More Sungkyunkwan Goodness

Still not getting any search for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so I’m gonna continue plugging the drama, hee hee hee. That’s obviously just an excuse to post all these pretty nices! Gifs were taken from Rxgoodleaf from soompi.

Song Joongki’s character complimenting the uhm..majorness of Park Minyoung’s penis, thus earning her the nickname Daemul, which can translate to Big Thing. Also, Song Joongki’s character’s nickname in the drama is Yeorim, which refers to girls’ pubic hair, illustrating his status as a certified skirt chaser. Kekeke, don’t you just love how blantant these guys are?

Yoo Ah-in’s character, Crazy horse aka Georoh aka Moon Jaeshin has a strange psychological reaction toward women. In the presence of women, he would start hiccupping non stop. The normally fierce and intense rebel is almost undefeatable with great skills in martial arts, archery, and general trouble making. But sweet little females are his horrors and weakness! Here, as he became more aware of Yoonhee’s true nature, his body also couldn’t help but assume their usual response!

Knowing this little habit about Moon Jaeshin, the ever curious all knowing Goo Yongha asks him how he ‘survived’ the night after sleeping in the same room with Park Minyoung’s Yoonhee. Although, in my opinion, that’s just half of his excuse to grope hottie Moon, lol.

And last, but not least, the budding romance! I really like this couple. I like how supportive they both are for each other. Their friendship and trust is strong and I believe that will make for an unbreakable foundation later in their life. Be it in romance or just in general relationship. That’s why I root so much for this couple. They’re one to look out for. This gif is courtesy of salasala also from soompi.


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