So, Full House 2?


This one made me raise my eyebrows to be honest.

So, Noh Minwoo and Hwang Jungeum have signed on to do Full House 2. Considering the actors have changed, I don’t understand why they’re still clinging on to the Full House name. Other than the obvious famewhoring to the 2004 drama, of course. I get that the drama was a HUGE success, heck it was THE drama that got me into korean dramas. But you know, if it’s not a sequel, why put the same name to it? It’s great if it ends up being a success like its predecessor, but if it ends up a failure, it’ll be so embarrassing as an actor to put this on their resume.

On the upside, yay for Hwang Jungeum jumping to do another drama again. I like that she continues to work and improve her acting (I’m side eyeing Yoon Eunhye here). I can’t say Hwang is a great actor yet, her acting can be between middling and good, but she’s got a great presence and strives to emote on screen, even at the risk of overacting sometime.

On the other hand, the last time I saw Noh Minwoo, he was so awkward! His line delivery had this untimely pauses that kinda gets to you. But it was Gumiho Girlfriend, and I did hear he was better in that drama special afterward. And frankly, at this point I don’t see Hwang and Noh having any chemistry. They look like they’re shopping and manicure buddies instead.


One response to “So, Full House 2?

  1. Why Full House and Noh Min Woo generated buzz after buzz is a mystery to me.

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