49 Days: Prove Your Sincerity

Well, hello, World! It’s weird to be blogging again after so long. But a new sprout of dramas going on air has propelled me to talk about them, despite in short, vague, not helping, sentences.

I haven’t really talked about this, but my current obsession is 49 Days. It’s pretty much a repeat of Brilliant Legacy-like obsession. It makes my Wednesdays and Thursdays at the office feel like 8 hours of warranted and paid slow death. It makes my semi quiet twitter feed like a frenzy of incoherent spastic blabs. It makes me go to bed on Thursdays with a “EFFING HELL, HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WEEK??????”

That, my friend, is 49 Days. If by this point, your reaction is: Huh, what day? Then you are sorely missing out.

Coincidentally, 49 Days comes from the same writer of Brilliant Legacy, a drama that spurred me into (I believe) writing this blog in the first place???. Much like Legacy, 49 Days is peppered with dramatic tensions and delicious character developments. So Hyunkyung, the writer, has her share of dramatic ropes, and sometimes they turn you off, but she’s so skillful in how she releases those ropes and in how she actually solves them. Which is exactly what makes 49 Days a tightly interwoven drama. I love how she justifies her characters as well. There are palpable and realistic conflicts, not just with each other but also within one self.

The runaway of the drama is none other than Jung Ilwoo, one of the Princes of My Pretty Boy Loving Heart! I don’t think he’s the best actor in this project, but I do think he’s the one with the most impact. The Scheduler is a volatile hoot, yet he’s also a melancholic lonely heart. Jung takes to both sides of his character fully. He seems to throw himself into this character, making every lines, every expressions, count. He’s got a long way to go before he could be called Good, but he’s certainly on the right track.

Then there’s Bae Soobin, who seems to relish in playing antagonists these days, huh? I haven’t seen his homme fatale role in the Angel’s Temptation, but I kinda dig him playing evil characters just because he looks so sweet and GOOD that just him playing an evil role, doing evil glare and evil sneer, already has a shock value on its own. Plus, I LOVE how in this drama, his character who’s supposed to do awful things kinda gets tangled in his own private demons, his attraction and obsession for a woman.

The pairing will get confusing as we get close to the end. Nam Gyuri, fiancee of Bae Soobin and the object of Jo Hyunjae’s affection is borrowing Lee Yowon’s body, who is Jung Ilwoo’s love in his old life. So, while it is TECHNICALLY Nam Gyuri hitting it off with Jo Hyunjae, it looks to the eyes as Lee Yowon. So will you root for Nam/Jo or Lee/Jo? But the real Lee Yowon is a whole other person, whose personality is a contrast from Nam. Do you still want Lee with Jo? What about the evil couple, Bae Soobin and Seo Jihye? What about Lee Yowon and Jung Ilwoo? Are you confused? Because my head hurts already.

49 Days is ending, next week, if I’m not mistaken. A lot of dramas runs off its steam towards the home stretch. Hopefully this is not one of them!


2 responses to “49 Days: Prove Your Sincerity

  1. I think all 6 actors did a wonderful job in 49 days and did their characters justice (maybe Nam Gyu Ri not so much, but she’s been improving). I honestly cannot choose who’s the better!

    But I can only bow before the writer. She’s managed to take her writing to a whole new level by incorporating into her script elements of family warmth, love, friendship, trust, loyalty, greed, dilemma which are so tightly inter-connected with each other that you just feel for each and every single character. And it’s not the usual “realistic” K-drama that we always see. 49 days is really in its own. My GF is a Gumiho and Secret Garden, this is what you should have been about.

  2. And oh, welcome to the blogosphere chinggu. MISSED your writing!

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