Monthly Archives: March 2011

Various Random Thoughts

Oh man, it’s so hard to update the blog. There are a lot of stuff I want to write, but I’m finding no will and time to write them. After My Princess ended, I was thinking to write a post and ponder about the ending. But well, the drama is pretty lightweight and requires not much thinking on our part. And really, as much as I enjoyed My Princess, I find it to be one of the hardest dramas to write about because there is really not much to think about. So, my post for My Princess’s ending would have read something like ‘YAY, happy ending.’ and the rest would be spazzes about how good Kim Taehee and Song Seungheon look together.

My Princess ended and for some reason, none of the new dramas have really gotten me hooked. I tried watching several dramas like Shining (first episode, ergh!), Crime Squad (first episode, hmm??), and a daily drama I Believe in Men (first episode, hmm??). Thorn Birds and The Duo are also on my to watch list, but I’m not exactly running towards it either. Whereas Midas has been completely forgotten. All in all, on the drama front, things have been really really dry. I am super excited for 49 Days for my Pretty Boy Jung Ilwoo and mark your calendar, bitches, because Perm Jung will premiere on the 16th!

Other than that, I have been watching old dramas, such as HIT and What’s Up Fox. HIT is pretty good so far, but rewatching What’s Up Fox just makes my day. And I think it also speaks volume that I get more enjoyment from a rewatch than an entirely new drama. I’m not badmouthing HIT, but I’m just reiterating that What’s Up Fox ranks so high on the Awesome-O-Meter. Also, the double dosage of Son Hyunjoo has officially cemented him as my ahjussi crush. I LOVE this guy. Not only he’s got a fanfuckingtastic flair for comedy, he rocks dramatic scenes as well. Basically, he can do ANY role. ANY!! In all the dramas I’ve watched of him, he just shines.

The only drama that I am faithfully following at the moment is called Once Upon a Time in Saengchori, starring hottie extraordinaire Ha Sukjin and cutie Lee Youngeun. I had no idea I would like it so much because I caught the first episode simply because I liked the poster and that Ha Sukjin is hot. This just proves how profound I think of my drama watching, heh! But anyways, I’m so glad I did because this was such a great decision!

What a breath of fresh air! I love love love comedy thrillers. A well made comedy mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat while also hurting your stomach because you laugh so much. It’s such a shame that people don’t make these kind of dramas more often. You come across a good one like once in every blue moon. Evasive Inquiry Agency and Harvest Villa are the only two that come to mind when I think about this particular genre. How To Meet a Perfect Neighbour could be categorized in this genre too somewhat, but then it went and gave way too much attention to the romance part of the drama. Plus, I thought the mystery was quite predictable. I remember guessing the killer even before halfway the show.

Saengchori airs on a cable network, TVN, and it only airs once a week. Even then, it airs for less than 60 minutes! So even at 20 episodes, this is a considerably short drama. Helmed by the Director and Writers of the High Kick series, Saengchori mixes murder mystery with quirky comedy and throw in romance. I must say that I think they ended up focusing a little too much on the romance that the murder plot was a little stagnant for a few episodes. But thankfully, that picked up soon and this week will see the ending of the drama. I sincerely hope that this will NOT mirror, in any way, the style of the High Kick Through the Roof ending because I cannot stress enough how much I will cut a bitch if that happens.

That’s pretty much it, on the drama front. Any recommendation of a good current drama? And I mean GOOD??