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Spy Myeongwol E1-3

Let me say it right off the bat. I can’t possibly look at Spy Myeongwol with completely unbiased eyes. I try to, but no matter now “neutral” I assert myself to be, there’s bound to be bursts of fangirlism peppered throughout the viewing.

First of all, this is Eric’s first drama in 3 freaking years. That alone would induce little yelps of swoonage every now and then. Add the fact that I couldn’t stomach Strongest Chilwoo, so effectively, the last time I saw an Eric drama was around winter 2007 after marathoning Super Rookie and Invincible Parachute Agent. So, hell, I deserve my bouts of fangirlism!

Okay, so Spy Myeongwol is about a spy mission gone wrong. Capable but hot headed Han Myeongwol is a North Korean officer working on tampering the influence of South Korean’s pop culture influence in her home country. A failed task landed her lone self in South to retrieve a missing “book” from Kang Woo, who just happens to be South’s current IT-guy. Due to miscommunication with her superiors, she was instead instructed to go undercover in order to marry Kang Woo, somehow, and get him to cross to the North voluntarily. On the other hand, we also have an archaic, mysterious book search going on AMIDST all of this.

So far, Spy Myeongwol is proving to be A LOT OF FUN! It’s so off the wall that it has such a wide range of crazy to play around with its characters and the many branches of storylines. The first episode was a bit bizzarre, it was not easy to gauge what the drama was going for. I thought it was going to mostly be romantic comedy, wherein our heroine tries her darnest to seduce the all seductive hero and cuteness ensues. So, it was puzzling went the drama went all National Treasures-sy on me.

Now that I’ve watched 3 episodes, I do like the incorporation of this treasure/artifact search on top of our evolving arc of spy seducing and converting hallyu star. It gives a different thrill than just watching romance. The excitement hasn’t kicked in full gear, for me. As in, I’m curious, but I don’t really care yet what this mystery book is supposed to mean. Hopefully though, as we go along, the artifact search would be more affecting.

Now, as for MY oppa, Eric, I do think he’s got the bones for comedy. God knows how hilarious he was in both Super Rookie and Invincible Parachute Agent. Not so much on the dramatic terrain, unfortunately. Serviceable, but not that great. He was good as Taejoo in Que Sera Sera, who was confident and unapologetic, but so unfamiliar with deeper levels of emotions, because his general awkwardness can be attributed to this. But I think Kang Woo, on the other hand, is a complicated guy already. He seems to be operating beyond what the public and media perceives. So I’m a bit nervous to see if Eric can do justice to Kang Woo when we get there.

Han Yeseul is awesome! She definitely needs to do more comedy and stays away from melodrama of hell. I love how she has to spout off all these corny lines to seduce Kang Woo, but she says them whilsts cringing inwardly (and sometimes outwardly). Literally she’s just going by the book of seduxione and feed him all sorts of crap. It’s hilarious.

I’ve never really watched Lee Kyun, but omg, he’s so cute!! He’s got really limited screen time for now, but I seriously hope his would get expanded.

Jang Heejin is the obligatory bratty bitch of the drama, while Lee Jinwook is so far really really dull. Together tho, I think they would make a strangely cute couple. But only if and when we get there.


Snark Time

After catching up with Can You Hear My Heart and waiting for this week’s subtitles for Romance Town, I decided to conjure up this possible snark fest of a post. This post is really, a first impression post, for THE REST. As in, the rest of the dramas I’m sort of, kind of, probably watching. This is also a list of dramas I did check out but ended up dropping after the first couple of episodes or even halfway.

City Hunter, I’m watching as we speak. Not the most impressive first 20 minutes, but the general idea is intriguing tho. I’m enjoying the portion of the senior actors a lot though for now. Also, City Hunter presents an interesting case of minus times minus might become a plus. See, I’m not enamoured with either Lee Minho or Park Minyoung. And this might be a good thing after all. If my favour leans heavily toward one half of the main coupling, the end result is usually a disaster. But now that I’m quite indifferent to both, the coupling might just be enjoyable. No?

Best Love, as I mentioned, was fun. It just finished last week and I managed to catch the last episode, just to see how things turned out. For me, if I hadn’t seen other Hong Sisters dramas, Best Love would be a perfect offering. It’s light, it’s fun, and it’s hilarious to boot. But as it is, I have seen the Hongs’ 5 previous dramas and am pretty familiar with their style. Too familiar. Halfway through, I started fast forwarding, and one day, I just decided I didn’t want to watch it anymore. And all this was happening while I was having a generally good impression about Best Love. So I don’t know what to say.

