Lettuce Love, part 5b

This recap comes in the heels of Hyunjoong changing management agency and possibly destroying the future of SS501. On top of that he managed to score a lead (which in my opinion is not deserving) in yet another bubblegum drama Playful Kiss So I probably would be pretty negative with the dude. However, it also comes right after pictures of said drama circulating about the internet and hell, dude is looking smokin’. So I’m gonna sprinkle that bit of positivity here.

Also, I’m sure, you’ve seen the hotass bikini photo of Hwangbo. THAT is the body I will dream about when I am running on the treadmill. As if Hwangbo wasn’t already so awesome.

Anyways, on to episode 19!

We start with Hwangbo waking her husband up. Which proves to be a daunting task! If you’ve seen other SS501 variety shows, then you’d know that waking up Hyunjoong can involve elaborate plans (including and not limited to lipsticks and noisy dogs) and yet he would still not wake up. Such is the sleeping god. Apparently sleeping god was playing games until late last night.

But Hwangbo is a picture of patience and she lets her hubby go back to sleep while she is preparing breakfast. And breakfast in Hwangbo’s dictionary is not just measly bread and jam, it consists of actual main dish with other side dishes and rice. Oh, how I love the asian breakfast!! She is cooking a Fried Chicken Soup (I had this before but it came out totally different than what she was making, so I don’t know what the real dish is like) with egg rolls and ham. As I haven’t eaten in hours, right now this sounds effectively heavenly.

She goes back to waking SS501 up. Hubby remains in bed so she opts to wake the two other members, Kyujong (luubbbbhhh) and Hyungjoon. They let her in on a secret. Hyunjoong is real ticklish. Thus, they teach her the most successful way to wake Hyunjoong up, by tickling him. Even though Hwangbo is nervous because tickling him would involve a more intimate body contact, she ends up doing it anyway. And finally, hubby wakes up. It’s about time anyway.

What follows is Hwangbo being tested if she is a worthy wife for Hyunjoong. First part of the test is to prove herself in the kitchen. And it is judged directly by the ever strict mother in law, Jungmin. She totally nailed it. Second part is to show her level of fun during breakfast. Hwangbo is in charge of providing entertainment, one of them being a live circus performance. LOL, I swear to god, Hwangbo’s level of commitment is something to be admired. Which non-comedian female celebrity would do this?

Then Hyunjoong and Hwangbo head out to the recording studio that SS501 is producing their japanese album. Today, Hyunjoong is going to record his parts and Hwangbo decides to tag along before she has to leave for Korea. Turns out, what Hyunjoong is doing right now is merely recording about 3 lines of rap for a beginning of a song (title escapes me at the moment). The lyrics go like: Let’s hug, let’s kiss, let’s melt into each other.

Earlier Hwangbo wonders if maybe she should do a little featuring since she is here anyway. And later on, Hyunjoong wonders the same thing. He explains that she can just do some background voices. All he needs is just a sexy sigh, which he demostrates, which makes the director turn her head around and look at him weird, lol.

They ask the director if that’s doable, just for recording. She is free to erase that after. So off to the recording booth Hwangbo is. And Hyunjoong becomes her director today. She is delegated the lyrics of: “Yeaahhhh, ahhh, and baby come on” hahaha.

The first try is disastrous, lol. Apparently, Hwangbo can’t do sexy voices easy.

Hyunjoong likes the second try, so much that he slips up and calls her ‘Yeobo’, which is an intimate way a married couple calls each other. I guess it’s akin to ‘Honey’, or perhaps more intimate because that little slip up actually made them uber embarrassed. It was adorable.

Hwangbo nails it on the third try and it actually sounds really good. I’ve heard the end product, and I actually think Hwangbo’s add on would’ve made the song a lot better, but that’s just me. Hyunjoong even asks one of the directors to burn it to a cd for him.

In the end, Hwangbo has to catch her plane for Korea. There is no big goodbye moment or anything shown, Hyunjoong just takes her out and sees her leaving.

I rarely recap any interview part cos I think interviews are merely talks. It is not to say that interviews are lies, but I notice the tendency, especially in the newer couples nowadays, that interviews can be used to magnify or justify something people do on screen. For example participants usually justify their lack of action or reaction on screen by saying that they feel really nervous inside but are too shy to express it. Sure, that might be true for some people, but I think we see enough of the show already to be able to tell if it is true or just a lot of crap.

However, in this episode, I was intrigued by Hwangbo’s last interview. Unlike her bright recounts earlier, she turns somber and reflective as she is explaining her feelings of her overall visit. I’m trying to understand what she was saying. Was it merely the ‘farewell effect’? Was it hinting that her trip to Japan had made the show too personal because she ended up thinking a lot about not just Hyunjoong, but also the rest of the group, after the visit ended? Or there’s the third alternative, was it simply talk? I don’t know. I can’t really tell with Hwangbo.


6 responses to “Lettuce Love, part 5b

  1. Geez! Get the fact straight would you! Don’t you read any news on SS501? Nobody destroys SS501!

    None of the five want to continue with DSP. All of them are agree to sign up with other company, and pursue their own careers for now, but still keep the group together for any future actitity. The rumor about Jungmin’s activity with TW company was surfaced way back in May, but not until now he confirmed it. KHJ was the first one to confirm his contract with other agency, and he got all the blames. That’s just absurd. All five of them keep telling the fans to trust in SS501 and support their individual activities. They’re doing what Shinhwa did back then.
    Don’t make a harsh conclusion based false rumor, and biased assumptions!

  2. Ignoring the stan, I think this is an awesome post. I love the lulz and you are making me feel all sorts of purplish. Damnit!

  3. @Linsey: I have two questions for you. One is how do you do it? I mean how did you get here so fast after barely posted the entry to defend your beloved HJ? Do you fans have like a forcefield concerning these things and can detect disturbances when something trigger it? I’m really agog with curiosity here.

    Secondly, do you not read her other entries? I think just about 3 entries below, documented her great love for HJ and Double S by her commitment to stalk, I mean to participate at their event which she waited 12 hours for…(and which I shall refrain from judging her) so really, I think we can consider her a fan here.

    @: the “yeobo” that was heard around the world and make us all loserfish purplies.

  4. Hello ditdut

    I discovered your blog just yesterday through my recent (1 month) jongboo’s fangirlism ^^

    I really enjoy your insight toward this show, referring to the profesionnal background and all… It’s quite refreshing and interesting.

    Even if it takes you years to do it, I wish that you could go through the end of this love serie.

    Untill then, where can I read your fanfictions about them please ?(I never done that before in my life, even when I was high on crack with some dramas lol)

    keep up the good work !

  5. Hi, was wondering if you know the title of the song they were recording in Japan? Been trying to find it but to no avail. Appreciate it if you could tell me 🙂 Thanks!

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