Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

What’s it about? Pretty boys. Ramyun shop. Pretty boys. Oh god, I don’t even know what this thing is about. Pretty boys, yes, that’s it.

Expectation? Not much, as long as it’s fun and generally coherent.

Why watch? Lee Kiwoo who had gotten real hot after army, and not in the nerdy kind of way, he used to strike me as. The adorable Lee Chungah. Jung Fucking Ilwoo, enough said.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think about this sudden sprout of cable dramas airing in the second part of 2011. I mean, more dramas are always great, but the timing is just crazy. One drama after another is being announced, boasting names as high profile as Jung Woosung, Song Ilgook, and possibly Hwang Jungmin. Seriously, there are so many of them. How is one supposed to keep up with all these????

Anyways, Flower Boy will air at the end of the month. Many more will soon follow. If this cable drama shindig is going to be groundbreaking, as in pulling in lots of viewers, the drama landscape will be so much more interesting. The big networks didn’t really have anyone to compete with, other than each other. But now that cable television is entering the game, with such a bang, I might add, the competition will be even more stiff. I’m looking forward to improved quality (hopefully) from every players!

Lee Kiwoo’s saranghae is getting me all hot and bothered.


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