Ojakgyo Brothers, Ep 23-32

In these 10 episodes, all hell broke loose. And then some.

The inevitable happened when Jaeun found out that it was really Mom Hwang all along who hid the land deed and made her suffer through nights in sleeping bag living in a tent. All the awful treatments she received her way started coming back to her, and while she was furious, she was more heartbroken at the fact that she’s betrayed yet again by someone she loved. She ordered the Hwangs to sell the farm right away.

Entering the picture, was Kim Jaeha, who expressed interests in working with Taehee. He owns a movie company and hired Jaeun to adopt her animation . This is pure coincidence. But the guy had an ulterior motive in getting to know Taehee. As predicted by a lot of people, he turned out to be Taehee’s stepbrother, the son of the man Taehee’s mom married after she fled. To put us further on the edge of our seats, Kim Jaeha relayed a message that Taehee would no longer be able to reconcile with his mother as she had passed away recently.

Rounding up this merry go round of confusion and coincidences, Kim Jaeha purchased the Ojakgyo farm per his father’s instruction. And when the Hwang family found out who ended up buying their farm, the family Taehee’s mom left them for, Grandma went berserk.

In terms of plot progress, this is pretty much the main big conflict that we’re dealing right now. The other brothers have their minor storylines too. Taeshik and his newfound son are still at an impasse, especially since Yejin finally found out about Gooksoo. The good thing is that I think Taeshik and Gooksoo have started to get along better, with the help of the awesome, awesome Misook.

Whereas Taepil and Yeowool started getting closer. I’m not sure if theirs is intended for a romantic pathway, because it would be breaking SO MANY rules. They’re supposed to be at least 10 years apart and not only she’s an inlaw, but she’s the inlaw’s aunt, which means one generation above Taepil, which would just blow all social rules out of the water. It doesn’t help that they’ve got quite a crackling chemistry together.

Last, but not least, Taebum and Sooyoung. With the appearance of Sooyoung’s senior who became their new boss, Taebum was spurred on by the new alpha male competition, especially since the new boss was so not shy from professing his undying love for Sooyoung. Taebum was pushed to jealousy and forced to face his growing attraction for Sooyoung. Finally, after all this time, Taebum began to reciprocate Sooyoung’s feelings. And now, JUST when things had gotten good, his ex just had to make a friggin comeback, geez.

Ojakgyo Brothers is flowing really really nicely. It has a whole bunch of mini storylines between a set of characters. Each brother has their own issues to worry about, under which they generally stand. But then we get nice little moments of these characters interacting outside their specified frame. Like Taepil showing care and concern for Taehee, usually the brother he refuses to acknowledge. Taepil’s storyline is considerably less, but he’s given extra depth to round of his role in the drama. Plus, Yeon Woojin is a pretty capable actor and hopefully would graduate into leads soon.

I really like the fact that we’re more than halfway through and no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The writer picks great timing to introduce new people to the show to not only spice things up but also pick up the pace. With the long awaited arrival of Taebum’s ex girlfriend, Taebum and Sooyoung’s line will officially go into full swing. And now that Jaeun has made up her mind to NOT sell the farm to Kim Jaeha, we will reset the score and Taehee/Jaeun will have to rebuild their almost relationship.

Not only that, Jaeun and Mom Hwang can finally start fresh. Nothing will be forgotten, but their formed bond cannot be dimissed either. I miss this dynamic duo the most. Hopefully they will patch things up soon.


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