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Because Shinhwa is PRECIOUS!

So, a while ago Dreamy told me to do a little Shinhwa pimp post. I considered doing video post but was too lazy to do it. So I just decided to do a little moving picture post cos they’re easier and I already have lots on my Shinhwa folder.

Disclaimer: these are NOT made by me. I found all of them online.

Commence SPAM! Sorry, but I won’t put these under a cut. Cos Shinhwa is too preshyuussss.









Oh Seunggi..

I’m being lazy of actually writing something. But man, sometimes when I watch 1 Night 2 Days, it feels like Lee Seunggi is JUST begging to be screencapped! Sometimes his fashion sense is WAY off the grid, sometimes his hair is just wrong, sometimes he’s being too cute, there are just a lot of reason. In general, he’s always pretty and lickable, heh.

I love it when he dresses simply. I think sometimes he (or his stylists) is trying to be fashion forward and goes too far with their fashionable concept. He’s had some episodes where his clothes just make me cringe. They’re often so mismatched and ugly. I know he continues to be cute, but still, dress better, dear lord!

Who Loves Meat?


This is so random. This was featured very briefly in last week’s episode of 1 Night 2 Days and I just got a chance to see it. This is to illustrate Kang Hodong’s hypothetical twitter post if he won against Lee Manki during their recent wrestling competition for 1N2D (KHD lost, btw). Just thought it was so funny, lol. The power of Twitter has really spread in Korea, huh? They don’t do parody of Cyworld anymore now. But anyways, I just thought it was so appropriate that they parodied Kang Hodong’s twitter account’s name with I Love Meat, lol, ahhh, Uncle Hodong, I lubbbb ya! Plus, look at him following “Meat” hahah.

Current Events, part 5

This week saw the premiere of the dramas Mary Stayed Out All Night and Secret Garden. Mary is apparently adapted from a manhwa of the same author as Full House, whereas Secret Garden is yet another drama written by Kim Eunsook, whose past dramas have been uber popular, like City Hall, On Air, and the Lovers series.

Personally, I am a fan of the Full House manhwa, in addition to the drama. I followed the manhwa when it first came out in my country and even after moving overseas, whenever I went back home, a trip to the local bookstore, dedicated for Full House manhwa, was a must. It’s not a particularly good manhwa, but for some reason I was just so into it.

Whereas, I remember totally hating on City Hall and On Air. I finished Lovers and loved it then, but after coming back down from the high, it was like ‘WTF was I thinking?’ I have a problem with how pretentious and stuck up her characters are (plus, why are they always RICH?!!) and how pliant the women tend to be in the presence of the men. It’s so insulting. But anyways, so those were my feelings going into the dramas, respectively.

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Go Soo in Elle Korea

Damn, I should do a Guy is Gorgeous spam series more often! I saw this pictures in soompi and just felt the need to post it. Go Soo did a photoshoot for Elle Korea and even though I don’t think it’s particularly groundbreaking, in terms of concept or fashion, Go Soo looks spexxxtacular in these pictures.

Go Soo is one of those actors whose projects I have never actually watched, but somehow I’ve always felt drawn too. Kind of like Chun Jungmyung actually, except that at least I finished and loved What’s Up Fox. But Go Soo, I’ve never finished ANY of his projects. I remember watching the first episodes of Green Rose and Marrying a Millionaire, but the first episode foray did not extend to the second. Will It Snow for Christmas also became too melodramatic for my taste, and I ended up dropping it halfway. But I don’t know, he’s just so attractive that I can’t help but pay attention to his news.

Anyways, after the disastrous Will it Snow for Christmas drama, has 2 new movies, one is Psychic with Kang Dongwon and the other is soon to come out next year, Battle of the Highlands with the forever awesome Shin Hagyun.

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Gong Yoo is SO Gorgeous

My first Korean crush is finally starting promotion on his new film Finding Kim Jongwook with actress Im Soojung. He had a press con for the movie and damn, I’m so glad to see Gong Yoo again. His activities after military service were limited to photoshoots and filming, I think, and other than this movie, I haven’t really heard anything from him.

I gotta say I’m really looking forward to Finding Kim Jongwook, not just because I haven’t watched a Gong Yoo project in a long time, but also because his costar is the fantastic Im Soojung. If these two actors decide on this project, I think it’s worth watching.

To be honest, the general premise of the movie is kinda recycled. But I want to see if they are going to try something new or if they’re just gonna stick to the cliches. Plus, the trailer looked really cute and the two leads seem to have great chemistry.

More cuteness:

Heroes Pimp Post

The SBS Good Sunday variety show Heroes continues to be criminally underrated.

Which is a total shame because this show is a true gem. This is undoubtedly my favourite variety show coming out of SBS. Not that I’ve seen everything, but this is my favourite from the ones I’ve seen.

And I’m FURIOUS! Fyuh Ree Yeuusshh, y’all!!

So I’m gonna dedicate this post specifically for Heroes screencaps of today’s episode. In simpler words, I’m gonna spam!

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