Lie To Me was awful. Awfully boring. It took a lot of willpower to finish the first episode. And no, I could not finish the second episode either. The million dollar question is: will Yoon Eunhye EVER pick a good project again?

I Need Romance was interesting. I rarely ever watch Choi Yeojin acting, but she’s one of those people who I like, just from appearance. So, really, I just wanted to watch this for her. One thing I didn’t like about it was how similar it was to Sex and the City, down to the opening score! But in all honesty, I don’t get the romantic chemistry, even if the friendship chemistry is quite there. I might pick this up again, just to see if it got more watchable.

Babyfaced Beauty is that drama that I just keep hearing how cute and lovely it really is. I had a problem with how Jang Nara’s character becomes the go-to punching bag. I know we’re supposed to root for her, but they literally drive down that point by, well, driving her down, crushing her from all directions. Her family is useless, her coworkers are assholes, her competition is a spoiled little bitch. Instead of igniting my sympathy, the drama ended up turning me off. But then again, I just keep hearing good things about it, so who knows, might be picked up again.

Heartstrings barely even flies under my radar. Yonghwa is a great musician, but why must they push him to acting projects over and over again? Heartstrings will most likely be the last on my to watch list. I will exhaust the list FIRST before even thinking of checking it out. Judgemental, much? Yes, yes I am.

By the way, I so need to do a whole post on Can You Hear My Heart, just because it’s blowing my mind SOFAKING much. I like and enjoy Romance Town, but it’s CYHMH that gets me into this tweeting frenzy, spastic movements all around.

Why So Pretty???

I can’t believe I’m trolling after a kid. He’s a 91-er for fucks sake.

But seriously, how can you not melt at that megawatt smile?

I don’t even listen to Shinee.

But oh Minho, why so gorgeous?

Antique Family of Tomorrow

Sorry, that was lame, but I couldn’t figure out what to title this post. I wanted to simply say “Screw you, this is a YOO AHHHHHHHHHHH IN post”, but that seems a little unbecoming for my reputation. Hehehehe. Also, I just love the picture above, to heck with what he’s wearing. Is that even a top???? But whatever, don’t you just love the eyebrow action?

Well anyways, thanks to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I have officially admitted Mr Yoo Ah In into the League of Flower Boys of My Heart. If you must know, existing inhabitants are: Jung Ilwoo, Kim Hyunjoong, and Lee Seunggi. But hey, I am merely one of the thousands fangirls who are currently under the Guhro’s spell, because of that one freaking drama. Likewise for Yeorim’s Song Joongki and Garang’s Mickey Yoochun. Plus there are probably a few of us and fanboys who are mooning after Daemul’s Park Minyoung.

If I am being brutally logical, Guhro is such a typical character. The bad boi on the outside, but a total softie on the inside. Scruffy look, deep voice, the ‘I’m Against the World’ attitude, the ‘I’ll Die for You’ attentiveness, Moon Jaeshin is THE quintessential romantic hero. Girls just LOVE this type, it seems, that’s why they keep churning out a mold and we just keep showering them love. The difference in that in SKKS, he’s not the main lead and thus not getting the girl. But who cares about that when we are all swooning at the sight of him and secretely happy that he’s NOT getting the girl.

In this respect, I must say that Guhro is also NOT my favourite character. Strangely, despite this, Yoo Ah In is actually the only one that I gravitate to. He’s the one who appeals to me the most that I wanted to see more of, beyond SKKS. Thus started my quest for his earlier projects.

At 24, Yoo Ah In has quite a resume for his age. I mean he’s no Dakota Fanning or Shim Eunkyung, but his resume certainly goes for more than 4 lines. Which actually took me by surprise. While researching for his movies, I didn’t expect him to have had this many projects. I have seen him before in the movie Antique Bakery and drama The Man Who Can’t Get Married prior to Sungkunkwan, and I knew he was in Strongest Chilwoo with Eric which I haven’t watched. But apparently, he has a few other movies and dramas that go back to even 2003! Heck, he was already holding fanmeeting in 2004. So he’s been around the showbiz longer than I had previously thought.

