Travel Korea! Part Two: Amusement Parks

Part two is dedicated to the two Seoul’s big amusement parks, Lotte World and Everland. Not much to say, really. Amusement parks are always fun.

Everland is a lot bigger than Lotte World, although the latter has both indoor and outdoor arenas. Lotte World is more about the thrilling rides, whereas Everland is about the presentation, the show, the decoration, etc. Basically, there’s more to pump up your adrenaline in Lotte, but there’s more to see in Everland.

We’ll start with Lotte World. Pictures under here!

There’s really nothing to speak of, in terms of prop, in Lotte World. The rides are close to each other, there’s not much space here. Of course, because Lotte World is smack dab in the middle of Seoul (well technically, south east of Seoul), accessible by subway and city bus. Everland is about two hours away, if memory serves me right. It’s right next door to the waterpark Carribean Bay. So space is not a problem in Everland. In fact, it’s got plenty.

~The famed wooden rollercoaster, which reduced Solbi (WGM) to tears



3 responses to “Travel Korea! Part Two: Amusement Parks

  1. I agree that the ride at Lotte World are maybe better, however the atmosphere and environment at Everland in my opinion is better. Also Everland has a zoo. Thanks for sharing your blog I really enjoy reading it.

  2. Great pictures!
    I remember going to an amusement park there when I was a little girl… I’ll have to find out which one 🙂

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