Why So Pretty???

I can’t believe I’m trolling after a kid. He’s a 91-er for fucks sake.

But seriously, how can you not melt at that megawatt smile?

I don’t even listen to Shinee.

But oh Minho, why so gorgeous?


10 responses to “Why So Pretty???

  1. boooo…. aku juga sama dia! meni manis aja gitu. why you are so gorgeous?! T_T sekampus tapi aku tak pernah melihatmu T_T

    • OMG, sekampusssssssssssssss????? Gaah, wi, stalk him stalk him!

      • jyyaaahh… anak S1 ta gedungnya pun jauh aja T_T aku juga pengen ngeliat langsung tapi apa daya. Tapi ada temen anak indo yang se-fakultas ama dia. Meni heboh aja gitu pas dia masuk kuliah katanya. No chance T_T hahaha

  2. what a cutie. as one of his fellow 91-ers I still feel weird because i’m used to crushing on shinhwa, etc.

  3. I’m a noona, and my mom’s an ahjumma and we both LOVE him.
    ❤ transcends all barriers..

  4. You know what they say : if he’s over 18, he’s allowed. *cough*
    ( god YAB what have you done to me ? )

  5. He’s so a noona killer.

  6. LMAO, so apparently, he HAS been killing the noonas here. Since 1991, lols.

    • baru tersadar ternyata kamu teh ngerubah banner jadi minho?! aduh tuh anak 1, tuh dongseng 1 memang cakep aja dan manly juga. udah nonton acara special lunar new year belum? dia keren sekali XD hahaha

  7. hmm…konkuk has so many actors kkk….
    no one going to ajou ihiks

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