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Gimmmmeeee Gimmmeeee!!!

2 Free Tickets to Lee Seunggi’s FM next Sunday!!!

Vingle is giving out 2 free tickets to Seunggi’s fanmeeting in Jakarta next Sunday, Nov 4.

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So, Full House 2?


This one made me raise my eyebrows to be honest.

So, Noh Minwoo and Hwang Jungeum have signed on to do Full House 2. Considering the actors have changed, I don’t understand why they’re still clinging on to the Full House name. Other than the obvious famewhoring to the 2004 drama, of course. I get that the drama was a HUGE success, heck it was THE drama that got me into korean dramas. But you know, if it’s not a sequel, why put the same name to it? It’s great if it ends up being a success like its predecessor, but if it ends up a failure, it’ll be so embarrassing as an actor to put this on their resume.

On the upside, yay for Hwang Jungeum jumping to do another drama again. I like that she continues to work and improve her acting (I’m side eyeing Yoon Eunhye here). I can’t say Hwang is a great actor yet, her acting can be between middling and good, but she’s got a great presence and strives to emote on screen, even at the risk of overacting sometime.

On the other hand, the last time I saw Noh Minwoo, he was so awkward! His line delivery had this untimely pauses that kinda gets to you. But it was Gumiho Girlfriend, and I did hear he was better in that drama special afterward. And frankly, at this point I don’t see Hwang and Noh having any chemistry. They look like they’re shopping and manicure buddies instead.

Oh Seunggi..

I’m being lazy of actually writing something. But man, sometimes when I watch 1 Night 2 Days, it feels like Lee Seunggi is JUST begging to be screencapped! Sometimes his fashion sense is WAY off the grid, sometimes his hair is just wrong, sometimes he’s being too cute, there are just a lot of reason. In general, he’s always pretty and lickable, heh.

I love it when he dresses simply. I think sometimes he (or his stylists) is trying to be fashion forward and goes too far with their fashionable concept. He’s had some episodes where his clothes just make me cringe. They’re often so mismatched and ugly. I know he continues to be cute, but still, dress better, dear lord!

Go Soo in Elle Korea

Damn, I should do a Guy is Gorgeous spam series more often! I saw this pictures in soompi and just felt the need to post it. Go Soo did a photoshoot for Elle Korea and even though I don’t think it’s particularly groundbreaking, in terms of concept or fashion, Go Soo looks spexxxtacular in these pictures.

Go Soo is one of those actors whose projects I have never actually watched, but somehow I’ve always felt drawn too. Kind of like Chun Jungmyung actually, except that at least I finished and loved What’s Up Fox. But Go Soo, I’ve never finished ANY of his projects. I remember watching the first episodes of Green Rose and Marrying a Millionaire, but the first episode foray did not extend to the second. Will It Snow for Christmas also became too melodramatic for my taste, and I ended up dropping it halfway. But I don’t know, he’s just so attractive that I can’t help but pay attention to his news.

Anyways, after the disastrous Will it Snow for Christmas drama, has 2 new movies, one is Psychic with Kang Dongwon and the other is soon to come out next year, Battle of the Highlands with the forever awesome Shin Hagyun.

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Gong Yoo is SO Gorgeous

My first Korean crush is finally starting promotion on his new film Finding Kim Jongwook with actress Im Soojung. He had a press con for the movie and damn, I’m so glad to see Gong Yoo again. His activities after military service were limited to photoshoots and filming, I think, and other than this movie, I haven’t really heard anything from him.

I gotta say I’m really looking forward to Finding Kim Jongwook, not just because I haven’t watched a Gong Yoo project in a long time, but also because his costar is the fantastic Im Soojung. If these two actors decide on this project, I think it’s worth watching.

To be honest, the general premise of the movie is kinda recycled. But I want to see if they are going to try something new or if they’re just gonna stick to the cliches. Plus, the trailer looked really cute and the two leads seem to have great chemistry.

More cuteness:

Various K-Popness Fangirlism

I was looking at pictures of my stay in Korea and realized that I went to some other fangirling events that I haven’t really posted up here before. Mostly cos I didn’t take a lot of pictures at these events, but anyways, I’m just gonna post them up in one go.

2PM for Newton Filming – You can barely see them, but yeah, it was 2PM. SOOO freaking many people. Whew, it was crazy, man. I remember being yelled at by so many of their bodyguards cos we weren’t supposed to stand there or something, lol. But people ended up ignoring them anyway.

Shin Sekyung Brewing Coffee – I came across this by chance. Was just walking and saw the setup for the event. SSK was not interactive at all, she barely mustered up answers when the MC asked stuff to her. All she did was shield her face from the sun and looked down. The MC, btw, was an extra in Chuno, if you can spot him.