I recently got to watch some of Yoo Ah In’s earlier project. First one I watched was the 2006 movie Boys of Tomorrow/There’s No Tomorrow for Us , which according to the world wide web, won quite some accolades. If you want to watch, it’s in Veoh. It’s even English subbed over there! To be honest, this movie was a bit trying for my faint heart. It was kinda depressing and some scenes were disturbing for me. This movie was thick of teenage rebellion, I liked how the title really captured the essence of the movie. The movie about barely mature boys who have neither the time nor the qualifications to plan their lives. These people can only dream and in the mean time, try to survive their day. It was almost obligatory to have a hopeful ending, otherwise the movie would’ve been too depressing.

Then there’s Shim’s Family/Skeleton in The Closet in 2007 where Yoo Ah In got to work with actors like Kim Hyesoo, Jung Yoomi, and Jeon Hojin. You can watch this at Yellow Cinema with english subtitles as well. I’m a sucker for family movies, so this one was right up my alley. Yoo was one of the central characters and I really really liked his character. He was a total dork, a teenage on the brink of adulthood, questioning his identity and the people around him. But they played it off in a funny way, rather than a somber thing like Boys of Tomorrow. Didn’t have chemistry with Jung Yoomi who was supposed to be his ‘love interest’, yet he had lots with Kim Hyesoo who played his aunt and Hwang Bora as his sister.

Before the F4 rage courtesy of Boys Over Flowers, Yoo Ah In was part of an earlier F4 movie, Antique Bakery in 2008 with Joo Jihoon and Kim Jaewook. I guess this is his most popular movie with the mainstream audience and one you can find everywhere. I remember when I first watched this, I watched it for the two main leads above. But I ended up focusing more on Yoo’s character, the hot tempered ex boxer with a weird obsession for cakes, lol. I loved the whimsical tone of Antique, which they used to contrast with the darker plot, plus I love that Kim Jaewook’s character is gay but so unabashed and proud of it. Although I don’t know how believable Yoo is as a boxer, given that he was still on the scrawny side, hehehe.

And more recently, Yoo was in that mega flop movie called Sea and Sky with Jang Nara. The trailer actually looked interesting, but whew, it’s HARD to find that movie. No luck so far. Hopefully it’ll be available soon. I’ll keep looking for sure.

He also had a little part in a Drama City episode called Shieun & Sooha (kiss scene, WOOT!). I was just watching it the other day (thanks to Hanjae at Soompi!) and it was okay, nothing special. His character name was Minsuk I think, but he might as well just go by Sulky Boyfriend. He barely had ANY lines, lol. Sometimes he was just there, standing and sulking. The drama had a typical terminal illness story, surprisingly quite touching. But again, it wasn’t anything special.

An observation from the movies and dramas I’ve seen. Yoo seems to be at the risk of being (or already is?) typecasted as a rebel. It’s true that none of the characters he’s played are complete copy of each other, but many of them have a common thread, a hotheadedness trait. Even when he was playing a happy go lucky guy in He Who Can’t Marry, there was still that element of, I don’t know the word, agressiveness?? Of course, I haven’t seen ALL of his projects, but that’s an observation from the ones I have actually watched. As a younger actor, this translates into that teenage rebellion, whereas now that he’s more mature, that role becomes a rule breaking heartthrob.

There are two sides to this. I love that he doesn’t take lukewarm characters, those that are pretty to look at but ultimately meh. I can’t deny that his roles tend to be the more interesting one and certainly grab your attention. On the other hand, I do wish to see him in a more laid back, mature character like his role in Sharp 1. I only caught bits and pieces of his scenes there, but I thought it would be interesting to see this type of role  played by Yoo Ah In, almost a decade later.

More Sungkyunkwan Goodness

Still not getting any search for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so I’m gonna continue plugging the drama, hee hee hee. That’s obviously just an excuse to post all these pretty nices! Gifs were taken from Rxgoodleaf from soompi.

Song Joongki’s character complimenting the uhm..majorness of Park Minyoung’s penis, thus earning her the nickname Daemul, which can translate to Big Thing. Also, Song Joongki’s character’s nickname in the drama is Yeorim, which refers to girls’ pubic hair, illustrating his status as a certified skirt chaser. Kekeke, don’t you just love how blantant these guys are?

Yoo Ah-in’s character, Crazy horse aka Georoh aka Moon Jaeshin has a strange psychological reaction toward women. In the presence of women, he would start hiccupping non stop. The normally fierce and intense rebel is almost undefeatable with great skills in martial arts, archery, and general trouble making. But sweet little females are his horrors and weakness! Here, as he became more aware of Yoonhee’s true nature, his body also couldn’t help but assume their usual response!

