Travel Korea! Part One: Busan

This is a long looooonnnggggg time coming. So, I stayed for a few months in Korea last year and I have been mulling with this idea about writing some posts dedicated to traveling in Korea. I’ve posted my bouts of fangirlism throes, but I also wanted to share about the great places there, the shopping, the food, the more touristy side, if you will. Unfortunately, since I only stayed for a short while, there’s not much I can share in terms of actually living your life in Korea. So, I’ll have to stick with being a longer tourist, instead of the general resident.

Korea is a small country, but it’s lovely. There’s a reason why 1 Night 2 Days can go on for more than 4 years just going around the country, from picturesque spot to another, despite the fact that the country is really small. However, the upside of having such a small country is the fact that many of the places are easily accessible even by public transportation. If you’re bored, head over to the local intercity bus terminal, pick a place, and you’re there. There are intercity busses every single day, almost every hour. If you go to big cities, expect busses to go every half hour or so. Traveling within cities in Korea is so easy. The problem will arise when you get OFF the bus and have no heck of an idea how to go around in that city. Especially if you go to a small city, I’ll get to that.

Anyways, the idea isn’t for me to blab; I won’t be writing much, but I will mostly just post a gajillion pictures that will endanger my bandwidth. If you have any question, do let me know, hopefully I can help.

So, part one will be the awesome southern city of Busan! Busan is a MUST visit city if you go to Korea. Not only it’s got so many gorgeous places, it’s one of the cities in Korea that has good public transportation. Try going to Jeju relying on public transportation. It’s a nightmare. But in Busan, you can actually take a bus to go from point A to point B without wanting to scratch your eyes out. Plus, there are a lot of cabs around, so either way, you will be able to go anywhere you’d like.

Gajillion photos this way!

~Busan Tower and the view from it

~Gwanggali Beach and the Gwangan Bridge

~Jagalchi Market where you’ll see blood and stuff you didn’t know you can eat

~Taejongdae lighthouse, a MUST

~PIFF Square, where they hold the Pusan International Film Festival, of course

~Haedong Yonggungsa, the temple by the sea, near Buddha’s birthday

~Last, but not least, the Gorgeous Haeundae beach and the pathway to Dongbaekseom “Island”

You know, in K-Dramas when the heroine is down on her luck, has nowhere to go and and is in the midst of financial problems? Then she goes to spend the night in a jjimjilbang as opposed to a regular hotel/motel?Well, that’s exactly what I did. Not willing to pay for a room that goes for about $90, I packed my backpack and went to this jjimjilbang for $14. And the thing is, this is a nice, huge bath house, so I’m betting if you go to a lesser bath house, it’ll probably be half the price.

And nothing beats the experience of sleeping on the hard but warm floor in a huge open indoor area with at least 50 other people and still felt nice. Oh let’s not forget that when you go into the bath area wearing towels, you are as good as an alien. People will stare at you weird because a)you’re a foreigner, and b)you’re not as naked as they are.

The one thing I wished I had done was watching baseball in Busan, which is reportedly a whole other level of spectacle. It would’ve been a crazy experience to do and I totally wished I did.


5 responses to “Travel Korea! Part One: Busan

  1. I love reading travel stories of drama bloggers. Thank you for this post!

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I’ll actually be headed to South Korea in November… sadly, only for a week.
    I hope you post again… I’d love to see more pics 🙂

  3. Wow. the scenes are breathtaking. hope i could go there someday!

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