Kim Hyunjoong’s Lucky Guy

My fangirl tendency for Hyunjoong is interesting. I LOVE to diss him. Not in the playful fangirly way like I diss Seunggi’s whackjob of a wardrobe, or Jung Ilwoo’s hair, or Shinhwa’s….behaviour. But Hyunjoong, sometimes I just love hating on him. Partly it’s because of his career choices that I don’t agree with, but I think it’s partly because he’s so unapologetic about them as well. Secretly, I appreciate that about him, but it also makes me, as a fan, easier to diss the hell out of him.

In all honesty, I don’t follow Hyunjoong as studiously as I used to. After Playful Kiss bombed so badly, I just fell off the loop for a bit. He took a few months break as well, only doing appearances here and there and worked on his first solo album since SS501 parted ways. Even when his solo album, Break Down, came out, I didn’t really get into it more than noting that he looked really and especially HOT for the comeback. I took a look at his MV and hated it so, whatever.

But when I saw his new look for the newest solo album, Lucky, I was floored. And I think this is the first time in a long time that I genuinely love his career move, and not ironically like I usually do.

I mean, look at THAT expression! And the suit! The necklace, the douche rings!!

With Lucky Guy, I just dig this concept so much. The MV is SOOOO campy and thus a lot of fun. I was watching it for the first time, and it just cracked me up. It’s got a entertaining story and looks great visually, but man, the dance routine and Hyunjoong’s outfits were fabulous, in every sense of the word. He’s got a collection of Vegas suits, red mismatched suit, fun stripes, animal prints, you name it.

Most of all though, I LOVE his attitude for this concept. No more brooding tough guy a la Break Down, here comes the flirty joker who loves to ‘shake it, shake it’. It’s almost like watching a trot performance, complete with a naughty wink on top.

It does help that Lucky Guy is actually a good song as well. It’s catchy and has such a different sound than anything Hyunjoong or SS501 had ever done in the past. The other songs in his Lucky album are nice as well. I would say “U” definitely borrows some melodies and beats from Bruno Mars, but this is the song I really want to see Hyunjoong live in. It’s cute and showcases his vocal well, without being too heavy. Smile is another one I like. It’s got you bobbing your head and tapping your finger.

Apparently Hyunjoong will have another album early next year and a drama on his list as well. His acting skills aside, I would actually like to see Hyunjoong play a sunnier character. His recent roles have been a)dull sunbae and b)unfeeling asshole. Why can’t he have a fun role for a change? He certainly pulled it off in Lucky Guy, who knows, he might actually do wonders with the right character. Here’s hoping!


4 responses to “Kim Hyunjoong’s Lucky Guy

  1. Haha the peace sign at the end was total daebak!!

    Didn’t like the MV much, but I’d have to agree it did showcase a very different KHJ. Playful and cool arrogance, but charming in a way. I’m still trying to get used to his “new look” (he’s already so good looking in the past) but can’t deny he does look better and HOTTER now.

    And yes, he should totally try on a fun and quirky character next time. Aloof doesn’t suit him IMO.

  2. I tend to think HJ doesn’t do the whole brooding/emo in the rain/ bad ass role very well b/c he can’t act. So I like it a lot better when he’s being all adorable and jumpy and in this case, campy b/c he has this exuberance that’s just endearing. I never really understand HJ’s sex appeal but I do adore his charms b/c boy is just so cute! It’s the reason why “A song calling for you” is my favorite MV of him ever.

  3. i love you hyun joong oppa ^-^ you are very funny and lovely

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