Spy Myeongwol E1-3

Let me say it right off the bat. I can’t possibly look at Spy Myeongwol with completely unbiased eyes. I try to, but no matter now “neutral” I assert myself to be, there’s bound to be bursts of fangirlism peppered throughout the viewing.

First of all, this is Eric’s first drama in 3 freaking years. That alone would induce little yelps of swoonage every now and then. Add the fact that I couldn’t stomach Strongest Chilwoo, so effectively, the last time I saw an Eric drama was around winter 2007 after marathoning Super Rookie and Invincible Parachute Agent. So, hell, I deserve my bouts of fangirlism!

Okay, so Spy Myeongwol is about a spy mission gone wrong. Capable but hot headed Han Myeongwol is a North Korean officer working on tampering the influence of South Korean’s pop culture influence in her home country. A failed task landed her lone self in South to retrieve a missing “book” from Kang Woo, who just happens to be South’s current IT-guy. Due to miscommunication with her superiors, she was instead instructed to go undercover in order to marry Kang Woo, somehow, and get him to cross to the North voluntarily. On the other hand, we also have an archaic, mysterious book search going on AMIDST all of this.

So far, Spy Myeongwol is proving to be A LOT OF FUN! It’s so off the wall that it has such a wide range of crazy to play around with its characters and the many branches of storylines. The first episode was a bit bizzarre, it was not easy to gauge what the drama was going for. I thought it was going to mostly be romantic comedy, wherein our heroine tries her darnest to seduce the all seductive hero and cuteness ensues. So, it was puzzling went the drama went all National Treasures-sy on me.

Now that I’ve watched 3 episodes, I do like the incorporation of this treasure/artifact search on top of our evolving arc of spy seducing and converting hallyu star. It gives a different thrill than just watching romance. The excitement hasn’t kicked in full gear, for me. As in, I’m curious, but I don’t really care yet what this mystery book is supposed to mean. Hopefully though, as we go along, the artifact search would be more affecting.

Now, as for MY oppa, Eric, I do think he’s got the bones for comedy. God knows how hilarious he was in both Super Rookie and Invincible Parachute Agent. Not so much on the dramatic terrain, unfortunately. Serviceable, but not that great. He was good as Taejoo in Que Sera Sera, who was confident and unapologetic, but so unfamiliar with deeper levels of emotions, because his general awkwardness can be attributed to this. But I think Kang Woo, on the other hand, is a complicated guy already. He seems to be operating beyond what the public and media perceives. So I’m a bit nervous to see if Eric can do justice to Kang Woo when we get there.

Han Yeseul is awesome! She definitely needs to do more comedy and stays away from melodrama of hell. I love how she has to spout off all these corny lines to seduce Kang Woo, but she says them whilsts cringing inwardly (and sometimes outwardly). Literally she’s just going by the book of seduxione and feed him all sorts of crap. It’s hilarious.

I’ve never really watched Lee Kyun, but omg, he’s so cute!! He’s got really limited screen time for now, but I seriously hope his would get expanded.

Jang Heejin is the obligatory bratty bitch of the drama, while Lee Jinwook is so far really really dull. Together tho, I think they would make a strangely cute couple. But only if and when we get there.


5 responses to “Spy Myeongwol E1-3

  1. Haha Lee Kyun is always hilarious, in Franceska (which I recommend), Stars Falling from the Sky and then this. Ahjussi and Lee Kyun are probably my fav so far.

    Spy Myung Wol is typical of Eric’s dramas: maniac, entertaining, nonsensical a good way way. I seriously can’t watch any of his dramas, except for Que Sera Sera, with a straight face. Woot!

    The way Han Ye Seul stares at the screen with her huge eyes irks me though.

    Anyway, let’s the fun begin!

  2. Hmmm, I actually stopped after ep 2. Thought everything from the storyline, directing to the acting were just all over the place, and below par. Eric’s hot alright (he always is), but somehow I was unable to connect with his character Kang Woo. The character/acting just felt bland and unconvincing. HYS is slightly better, but I dunno, her voice still irks me to no end. And some of her expressions, *headdesk*. But overall, it’s the story which bored me to tears.

  3. So sad for all the things Eric had to go through re: Myung Wol delay, plus the shitty working conditions. I feel so bad for him since this is his first project after 3 years. Why nothing goes well for the poor boy? I just read his recent tweet, and was so touched by his thoughtfulness toward the issue of Han Ye Sul and the production team. I really admire him now.

  4. betty henderson tom

    i wath already four episode spy myeongwol and i like it.Very funny and best story.Actor and actress good looking.

  5. The storyline is so unique and awesome..the twist n turns are digging up my
    curiousity..it’s not boring at all. And i m proud of the actors after i finish watching..it’s so touching that tears keep rolling down. THUMBS UP!

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