Hot Potato Seesaw Concert

Undoubtedly the hottest news of Kim C this week is the fact that he’s leaving the show 1 Night 2 Days after 3 years to focus on his music and his career. This is a really brave decision considering that 1N2D is the hottest show at the moment and has been for a while now. Kim C himself has admitted that variety shows is rewarding financially and not only that, through the show, he and his band became more known to the public. Even if people don’t know Hot Potato, chances are they know Kim C, that quiet member on that famous show.

I did not hear any rumour of Kim C leaving which is why when I read the news, it was doubly shocking. The thing is, he is the one member whose appearance outside 1N2D is the rarest. With Kang Hodong, Eun Jiwon, MC Mong, Lee Sugeun, and Kim Jongmin, they all have at least one other show aside from 1N2D. And Lee Seunggi, dude is EVERYWHERE. But Kim C? Other than 1N2D (and previously Invincible Baseball), he comes out pretty much once in a blue moon, during promotion time. Currently, he is also doing a stage play called Sanai Watanabe, but most of us international fans are not privy to that.

All I kept thinking is how can we see Kim C in the future without this weekly dose of appearance? I realize that given Kim C’s reason of leaving is to further himself in music, this is a pretty selfish thought. But I’m sure many Kim C fans think that way. And to be critical here, I wonder, how would Hot Potato fare without the constant exposure of Kim C through the show? When Confession was first played in 1N2D, I read messages that asked who is the singer of that song. Without 1N2D as one medium of promotion, how will Hot Potato do?

Coincidentally, Hot Potato was having its Seesaw concert right this weekend. It seems like a good opportunity to hear confirmation from the person himself. But I wasn’t sure if he would even broach the subject. Plus, even if he did, there’s no guarantee I can understand. Language barrier sucks. And man, the first thing I saw when I got to the concert hall was a bouquet from the 1N2D team.

Anyways, the concert was held in Samsung Hall of Ehwa University. Compared to the venue LIG Arthall for the Indie Series concert, this is a bigger place. But still, by big I mean around 400-500 people. Too bad they didn’t give out the concert rundown like last time because I honestly can’t remember the order of the songs or even ALL the songs sung. The concert was packed and last time I checked tickets were sold out. What remains the same is the proportion of gender attending the concert. I can say, it was probably 90% female that Kim C actually singled out the few men in the audience to sing Confession.

The concert started around 6 with a little video from Seesaw MV and the band actually dressed up for the occasion! They all came out wearing suits. Even the mohawk drummer (always my favourite) put on a white ensemble which was mostly hidden behind his drum sets. He’s got an amazing energy, this guy.

If you’ve listened to Seesaw, you know that the majority of the album consists of instrumental numbers. And amazingly, they brought along a team of string players to cater to the sound. They even start with an instrumental, W Theme, if I’m not mistaken, with Go Bumjoon playing the melodies.

Because I can’t quite give chronological song performances, I’m just gonna put up the songs that I THINK were played.

In no particular order:

  • 4th album: (basically the first 6 songs in the album) 따르릉, 도마뱀 (Lizard), 비 눈물 (Rain Tears), 생각 (Thought), 수학이 좋다 (I Like Math), and 소라를 줍는 여정 (Journey to Pick up Shells).
  • Seesaw album: Seesaw Main Theme, W Theme, 고백 (Confession), 빈방 (Empty Room), and Seesaw.
  • 2nd album: 맛좀 봐라, *maybe* 풋사과 (Green Apple), 아이러니 (Irony), 잡담 (Gossip/Chat), 서울 기러기, Bless Me.
  • 3rd album: 봄바람 따라간 여인 (Lovers Who Follow the Spring Wind), 좌절금지 (Frustration is Forbidden), 청춘 (Youth).

Some of the highlight performances are:

  • Journey to Pick up Shells, simply because this is one of my favourite Hot Potato songs. This is the first singing song they played, which was a little baffling actually cause this is a somber and slower song, definitely not one to up your energy. But nevertheless, it started strong IMO because I just love this song, hehe.
  • Confession, I’m surprised at the amount of popularity this song manages to garner. It’s not SNSD popularity of course, but for such a low profile band, this is pretty huge. But it’s a fantastic song to start with! Audience sang along to Confession together and this is the moment that I stopped feeling bad about his exit from 1N2D because Kim C looked really happy. His love for music is obvious and if he leaves to do what he loves, then I’m glad.
  • Remember I said about the band wearing suits? Well, halfway the concert, Kim C took off his suit (in private, mind you) and changed to a little white Tee. The Tee he actually wore to the Indie Series concert (unless dude has multiple stocks of that Tee). So in the end, he performed in just Tee and pants, as per usual, lol.
  • To be honest, I couldn’t understand most of the talk time. Kim C did not specifically talk about 1N2D, but he did mention that he wants to always make music with Hot Potato and that they have a long way from here, or something like that. I wish I recorded this so someone can translate it.
  • It’s so funny to witness fangirlism in a Hot Potato concert. Yes, you read right, Mr Casanova’s got admirers. I was sitting next to 3 girls who were so…responsive, lol. When everyone else was clapping, these girls were clapping AND dancing in their seats. They were giggling when Kim C came out and when everyone started standing up (nearing the end), these girls were shakin it and jumpin up and down.
  • 맛좀 봐라 seems to be Hot Potato’s favourite Encore song because it gives Kim C a reason to get wild on stage, hahaha. Despite his gentle  image on 1N2D, I think Mong is right. Kim C’s the wildest of em all. Rocker dad and all.

This concert was a lot of fun. Kim C’s talk sessions really reflect himself. Singers usually keep the talks upbeat and full of encouragement. But Kim C’s talks are quiet, sometimes awkward, and retrospective because he really does take his time to think before speaking. The room would just fall silent as audience waits for Kim C to form his words.

And Kim C is bashful whenever someone yells out praises like ‘You’re so cool’ or ‘You’re so handsome’. But he doesn’t say thank you to those, but he would playfully reply with stuff like ‘You guys are such fools’. But the recent appearance of Hot Potato in Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook and the latest 1N2D episode prove otherwise because he basically concludes that he’s NOT bad looking at all, lols.

The atmosphere was so different than Indie Series concert. I heard that the Indie concert was sort of shoved in their way so I guess they were just performing because they had to. But in this concert, the energy felt so different. Kim C seemed to be wearing his happy pants (and I believe dude was chugging down beer on stage too, lols); he smiled a lot and engaged the audience more. I’m sorry for the choppy write up, and I can’t say any more than: It was an awesome show!!


4 responses to “Hot Potato Seesaw Concert

  1. haha… lucky u, getting to attend the concert! and thanks for sharing your experience.
    as for ur concerns about hot potato exposure after Kim C’s departure from 1n2d, i completely share them and i’ll miss his quiet presence. however, i am looking forward to what he’ll be able to show us music wise. ^^

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  3. Thank you for sharing your experience (as well as your analysis of Kim C and the band) with us! It makes me happy to know that there are others who have seen the wisdom and sincerity of Kim C.

  4. Thanx for the know for a band like Hot Potato its difficult to search some review for them unless its in korean..and lucky you can attend their concert! >.

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