Travel Korea! Part Three: Palaces

Palaces are a big thing in Seoul. Palace is usually among the top tourist destination when you go there. Seoul’s tourism spots consist of several palaces inside the city, such as Deoksu-goong, Kyeongbok-goong, Changdeok-goong, and so on. The three I mentioned are the big, popular palaces for tourists. They’re all located close to each other and easily accessible by public transportation. You can even walk from one palace to another.

For me, I’m somewhat ignorant of the history behind these palaces, so for me, visually, they all look the same. I don’t know how to spot the details. I mean, they’re beautiful but after the first couple of palace, nothing was really exciting anymore. If I didn’t put all my pictures in a labeled folder, I would’ve been confused as to which palace is in which picture.

I’ve visited 4 palaces.  But the one that stands out for me the most is the Changdeok-goong palace. And not for the palace itself, but for their own Huwon (Secret Garden). The Secret Garden is a small, lush greenery right at the heart of the city. It’s one of my favourite places in Seoul. It’s literally a block away from the bustling downtown area of Insadong and Jongno, but it offers a completely different vibe. It’s so calming, so green, and so gorgeous.

Inside the cut, we’ll start from Changgyeong-goong (a small teeny weeny palace right beside Changdeok-goong), Deoksu-goon, Kyeongbok-goong, and last Changdeok-goong/Secret Garden. I visited Deoksu-goong on my first Korea trip in 2008, so those are older pictures.

Pictures this way!



Changdeok-goong and Secret Garden Huwon


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