SBS Good Sunday Heroes

Straight up, this show is way more interesting than Running Man. But that’s only judgement based on 2 episodes. So anything can change.

Heroes is a new female concentrated variety show on SBS. They have a vast array of casts. 12 ladies and 2 guys as MC. The MCs are Lee Hwijae and Noh Hongchul. Whereas the members are: No Sayeon, Jung Gaeun, Shin Bongsun, Hong Sooah, Yoo Inna, IU,  and a whole bunch of Idols and Ex Idols: Jewelry’s Seo Inyoung, After School’s Gahee, Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha, T-Ara’s Jiyeon, Kara’s Nicole, and the earliest Idol: Finkl’s Lee Jin.

I still have no idea what is really the concept of Heroes. I think the show probably just follows the casts as they go somewhere and meet some people and do some games together. So far, there is no special precipe that the casts are required to do other than interacting with each other and the people they visit. From the first episode, the  12 girls are divided into two teams and compete with each other to claim basic necessity like food, chance of shower, etc. In short, it’s the SBS version of Invincible Youth of KBS.

The Pros:

You get to see both the familiar reality show personalities and the not so familiar ones. Much like Running Man, SBS has recruited some fresh faces like Yoo Inna and IU. They’re also brought back the ones we haven’t seen in a while like Lee Jin and Hong Sooah. But then there are the usual ones, like Shin Bongsun and Seo Inyoung. I really like how they have ladies from different age levels and personality angles. We’ve got the ultimate idol highschooler like T-Ara’s Jiyeon but then we’ve got the ultimate unni Noh Sayeon. There’s the girl who screams at bugs like Jung Gaeun, there’s also the tough athletic girl a la Park Gahee.

It’s interesting to see all these elements blend in. So far I think the camaraderie is being formed well. Many, if not all, of these ladies know each other off screen, but the degree of familiarity is sure different. The first two episodes we can immediately see which girls had been friends before and which ones are finding their ways. Plus it’s interesting to see what each ladies can bring in to the group and what kind of personalities each girls use to represent themselves.

This is why Korean variety shows can gain some really passionate fans. They approach viewers from the humanity side and let them access a more personal side of stars. The stars are probably assholes in real life, but through whatever way, if they can present themselves well, they will appeal to viewers anyway. If the stars are fun and unique, people will form attachment much stronger than just who’s the prettiest or the nicest.

Heroes, just like most reality show in Korea, is using the same tactics. What I find interesting is that I think they’ve got a potential to show NOT just the fun and happy part, but also some negative side of female friendships. As is usual with girls, we can get catty and jealous and horrible. With guys, there’s probably not much of that kind of drama. But with girls, THAT can be the delicious seasoning for the show. Especially with such a large cast (may I remind you, 12 girls! head to head!) and some pretty strong individuals, there’s bound to be some negative sentiment between one girl and the other.

BUT! I do NOT want some manufactured drama. It’s fun to see some tiny conflicts, but when they get blown out, it would just become tiring and fake. Get catty on screen, but resolve your issues off screen, please!

The cons:

Already, with the big casts, I see some girls blending in the background. So far, those are Narsha and Nicole. I’ve seen Narsha on other shows, and she’s really entertaining but I wonder why she’s a little bland here. And Nicole just isn’t standing out at all. Would’ve been better if they got Gyuri instead. She would present yet another different age level and image. Plus, wonder if she will be able to fit in with her “Princess Complex” image.

In the first two episodes, the girls were divided into the Popular and the Not Popular team. I hope they mix it up in the future so we can see everyone interacting, not just within their group.

Also, I notice that some segments are boring and I ended up fast forwarding through some scenes. The games need to be more quick paced. For example, the rolling/guessing game was fun, but NOT when repeated 10 freaking times! The mud match was just plain dull. Was that supposed to be a more harmless version of girls’ pillow fights or something?

But the biggest con I have is that it’s got nothing to differentiate itself. Invincible Youth, Gold Miss is Coming, Infinite Girls, and the old school Heroine 5/6, they all revolve(d) around girls. I see Heroes relates closest to Infinite Girls, but a funnier version of it. However, I think Heroes needs to find its niche so it would not die out.

All in all, Heroes started out pretty strong and fun. I hope it can find its niche soon so it can be longer lasting, and higher rated, than previous SBS shows.


3 responses to “SBS Good Sunday Heroes

  1. Do you know if there’s sub for this? I want to watch this if only for Seo In Young . I miss her bitchy diva self ❤

    • I think there was a sub, but it was gonna be deleted after a week. Check the show’s thread, I think the YT channel is listed there.

      I dunno, I usually love SIY, but she rubbed me the wrong way in Heroes. She came off arrogant and irritating to me.

    • If you’re looking for eng subs, SNJEUNG.WORDPRESS.COM has them, but only for eps 1-5. She stopped subbing after that. ohwells better than nothing right!

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