Random News I’m Interested In

A little pimping. A new Yoo Ah In-centric blog has been opened under the name Yoo Ah In Preventorium. This, I hope will be a good source for people looking for a consolidated body of information, spazzes, and everything else with regards to Yoo. Plus, it’s a way to expose Yoo to international community, albeit smaller ones. At least we don’t need to go cross-eyed reading the blog, heh. Yours truly is one of the contributors over there, although seeing as I barely even update my own blog, I don’t know if I can be of help over there, lol.

So anyway, this was the HUGE K-Pop news yesterday, one that actually crashed All Kpop. Apparently Shinee Jonghyun (who I know almost nothing about) is dating actress Shin Sekyung, who played one of the dead ones in SITCOM High Kick Through the Roof (if you can’t tell, YES I’m still bitter -___-“). Furthermore, I read that Shin Sekyung was named as Jonghyun’s ideal type early on, before they started dating.

Well well well, according to a friend who knows more about the Shinee fandom, Jonghyun has quite the passionate fangirls. This ought to be interesting. I just read that their respective homepage crashed from too many traffic. I’m surprised actually that SM is peachy about this, as far as I know, they both don’t have a project together, so this can’t be a promotional stunt. Oh and fangirls, we better pay MORE attention to who celebs mention as their ideal types. Apparently, some of them are not lying, lol.

1 Night 2 Days production team has announced that it would finally recruit an additional member to fill the void left by MC Mong.

On one hand, a new face would balance out the current 5 member ratio for bokbulbok competitions and stuff. Plus, with Jongmin still half comatose (and heck, I WAS one of the super excited ones for his return), the show does need another member to be noisy and funny.

On the other, it’s disappointing that it seems like the decision to kick MC Mong out is pretty final. Even if he’s proven not guilty, can he even come back to the show? The show that he has contributed SO much. I’m not an MC Mong stan here, I still watch the show without him and I do like it. It was a good decision to let him off filming because we don’t need to see him being the quiet, odd one out and watch the rest of the members trying to make up for it. But gosh, this is MC Mong we’re talking about.

He was the one who coined the Variety Jungshin aka the Variety Mindset, the Sup Sup Hae/You’re Making Me Sad, Na Man Animyun Dwae/As Long As It’s Not Me, he was part of the Low Quality Pingpong Team, the Wild Monkey, THE Mong Janggeum for his great cooking skills. If I can be honest, MC Mong breathed the wild element into 1N2D and without him, they are just a bunch of funnymen traveling around the country, occasionally whining about not being fed. Kang Hodong is the glue, Lee Sugeun is the witty comedian, Eun Jiwon does the whining, Kim Jongmin acts as a backdrop, and Lee Seunggi is the poster boy. Think about it, nobody does misdemeanour and imopromptu mess as well as MC Mong. And that was one of the reasons 1N2D was so winning.

True, 1N2D can’t possibly let Mong on the show right now (public fury and all) but they are losing big if they don’t let him come back after his scandal is done.


5 responses to “Random News I’m Interested In

  1. New layout! The whiteness made my eyes *_* a little since I was so used to your darker one. But the banner! omg the banner! He really is cooler than waffles ❤

    "Oh and fangirls, we better pay MORE attention to who celebs mention as their ideal types. Apparently, some of them are not lying, lol." oh snap, does that mean HJ will make babies with Hyori instead of Hwangbo then? </3 …haha!

  2. LOL@the banner of the waffle prince. He’s surely more delicious than waffle. I LOVE his perverted expression when boys jump on or hug him in Antique. Can’t wait to see him in Mary Stay Out all Night.

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