Actress Bae Doona and Wang Bitna – Bae Doona came to a Hot Potato’s concert. She was taller than I expected, probably the heels factor, but she was really towering, lol. People were whispering her name, but I wasn’t very familiar with her so I just looked and left. Wang Bitna, I was walking and literally just passed by her and realized that was her. I think she probably had a shoot in Everland. There were lots of kids that day and she was like ‘aww, they’re so cute’. Honestly, she looks better on screen. In real life, she’s a bit caked up.

Tiger JK, DJ DOC, Beast, Bada, 4 Minute, After School, 2 AM Jinwoon etc – This was a school event on campus and they invited lots of singers. One of the best memories I had in Korea. Tiger JK and Psy (not pictured), were fucking fantastic. They were true performers, it was so much fun. Beast, DJ DOC and  4 Minute were also great. After School was really meh (but they made up for it in Dream Concert). 2AM Jinwoon was there to promote his variety show along with Lee Hwijae, Park Hyunbin, Lee Eunyoung, and Kim Minjoon.

THE Dream Concert – Well, there were about 20 acts present, but our seats were like miles away from the stage that I had to use binoculars to see the SCREEN. It was so far and it was raining almost the whole time. Some pics of crowds during SS501, Kara Gyuri, Lee Hyori, and 3 of Super Junior that I managed to snap, in between wiping my face from the rain and screaming my ass off.

Shinhwa Andy, Jo Insung, etc at Military Concert – I was gungho that I would  not leave Korea without seeing at least one of the Shinhwa members. Lucky for me, they were holding an army concert and one of the performers was Andy! The bad news was that it was the one army concert that Lee Dongwook didn’t attend even though he usually was present at this kind of event. But yeah, Andy, Jo Insung, and Lee Junki (who just got into the army that time) received the loudest cheer, oh us fangirls. Kim Jaewon, Boom, HOT Tony, and Epik High DJ Tukutz were also present. Kim Jaewon was dreamy, yo.

SS501 Surprise Fanmeeting for Newton – Tears were abound here. Fans just started crying the moment they showed SS501 History slideshow. Everyone seemed like they already knew that it would somewhat be the last event the band would have. At least this year. I’m holding on to Hyungjoon’s promise that SS501 is NOT done, but if they end up on an infinite hiatus like GOD then at least I have a memory of being present for their very last activity as a group.

Mate in Eumak Changgu Taping – I followed a couple of friends to the taping of a show called Eumak Changgu (Music Hatch??), a music show for indie bands. It was supposedly hosted by Clazziquai Alex. Unfortunately he wasn’t actually there during this taping. But it was a lot of fun, to listen to something other than mainstream K-Pop. Mate got popular with their song Longing, but has hatched other albums, if I remember correctly. I need to listen to their newer stuff.

Alex at World Cup Concert – LOL, so after the failure of seeing Alex in the music show above, a few days later, I actually got to see Alex. It was exactly one day before I left Seoul and I was just walking around the Cheonggyecheon with a friend when I saw the concert being set up. Lo and behold, Alex started rehearsing. Horan was supposed to come as well, but she came later and I didn’t get to see her. Alex was pretty nice, he started talking to the audience about the World Cup prediction (Korea lost later that night). Most of the audience were older people so the situation was really quiet. I, in my fangirl glory, screamed out ‘I love you, Alex!’ and he looked at me amused, and was like ‘Haha, I love you back’ LOL

And that concludes my madness in Korea. Ah, those good times.

THE Leader is Back!!

OMG, you guys, I literally raced home for this!!

Move over, baby idols, THE original idol is coming back. Eric Moon aka Moon Junghyuk aka ET aka Shinhwa Leader is finally back to the public’s arms after 2 years of army service. This means PARTAYYYYY in the Shinhwa fandom world. FINALLY, one out of 5 of them currently in the army is actually back! Eric was released from the army earlier today Korea time and held a little fanmeeting as well as signing for the lucky fans (grrrr, lucky bitches!!) who were there.

FYEAHEricMun has a whole bunch of pictures of Eric’s glorious return. So does Nate.Com (where I got these from) and if you search up other Korean news agencies, you would see many pictures as well.

God, I still vividly remember the day 2 years ago when Eric first went to serve in the army. We cried buckets (okay, perhaps not), threw tantrum (not if you’re sane), but bottom line is we as fans were heartbroken (this part is true) cos not only did that mean Eric would have to be away for 2 years, but that also meant Shinhwa effectively went on hiatus as Eric was the first member to enter the army. Soon after, the others started serving as well, and currently, 4 out of 6 members (Shin Hyesung was exempted for knee injury) are serving in the army, due out in a year and two. Next up to expect is Kim Dongwan’s return sometime in November, I believe.

In the mean time, I am off to make new banner. I’m sorry, Kim Jaewook, but this is Eric’s day!

Video of his little interview has been uploaded. He’s so fucking purrrfect.