Knowing this little habit about Moon Jaeshin, the ever curious all knowing Goo Yongha asks him how he ‘survived’ the night after sleeping in the same room with Park Minyoung’s Yoonhee. Although, in my opinion, that’s just half of his excuse to grope hottie Moon, lol.

And last, but not least, the budding romance! I really like this couple. I like how supportive they both are for each other. Their friendship and trust is strong and I believe that will make for an unbreakable foundation later in their life. Be it in romance or just in general relationship. That’s why I root so much for this couple. They’re one to look out for. This gif is courtesy of salasala also from soompi.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fangirl Spazz

Is currently my favourite drama!! Seriously, people, WATCH THIS RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

When I heard of this drama a few months ago, I only had misgivings. Touted as DBSK’s Micky Yoochun’s debut drama, I was ready to wave it off. Crossdressing, school romcom, supposed F4 of Joseon Times, poor female meets richy rich. As you go down the list, the drama seems to incorporate so many mainstream cliches. Plus, there’s also the Micky Yoochun part. Because you know, idols turned actors are not a pretty sight, usually. Especially with Yoochun playing such center character, this drama was bound to be a mess. Or so I thought.

True, the premise sounds really cliche-tastic on paper, but the detailed and subtle execution totally makes up for it. Sungkyunkwan Scandal strikes a chord for being well paced, fresh, and very exciting. It has managed to shun away the possible cliches the drama might be infected with. I love the straight forward, no nonsense approach with regards to the whole ‘girl in a guy school’ thing. It’s like the drama is telling us “Yes, yes, there’s a girl in a guy school, get over it. We need to delve deeper.” And that’s what they’ve been doing.

They delve deeper into personalities, giving each character a wide variety of tendencies and behaviours, which make them complex and so very human. All the important characters have such distinctive voices, also supported with fantastic acting, and that makes them very compelling for us viewers. They all have their own agenda, and in the process of achieving said agenda, these characters collide with each other, and consequently, motives do as well. With so many exciting characters, a one hour episode is jam packed with thrill. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re all SUCH eye candies ranging from different age level (from the rugged hottie Yoo Ah-in to the wise professor Ahn Naesang, from evil Jeon Taesoo to mysterious Kim Gabsoo).

I really appreciate the drama for…being more. Perhaps it was because of my initial thought that Sungkyunkwan Scandal would’ve been a total bubble gum superficial youth drama that it exceed my expectation. But really,  Sungkyunkwan Scandal surprises me for being thoughtful and profound. There’s something bigger than pure school/campus drama, or cinderella romance. The drama touches on political ideology, gender equality, rotten bureaucracy, hierarchical seniority, etc. And so far, I like what I see. Their view is idealistic and youthful, much like the drama itself. And I wonder how are all these stuff going to come together and how they will be solved. Or not solved.

This week marks the third week of its run with 6 episodes. Ratings have yet to reach double digits, and it’s such a travesty. People are missing such a gem here.

If you’re still thinking, this will make you run to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

*credit: lilcrash*

Fangirl Failure

Plan was that Sunday would be used to stalk the band CN Blue during a store opening in Seoul. I was hoping for a little performance, but even if they only wave around and look pretty, it would still be fine. I’d just quietly take pictures, scream a little, and be done with it.

I was so sure of myself. Because some people DID get to see them performing in Coex a couple of weeks back. Of course I thought I would be privy to that awesomeness as well.

Sunday was a rainy day. Of course, people would probably rather stay home, wouldn’t they? I mean, it’s raining and all. So I took my time getting there. I let my little friend chat with her little friends she ran into. I also bought a little umbrella first. I let our buss pass by because I was standing too far from where it stopped. It was fine, bussing to the location was a mere 15 minute matter. I got there at exactly 4 o’clock on the dot.

There were SO many people outside of the store, all with their umbrella opened up. Oh, they were still waiting for the band! The bodyguards were already yelling and people were already lining up to get into the store. Crap, I missed the band’s grand entrance. And then they were screaming!!! As much as I craned my neck, I couldn’t see what they were screaming at. Was it a sighting? Was it Yonghwa flashing his pearly whites? Was it Jungshin…being awesome?? WHAT??

And then I was in the walkway and the bodyguards were yelling at me to please keep it moving and get the hell out of their way. There were people on the line and despite the line seemingly not moving at all, I was wondering what the line was for and wanted to be on the line. The line was apparently for autograph. They would be standing for probably an hour in the rain. Uhhh, right, I think I would rather eat.

And that concludes my story of a failed attempt of being a fangirl. This is the only picture I could get. CN Blue is somewhere inside.