Heroes Pimp Post

The SBS Good Sunday variety show Heroes continues to be criminally underrated.

Which is a total shame because this show is a true gem. This is undoubtedly my favourite variety show coming out of SBS. Not that I’ve seen everything, but this is my favourite from the ones I’ve seen.

And I’m FURIOUS! Fyuh Ree Yeuusshh, y’all!!

So I’m gonna dedicate this post specifically for Heroes screencaps of today’s episode. In simpler words, I’m gonna spam!

After 3 or so months, Heroes still hasn’t been able to crack to double digit viewers ratings, hovering around 7% on average. Contrasting is the competition 1 Night 2 Days who has been gaining 30%+ ratings consistently for quite a while now. Heck, it even hit 40% recently, what with the whole MC Mong scandal. 1N2D is undeniably a powerful and established show that already has a strong foothold on Korean viewers. Plus it’s a show that appeals to wider demographics (the ahjummas LOVE Lee Seunggi, the grannies LOVE Kang Hodong, so..)  whereas I think Heroes’ audience would tend to be more specific.

1N2D is my ultimate favourite show, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Heroes is my current favourite. 1N2D has settled into a comfortable position as the industry leader and while I don’t think quality has slipped significantly, I do think innovation and creativity have. I still watch the show (tho not as religiously as before) and it still makes me laugh, but I don’t see anything new and I don’t really feel that certain urgency to watch anymore.

Heroes itself is not exactly a very lough-out-loud show. It has some boring episodes, repetitive segments, and stuff. In short it’s not a perfect show. But I guess because it’s still relatively new, they still have lots of time potential to grow and it’s still exciting. It kinda sucks that the show doesn’t have a prompt and stable subbing group so a lot of international viewers are turned off by that. It’s not like I understand every single dialogue and every single caption, but I don’t think it makes the show any less enjoyable. And I do have a Google Translate ready at hand.

But anyways, less rambling and more pimping.

Hong Sooah is officially my favourite member. I have a soft spot for her. She’s a doofus, yet she’s so sweet and completely hilarious. She has this tandem with Noh Sayeon, who is the oldest of the group and therefore extra respected by the other girls. But Hong Sooah would still tease her and Noh Sayeon would berate her in return. I’m not sure if Hong Sooah would be perceived as mannerless by Korean audience, but it’s funny for me.

Another personality I love is IU. She gives off a vibe of being the female version of Lee Seunggi. She’s outgoing, lovable, has a knack for variety shows, and seems to have a good head on her shoulder. She also has a fun dynamic with the same age friend Jiyeon of T-Ara. They are really entertaining together.

And Seo Inyoung is still Seo Inyoung, which is great. I have major wardrobe envy for her. She always looks so perfectly styled, great clothes, fuckingawesome shoes, and great hair. I love that she’s fashionable yet knows proper decorum for dressing. Like during the job interview episode, while the other girls were racing to have the shortest skirt, she came out looking like a star fashionista but also professional.

Anyways, I’m just spreading the Heroes love. Hopefully more and more people know about this show and watch it!


2 responses to “Heroes Pimp Post

  1. i hope i can watch it with English sub ><

  2. Snjeung.wordpress.com has them! She stopped at ep 5 thoughh.

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