49 Days, 2nd To Last

49 Days will officially be ending tomorrow. And I’m devastated.

It’s not often to come by a drama so good it hurts. Even among those dramas you recognize as good, some just echoes more than others. You tend to grow emotionally attached with whatever you’re watching, but you know you’re just more attached to some than others. 49 Days is one of the rare dramas that is really good but is also touching me on a more personal level.

In the grand scheme of things, 49 Days may not be breaking any new grounds. Ratings do not soar to forty-something percent. It doesn’t give birth to pop culture mania such as Goo Junpyo’s curly hairdo, Kim Joowon’s sparkly tracksuit, or Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Guhro Ahree. 49 Days, in the end, will just be one of the dramas with stellar quality but enjoy none of the perks of creating a big buzz.

Those dramas keep you reminded of a small specific thing about them, that’s true. But dramas like 49 Days, you will always remember with a little bit of ache in your heart and what you remember from it, 5 years from now even if you don’t watch it again, is that it’s so fucking good.

Overall good dramas you don’t meet very often. But dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat till the last episode is even harder to see. A lot of dramas, even good ones, usually suffer toward the end. Usually, quality is on a downward trend around the time when 80% of dramas have been broadcast. Either it’s the viewer’s fatigue, or simply that the drama is getting reckless especially with so little time of production, it’s really hard to make a perfect ending. But 49 Days have proven to me that dramas CAN get better as each episode closes. Dramas CAN keep us guessing till the end. Dramas CAN be so well written, so well acted, so consistently good. Dramas CAN keep its steam till the finish line.

Like I said, I really like that 49 Days is never about romance. Romance is just shrewdly thrown in the mix and becomes a major theme of the drama, but it doesn’t steal the focus away about it being about two girls finding their own self. Jihyun discovers things she, not the brightest bulb, would never notice before. Yikyung turns to find closure to her own issues and is urged to move on. Likewise, Yisoo and Kang are the ones behind them, watching them and supporting them, helping the girls solve the math.

We haven’t seen the last episode, but I have complete faith in the production people that it will continue to be amazing. The only way you can ruin tomorrow, for me, is if the ending is SO out of character and brimming with fan service. And so far, Writer So, has been very pragmatic with unnecessary fluff, proportioning the right amount of plot point with the cushion of fluff and I’m enjoying so much.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


One response to “49 Days, 2nd To Last

  1. sepakat! dita, drama ini tuh drama yang paling aku suka di season sekarang. semoga aja akhirnya bisa membuat kita puas. semoga. tensionnya agak down kemaren pas 1 episode terakhir. dan aku deg2an untuk episode terakhir malem ini hahaha. jung il woo, baru di sini aku suka sama dia. hahaha telat XD abis nonton drama ini langsung nonton film2 dia yang lain dan awww he’s such a cutie. tapi yang paling keren adalah HanGang! hahaha memang ya yang namanya cowok kece di sinetron korea itu selalu bad boy yang adorable hahaha. 49일 짱!

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