Lettuce Love, part 5a

A bit late for the Ssangchu Anniversary, but oh well. Part 5 will cover episode 18 and 19.

Episode 18 starts with Hwang Buin going to Japan! OMO, is she going there to make sure hubby is behaving? Cos I know if I were her I would, having a hot hubby and all.

The whole moment Hwangbo is waiting in SS501’s apartment, I am getting nervous with her. I just want to fast forward to AFTER they meet because I’m afraid Hwangbo will be humiliated if Hyunjoong and the gang greet her with less than a warm welcome. Sure enough, their reaction is of surprised and confusion. Which is justifiable, but I do wish they would exercise their “variety show” reaction instead to make all of us happy. And I don’t think quips of “You’re wearing my slipper!” or “We got a stranger’s luggages” are necessary. When they realize Hwangbo only cleaned Hyunjoong’s room, they want her to clean theirs as well. What, you think she’s the maid? Sorry, SS boys, but you just lost a point for that.

But don’t worry, things get better. Hwangbo and Hyunjoong cook ramyun together and the first thing Hyunjoong says is “Why did you come?”. Err, okay, so I meant, things get worse before they get better. Another point lost for Hyunjoong.

But things really do get better. As the boys eat, they all start talking and they warm up to Hwangbo and vice versa. After lunch, they play a game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who does the dishes. This is one of the highlights of this episode. I think this is the point where we see both Hwangbo and Hyunjoong start showing their intense desire to win. When Hwangbo wins against Jungmin, who just won 2 games, they look genuinely thrilled at winning. The first real happy moment of the episode. Although Hwangbo eventually loses to Hyungjoon, I think this moment breaks the ice anyway.

After dishes, Hyunjoong and Hwangbo are talking and the former wonders why nobody says thank you for the meal. And the next thing you know he yells at the members and drags them back to the dining room to say thank you, lols. Okay, SS, I’m grudgingly releasing back half a point for you guys. This time it’s cute when the guys ask for her to make them another meal the next day. Alternatives range from Tonkatsu to Yangnyum Chicken (I vote for the latter, YUMMY!). Ahh, man, now I’m craving for some chicken now.

Time for a date! The first time this episode aired, I remember thinking that this, by far, was my favourite moment of the Ssangchu couple.

Hyunjoong comes out wearing a Winnie The Pooh costume, complete with the head, much to the amusement of Hwang Buin. She (and I) wonders what is wrong with him, stating that if he were to wear that, she would walk far away from him. Which prompts Hyunjoong to ask if he is embarrassing her (DUH!). Tho I think they can be embarrassing together seeing that they BOTH just started to dance. With the Pooh costume! In the middle of the dining room! LOLs.

I don’t even know why I’m surprised when Hyunjoong actually goes out with that costume. I remember before the episode aired, there were pictures of them dating floating in the internet, and I was like WTF seeing Hyunjoong with this wardrobe. I thought he lost a bet or something, hahah.

I LOVE LOVE this next part because this couple makes something as simple as going to the market fun.

Hwangbo and Hyunjoong visit what looks like a $1 Store and check out some of the weird stuff they have. They start playing around with afro wigs and taking pictures. Hwangbo finds a really pretty feather boa, which I wish she actualy bought! At some point, they both starts dancing. With afro wigs. In the middle of the store. LOLs, mental couple.

When they get home the SS501 prepares a small party for them, which in all honesty washes out some of their good intention because they basically call Hwangbo “Old Like an Aunt” like 2 minutes ago. Yeah, Hwangbo is like 85 or something.

To be fair, I think it’s very thoughtful to prepare a little welcoming party. From love cocktail to congratulation letter, it was a sweet thing to do. I just wish editing team would have been as thoughtful. They didn’t have to air the Aunt part. It was mostly to make the show funny. What could have been a really nice memory for Hwangbo is marred by that little thoughtless remark. And what could have been a really heartwarming scene for us viewers, just loses that impact that should have come from this sincere gesture.

I know I’m critical about Hyunjoong and SS501 in this episode, but I think it doesn’t hurt to be nice. On Hwangbo’s part. I remember a friend saying that she thinks Hwangbo is putting too much effort into this. I didn’t agree with her at the time, but I think I can see her point. Just like SS501 calling Hwangbo old is unnecessary, Hwangbo cleaning their dorm is too much. Not only it’s an invasion of privacy, but she also positions herself not as a wife of the oldest, but as a housekeeper. She should have stopped after cleaning the dining room. That was enough.

Having said that, I do admire Hwangbo’s courage to come all the way to Japan for the show. It’s just that we know she was faced with a lot of negative comments back then and if it is true that Hyunjoong really doesn’t know about her coming, then this is such a brave move on her part. She doesn’t know how Hyunjoong would react, how the rest of the group would react. It’s such a vulnerable position that I respect her for taking a plunge.

Lastly, Happy Anniversary Ssangchu couple!


8 responses to “Lettuce Love, part 5a

  1. OH-MOH SANGCHU COUPLE! I got to say that I love love love them so very much! Can’t believe that its been 2 years already. They’re my #1 absolute favourite couple on WGM.

    I always go to Youtube and scout for their videos/episodes if I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms of them. They make my day anyday.

    JoongBo forever! 🙂
    P.s thanks so much for posting this.

  2. how i miss this couple! thank u for ur post… it gave me great pleasure remembering this ep.. i think i might go and watch it again.. lol.

  3. Hi! I watched all of the Ssangchu eps on Youtube because of your recaps. Thank you for your wonderful Ssangchu posts. I agree that the constant mention of Hwangbo’s age is tiresome and unneccessary. She wasn’t even 30… BTW, did you by any chance watch The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry? It’s a really good drama and I felt they channeled some Ssangchu-ness in the main couple too. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

  4. Hi. My thanks for your updates on your Lettuce Love Series. Really enjoy reading it. Wish you can post more very quickly..hehehe. The Ssangchu Couple has gotten us fascinated at them and it’s been two years already..we’re still in love with them, right?. To The World!

  5. I think the whole concept or the IT thing with Ssangchu is the age factor hence the constant bringing it up by like everyone in the show and the constant harping on it. Which like you said pretty much sux for Hwangbo. At the same time though, I think it serves to highlight how great she is b/c she always react to it with humor and grace (at least on screen). And also, I think with it, we also see a revolution in their own relationship as HJ slowly stepped up to the plate and then the age was no longer a factor…for them at least.

    Oh man! Nostalgia, let me show you it!

  6. Dude, I agree with some of your points. I had so many moments where I got embarrassed for HB and my dislike of HJ peaked. But now that I think about it, I like it that he was blunt and asked instead of trying to fake it. I have a feeling that they knew she was going to come – their managers have to approve or whatnot, right? Meh, I don’t know. And yeah, going into his room and all was also err… to me. Because we’re so strict about her privacy here. But well.

    • Dude, after my mucho love in your blog, I can’t believe that was your first comment. Boo!

      • Dude, I’m a hopeless commenter. I will attempt to comment more often since I know you love (my) attention. 😉 I’m still jealous about you and Seunggi. Hmph.

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