Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fangirl Spazz

Is currently my favourite drama!! Seriously, people, WATCH THIS RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

When I heard of this drama a few months ago, I only had misgivings. Touted as DBSK’s Micky Yoochun’s debut drama, I was ready to wave it off. Crossdressing, school romcom, supposed F4 of Joseon Times, poor female meets richy rich. As you go down the list, the drama seems to incorporate so many mainstream cliches. Plus, there’s also the Micky Yoochun part. Because you know, idols turned actors are not a pretty sight, usually. Especially with Yoochun playing such center character, this drama was bound to be a mess. Or so I thought.

True, the premise sounds really cliche-tastic on paper, but the detailed and subtle execution totally makes up for it. Sungkyunkwan Scandal strikes a chord for being well paced, fresh, and very exciting. It has managed to shun away the possible cliches the drama might be infected with. I love the straight forward, no nonsense approach with regards to the whole ‘girl in a guy school’ thing. It’s like the drama is telling us “Yes, yes, there’s a girl in a guy school, get over it. We need to delve deeper.” And that’s what they’ve been doing.

They delve deeper into personalities, giving each character a wide variety of tendencies and behaviours, which make them complex and so very human. All the important characters have such distinctive voices, also supported with fantastic acting, and that makes them very compelling for us viewers. They all have their own agenda, and in the process of achieving said agenda, these characters collide with each other, and consequently, motives do as well. With so many exciting characters, a one hour episode is jam packed with thrill. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re all SUCH eye candies ranging from different age level (from the rugged hottie Yoo Ah-in to the wise professor Ahn Naesang, from evil Jeon Taesoo to mysterious Kim Gabsoo).

I really appreciate the drama for…being more. Perhaps it was because of my initial thought that Sungkyunkwan Scandal would’ve been a total bubble gum superficial youth drama that it exceed my expectation. But really,  Sungkyunkwan Scandal surprises me for being thoughtful and profound. There’s something bigger than pure school/campus drama, or cinderella romance. The drama touches on political ideology, gender equality, rotten bureaucracy, hierarchical seniority, etc. And so far, I like what I see. Their view is idealistic and youthful, much like the drama itself. And I wonder how are all these stuff going to come together and how they will be solved. Or not solved.

This week marks the third week of its run with 6 episodes. Ratings have yet to reach double digits, and it’s such a travesty. People are missing such a gem here.

If you’re still thinking, this will make you run to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

*credit: lilcrash*


One response to “Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fangirl Spazz

  1. Yeah I agree that this drama is really good. Not just at the prettiness-factor (which I’m not complaining about) but also the plot is well written and fleshed out. The characters’ dynamics are so cute and entertaining, without being silly. I find Lee Sun Joon resembles Mr. Darcy-personalities-wise. Haha so it’s also my current obsession!

    And do I have to mention Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong-ki? They’re my “Yummy” “Moon” cakes.

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