About K-Frenzy

I’m just a korean entertainment fan who loves to ramble and rant, sometimes it’s praises that come out of my mouth sometimes it’s curses. I follow more K-dramas than K-Pop, but I’m not picky. I basically write about what I love, what I hate, what I am interested in, or to be short, whatever I set my eyes on.

My love affair with Korean entertainment began a few years ago when my friends were all over Full House and even though I had managed to stay away from the tearjerkers Korean dramas in the late 90s, I caved in and watched Full House to see what the fuss was all about. I ended up being obsessed with it and hunted for the director’s cut DVD. Currently, it’s one of my prized possessions. After that drama, came another drama, and another one, and I never stopped, till now.

I started listening to Korean music after listening to SG Wannabe and Rain. Now, the majority of the songs in my ipod is korean music. I don’t really follow Idol groups except for a select few and I tend to avoid the usual throngs of Idol singers who can’t sing.


20 responses to “About K-Frenzy

  1. An nyeong ha sae yo chinggu! ^_^

    Never knew you were new to the Korean Entertainment scene. You write as if you’ve been watching Kdramas/Movies like 4ever! I feel so old as I have been watching for like 10 years..haha..

    Anywayz, will be checking out your blog more often from now onwards. ^_^

    • hehehe, do I always sound like a know-it-all? My Girl was pretty much one of my first dramas. I forgot to include Wonbin’s Friends, which technically was my very first, about 7 years ago or so.

  2. help…

    I think you had watched both Queen of House Wives & Story of A Man. With one would you recommend next? Based on good review from Dramabeans, I just start watching 3 episodes of Story of A Man and the excessive beating in the prison & the loan shark really turn me off. But the evil & cold Chae Do Woo somehow intrigues me. Kim Kang Woo is really awesome in that character.

    • Phi sis!! Thanks for coming up here.

      Unfortunately I only watched Queen of Housewives so I can’t speak for Story of a Man. I’ve been meaning to catch up on SoaM, but awesome dramas just keep coming out and I’m tied up with them. I will say to you that QoH is a lighthearted drama with a lot of hilarious moments. It has more seasoned actors, so the acting is great. It gets pretty angsty (at least as angsty as it could be in a comedy drama) and while the majority of people LOVED the ending, I just felt so so about it. However, that doesn’t mean the drama as a whole isn’t good. The drama was very very enjoyable!

      • Thanks. Ooops somehow I thought you had seen SoaM…
        I decide to start on SoaM first as it’s a darker, more intense drama. If I’m watching 2 melody dramas back to back (Brilliant Legacy & QOH) I might quickly give up on SoaM. I’m going to give this one another 3 more episodes.

        Something about PSY bugged me (not her acting & I SWEAR, it has nothing to do with being Eric’s ex neither). May be I still could not get over her character in My Girl & When Spring Comes

      • You’re probably gonna hate me for this, but I LOVE PSY. There, I said it. Her acting’s improved a lot from My Girl and I like how she seems serious about being an actor, rather than being a general celebrities and whatnot. Have you seen her in the last ep of Famly Outing? She had a great first episode, imo.

      • Hate you? keke…not at all, we’re born to be different.

        It’s just bad luck that her 2 dramas I’ve seen so far weren’t her best. I do remember reading an article about how she wants to be taken seriously as an actress instead of a model or a Miss Korea runner-up. Recently she also got positive comments about her acting from the latest 2 projects (Bittersweet Life & SoaM) that perk my interest again. Hope SoaM will change my mind about her (if this fails, I might have to pick up FO after this) 😀

      • Haha, FO is a pretty good fun. I got bored with its routine and lack of well, variety (no pun intended). Even though I loved the members, they were just becoming predictable. I guess the change of personnels was what I need to get myself excited again. PSY is cute in FO.

  3. heiya!
    i recently came across ur blog while searching for new updates about lee seung gi and have been reading along. 😀 i love reading ur posts esp the posts about lee seung gi(HAHA) and his new movie brilliant legacy. i will keep visiting ur blog! 🙂

  4. hi! i love ur blog :)…kdramas are very popular in our country, but it was only 5 months ago that i finally gave them a try, thanks to a friend who cant stop raving on “my girl” LOL…alas! i was instantly hooked, to date, my girl is my absolute fave but YAB is surely catching up, yay! :)…i hope u dont mind my asking, do u have many series review in this blog? i totally agree on ur review on soulmate, i watched it and i loved it :)…more power!

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting. I haven’t really reviewed a lot of Kdramas, actually. It’s just that I haven’t seen that many dramas and I just started this blog a few months ago. I got hooked by My Girl too and it remains one of my fav dramas. I guess if I were to recommend some dramas, I would say: Evasive Inquiry Agency, Brilliant Legacy, Bad Family, Dalja’s Spring, Return of Iljimae, Que Sera Sera, Sons of Sol Pharmacy, Coffee Prince, and What’s Up Fox on top of the other Hallyu popular ones. Those are the dramas that I can just watch over and over again.

      • kamsahamida 🙂 ill sure look into them…among those, the ones ive seen already are coffee prince and brilliant legacy, i agree! those are great ones…actually, i started following your blog when u were reviewing brilliant legacy, reading how much u raved about it encouraged me to follow suit, harhaha…that’s why i wondered if u have some more kdrama reviews…kumopta for the recommendations 🙂

  5. Hi, I wonder if I can subscribe to your blog. Will you put up a subscribe widget?

    • Thanks for the subscribe widget lol. I just want to drop a line to say that your blog offers very unique perspectives on k-entertainment, especially when (I guess) you currently live in Korea. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks a lot.

      • LOL, until you told me, I didn’t even know there was a subcription widget. Thanks a lot for reading! Tho my living in Korea will come to an end pretty soon T_____T

  6. hi, i’m really like your blog…i love all about korean, this is make me little crazy…n you help me to know about korean entairtainment…thanks a lot…gamsahamnida;)

  7. Would you make a ratings page, ditdut? Sure will be helpful to all of us. And I wish you’d lived in Korea longer so you can more fully conquer and share with us those fun, full-on fangirl stories LOL. Keep on writing!

  8. I was surprise reading this as your banner is choi minho.
    Nice blog and choiminho<3

  9. I think we’re very similar hehe! Don’t tell me you started learning Korean language too right?

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