THE Leader is Back!!

OMG, you guys, I literally raced home for this!!

Move over, baby idols, THE original idol is coming back. Eric Moon aka Moon Junghyuk aka ET aka Shinhwa Leader is finally back to the public’s arms after 2 years of army service. This means PARTAYYYYY in the Shinhwa fandom world. FINALLY, one out of 5 of them currently in the army is actually back! Eric was released from the army earlier today Korea time and held a little fanmeeting as well as signing for the lucky fans (grrrr, lucky bitches!!) who were there.

FYEAHEricMun has a whole bunch of pictures of Eric’s glorious return. So does Nate.Com (where I got these from) and if you search up other Korean news agencies, you would see many pictures as well.

God, I still vividly remember the day 2 years ago when Eric first went to serve in the army. We cried buckets (okay, perhaps not), threw tantrum (not if you’re sane), but bottom line is we as fans were heartbroken (this part is true) cos not only did that mean Eric would have to be away for 2 years, but that also meant Shinhwa effectively went on hiatus as Eric was the first member to enter the army. Soon after, the others started serving as well, and currently, 4 out of 6 members (Shin Hyesung was exempted for knee injury) are serving in the army, due out in a year and two. Next up to expect is Kim Dongwan’s return sometime in November, I believe.

In the mean time, I am off to make new banner. I’m sorry, Kim Jaewook, but this is Eric’s day!

Video of his little interview has been uploaded. He’s so fucking purrrfect.


5 responses to “THE Leader is Back!!

  1. You need a Shinhwa pimp post of funny vids. I just watched Eric’s banana song and these guys, man, forerunners to everything.

  2. Welcome back Eric! Hmm, the first thing that I thought looking at the banner is… empty ring finger, lol. Promise me you won’t go ballistic when that day comes.

  3. oh why we didnt stalk him at his post before..^^
    u shud comeback here dit
    to stalk him hoho

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