Go Soo in Elle Korea

Damn, I should do a Guy is Gorgeous spam series more often! I saw this pictures in soompi and just felt the need to post it. Go Soo did a photoshoot for Elle Korea and even though I don’t think it’s particularly groundbreaking, in terms of concept or fashion, Go Soo looks spexxxtacular in these pictures.

Go Soo is one of those actors whose projects I have never actually watched, but somehow I’ve always felt drawn too. Kind of like Chun Jungmyung actually, except that at least I finished and loved What’s Up Fox. But Go Soo, I’ve never finished ANY of his projects. I remember watching the first episodes of Green Rose and Marrying a Millionaire, but the first episode foray did not extend to the second. Will It Snow for Christmas also became too melodramatic for my taste, and I ended up dropping it halfway. But I don’t know, he’s just so attractive that I can’t help but pay attention to his news.

Anyways, after the disastrous Will it Snow for Christmas drama, has 2 new movies, one is Psychic with Kang Dongwon and the other is soon to come out next year, Battle of the Highlands with the forever awesome Shin Hagyun.


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