Current Events, part 3

Finally watched the first two episodes of Playful Kiss. The first episode was pretty rough, in my opinion. Although the second episode was better, to my relief. The computer graphic looked kinda cheap, and I was surprised at how many of them in one episode. It was a little eyebrow-raising, given Hwang In Roi’s track record of capturing beautiful, and natural canvas in his dramas.  Yet, he even used a man made set for Oh Hani’s dad’s restaurant. Plus there were quite a bit of imaginary sequence, and I don’t think it was necessary to have all of those packed in one episode. On the bright side, I LOVE the scoring. It’s bright, fun, but creative.

With regards of acting, you can see that Kim Hyunjoong is still the biggest liability. He has improved and I gotta admit that in some scenes, he is okay, but the gaps between his acting and the rest of the actors’ are painfully obvious. He’s got posture problems and his eyes, no matter how he squints and glares, remain blank. At least now his facial expressions and his pronounciations are more natural and expressive. This is my theory only, but instead of the cool guy characters, he should be given a happy go lucky role, where he gets to be more active and unsubtle. I just think that would’ve been more interesting, a change of image for sure.

Jung Somin and Lee Taesung are fantastic. Lee Taesung must be having a ball, playing a character where the word ‘overacting’ would never apply. He’s hilarious and adorable. I think Jung Somin is quite literally carrying the drama. She is cute in her own right, very very charming. And I like that she gives a strong vibe to her character.

Playful Kiss’s start could’ve been better. I guess it’s designed to be one of those addictive rom coms. But to be honest, I don’t feel that rush. The excitement you feel after watching the last episode of the week, wishing that next week would come faster. It was fun, it was fine, but I wasn’t immediately hooked.

I’m starting to drag my feet to watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and it’s only the mid point. It’s just that despite the mystical back story, the whole gumiho business, all the inherent setups just seem familiar to me and it’s getting a little tiring to watch so many recycled stuff. There’s the sly bitch who used to be the object of main man’s affection. There are also the main man’s usual bouts of denial moments, brought by the ‘falling in love’ symptoms. There is a painful painful oh so painful past event that will contribute to the huge drama looming in the future, the drama which I’m SURE would be the source of a few uber depressing, woebegone episodes. I feel like I can predict the drama now, week by week.

The all too familiar patterns and the general weariness with those prevent me from connecting deeper with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. For example, My Girl and Fantasy Couple felt really personal to me because I really took to the storylines (despite how forced some of them can be), the characters, etc. Even the ones I didn’t quite as fancy like You’re Beautiful and Delightful Girl Chunhyang, in my memory, they still stood out among many other dramas I’ve watched. What I’m trying to say is that My Girlfriend is a Gumiho veering towards the ‘forgettable dramas’ path.

The good thing is that the Miho is different than other girls. She’s honest and forthcoming about her feelings, having none of the normal human emotional perceptions yet. So this might help steering the drama away from typical conflictsthat can arise. Plus, the comedy still works. I don’t think the drama is as laugh out loud funny as other Hong Sisters’ dramas, but a couple of times per episode I do still get a kick out of the humour, so that’s a good thing.

The SBS variety show Heroes continues to highlight my Sundays. I heard of rumours that the show is gonna be canceled soon and I’m dreading that. I hope that’s so not true. I’m growing to really like each and every member. At first Seo Inyoung rubbed me the wrong way, but after a while, she’s back to the Inyoung I like, We Got Married era. I thought T-ara’s Jiyeon was useless in the first episode, but now, despite the fact that she barely talks, she’s one of the most stood out members. She is quirky and quite adorable. The more I see, the more these members are making connections to the viewers. I’m glad that I was proven wrong for waving off some members just based on the first episode.

When the show first aired, I was concerned about the number of members on the show. 12 just seems so many, what’s the rest of them gonna do? But I think they’re finding the middle ground. A certain member will be a highlight this week, others would be next week. Though I think problems would really rise as we’re already seeing several members in constant spotlight week to week, thanks to their colourful on screen personalities, while others are chirping in the background. People like Kara’s Nicole, sometimes I forget she’s there.

I hope that Heroes doesn’t bank on its members only. They’ve got great human resources, but I’m already finding a certain elements and jokes of the show to be hammered in. The supposed Gahee/Inyoung feud have been going on since episode 1 and if the producers don’t rest on it, it’s gonna get tiring soon. Meat stealing has also become a frequent thing, I notice. Get your creative juices on, writers!!


2 responses to “Current Events, part 3

  1. Hiii…I kinda felt the same as you do about the MGIG drama…but people are saying otherwise, especially dramabeans, saying its a sweet and well done drama, and wished for it to air longer…I wonder why, maybe its because ive watched it with a mixed feelings of bias and too high of an expectations…I left everything up to my instinct on telling me if its a good drama..suprisingly, I really like PK 1st two episode..even though it have such a slow pace in the 1st 2 episodes, maybe its because ive not yet watched that many trendy drama yet, I even started to wonder what it would’ve been like when the role of gumiho were played by a different actress..maybe I dont quite like a big fan of LSG tho..well, I’m glad that the drama is doing well, ive been expecting it since the 1st time its production news came out, so I must watch, just wait for that one epic episode that would make my day, hahaha..okaaay, that’s that, im ready to move on…LOL, what am I doing this for…^o^

  2. I started watching MGIG simply because I am a big fan of LSG and got hooked to the drama from episode 1. Way to go MGIG ! I will probably suffer from withdrawal symptom when the drama ends next week (sigh……….).

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