparently, according to them this experience beats the all time exhausting experience of climbing Baekdusan.

After two hours of hard work, each of them are rewarded 50k Won. So the total of 150k Won is supposed to be shared between the 6 members. Traitorous act is staple of 1N2D, however. When called by the eldest brother Hodong, the Hiking team admit to being disappointed because they only get 20k each, which of course is a Lie..lie..lie..lie..lie…

Too bad for them, resident genius ‘Choding’ Jiwon is on the opposing team and he already guesses that Hiking team is totally lying and predicts that they would go to a restaurant to eat instead. Of course Choding is right! He knows this because he would do exactly the same, hahaha..

So what do the staying team do? Spy on their friends, duhh!


And how do the traitors look like when they get busted? Look below..


Honest to god, the expressions on the traitors’ faces were priceless. The problem is that they are all afraid of the eldest brother Hodong. And they acknowledge it. But it’s so funny that the younger brothers always try to win Hodong and end up ruffling his feathers.

The betrayed team forgive the traitors and they end up eating together. One of the reasons why 1N2D is so enjoyable to watch is because the food looks super deeeeeelicious. They eat the worst things possible when they do Bokbulbok, but the prize food is worth it because just they look really good. It doesn’t help that the members, in their variety mentality, exaggerate for entertainment purpose, making the dishes presented even more tempting. I mean, look at this!!


After the satisfying meal, the guys go back to their basecamp and take a rest before shooting again in the evening for their Bokbulbok. The bokbulbok this time is to decide sleeping places. Sleep outside or sleep inside? But let’s get to that later. For now, what do the 6 members of one of the most popular TV shows do? Laze around and watch TV.

I don’t know about other people, but these moments are actually among my favourite things about the show. When they are shooting, they are shooting for entertainment and of course for the show to be worthwhile, the guys have to be active and funny. But these scenes where the members are just lying around and talking to each other are one of the pulling charms of 1N2D. It’s just pure interactions without calculations or scripts.

The conversations are also random but strangely funny. Director Na makes a remark that nobody seems to like Hodong because he’s in the other room, watching TV by himself while the other 5 guys are together. Ever the nice kid, Seunggi goes to the other room right away, followed by the wild monkey Mong. Sugeun, who is directly Hodong’s junior by profession (comedian/MC) also says he’s going to be there in a minute despite the fact that now sporting hot stickers to treat the after effects of Hodong’s torture from the restaurant. Jiwon the childish genius tells them logically that them coming over like that just looks weird. Meanwhile in the other room, Mong asks Hodong plainly why he’s so not popular with the others, hahaha.


After the rest time, the guys are back to filming. They are brainstorming the ideas for bokbulbok. Hodong throws it out in the air. How about a rematch between the 6 members vs the 80 staff?? If the staff wins, the members sleep outside, which is fine, they do that all the time. But if the members win, the staff, all 80 of them, have to be prepared to sleep outside!! PD Na’s reception is good but he needs to run the idea by the other staff.

Now this is the fun in this episode. We get to see the ‘behind the scene’ of 1N2D, which director is responsible for which. The lighting staff, the camera people, the members’ managers, the PDs, the scriptwriters, etc. Some of the staff are regularly appearing on camera, like MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, or the youngest cutie writer Daeju. But the other ones we see for the first time. It was really fun to know the people behind the camera.

So the games are decided! Pingpong, Soccer, and Rope Jumping.

And OMG, it starts to rain!! The game is going to be even more intense. Whoever loses has to sleep outside in the rain!

The first game of pingpong is won by…..Staff!!!


The second game of soccer is won by… Members! All thanks to MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, whose soccer skills is quite questionable, despite all the cool moves he’s trying to show. BTW, Hoonsuk has been appearing on 1N2D a few times. He was stranded with Mong with a task to catch a fish. This particular scene scored a whopping 42% rating! I can’t remember which episode that was, but it was seriously fall off your chair kind of hilarity. He was also in the anniversaty episodes where the 5 younger brothers rebelled against Hodong. Most recently he was delegated the task of being a driver in the 10 Manwon Happiness episode. He’s the guy in purple, if you can’t figure it out.


Then comes the last game, Rope Jumping. This game has 2 people flinging the rope and the remaining 4 people have to jump together. If one of them is caught, the game is over. The staff goes first and scores a strong 29 jumps together. Mong is looking worriedly on the sideline. Can they go over 29 jumps? Together?



They win!! As you can see from that last cap of them scattered around in joy of their winning. Which means that um well, the staff, have to sleep outside!

Hodong’s Manager, below, can only stare. The doom of sleeping outside, in the rain no less, is waiting for him and the rest of the staff.


This has got to be one of the most fun trips ever on 1N2D. After losing, PD Na vows to arrange another Member vs Staff faceoff as a form of revenge. The day is the first snow day. Hahaha, have fun sleeping in the snow. I wonder if the staff would go along with sleeping out on a snow day if they actually loses. It’s gonna be spectacular!


The look on Newbie PD upon finding out late that he had to sleep outside. Hilarious guy.

They didn’t show any preview for next episode, so I’m doubly anticipating this Sunday. Sunday, sunday, come sooner!