Ver 1: Kim Jaewook

Ver 2: Eric Mun

Ver 3: Park Siyeon

Ver 4: Hwang Bo

Ver 5: Kim Dongwan

Ver 6: Choi Minho

Ver 7: Son Yejin

Ver 8: Lee Kyuhan in the drama Can You Hear My Heart

Ver 9: Jung Ilwoo and Lee Chungah for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Ver 10: Lee Seunggi’s 5th album Tonight


8 responses to “Banners

  1. I love the Hwang Bo’s banner…. for a minute, I thought I was at my own blog with the white background and all. Looks great. pst, I don’t know if I should get on the YAI bandwagon… mighty crowded, I may fall off and get trampled on.

    *back to working out to keep my Hwang Bo’s figure*

  2. Wah lovely banners you have there chinggu? You made them yourself?

    Entertain requests? hehehe…

  3. Omo omo, you have mad banner-making skills, chingu! They’re great!!

  4. I love the banners featuring Eric, Dongwan and Hwangbo. How I miss watching x-man.

  5. LOVE the Lee Seung Gi banner you made ’cause it’s GORGEOUS. You should make more of Chi soo. 😉

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