Oh My Lady, Ending

This picture is I think what the drama is really all about.

I wrote what I wrote based on a misleading presumption that Oh My Lady is a 20 episode drama. And it was only several days ago that I realized it would end this week, which really took me by surprise. It’s hard to say where my presumption even came from. I guess it’s just the fact that the drama still has a lot of potential development, or the fact that the romance had been pretty much hanging in the air without resolution.

The ending was thus, pretty lackluster, from my standpoint.

Which is a little upsetting because I’d been enjoying the drama so much. But it is true that I place premium on a good ending, and I can’t deny that a lot of time, a bad ending leaves a bitter taste in my mouth despite a generally good run overall (example: Queen of Housewives, You’re Beautiful, etc). This is not to say that Oh My Lady’s ending was really terrible, but it could’ve been so much better.

Oh My Lady has been a really harmless drama. The characters are rational and brave, which by default prevent crazy dramatic conflicts from happening. Or at least solve them right away. And it has been enjoyable to watch something light and fluffy whose characters FOR ONCE don’t make your head pound in frustration. So yes, by K-Drama convention, Oh My Lady is pretty devoid of dramatic twists. Not much conflicts actually arised in the drama. But it is one drama that I enjoy every single episode without fail and if I, the kid with pathetic attention span, can enjoy it, that means it at least has considerable entertainment value.

But in the last 2 episodes, I felt that entertainment value only could not hold a drama. There has to be something in an ending that leaves you with a deep impression or that makes you remember it as a fond memory in the future. After watching episode 16, I was left without any strong feelings.

Usually, after a drama ends, I would either a)rewind and rewatch, b)lay in bed and think about it, c)feel depressed or d)curse to death. But this time, I just simply closed the window and went on to watch something else. That’s how flat the ending was.

After finding out that Oh My Lady would end this week, I didn’t expect any resolute romantic angle in the relationship of Kaehwa and Minwoo anymore. I didn’t mind the non-romance so much because like I said, the drama is mostly about Minwoo and his daughter Yeeun. Perhaps hints of feelings being reciprocated would be nice.

But otherwise, I’m good. Because my friend, that boat has sailed. It would really piss me off if they force anything romantic down our throat at the last minute when they have wasted 14 fricking episodes (or really, 8 episodes because Minwoo did drunk kiss Kaehwa in episode 6) with very little romantic development.

Oh, there HAS been romantic development during those 8 episodes, but it was mostly one sided on Minwoo’s part. Viewers barely got a sense that Kaehwa was at all interested in Minwoo. No, I don’t expect the mature lady to go all schoolgirl-type gooey over a little romantic gesture from a guy 7 years her junior, but writers, you NEED to show that she’s at least leaning towards him in THAT way. Subtlety only works when we can actually feel the undelying meaning behind it.

Thus, when Minwoo suddenly presented Kaehwa with a marriage proposal (OMG, K-Drama, will you stop with the whole idea that main couple MUST GET MARRIED in order to sail to the Happy Ever After Land?!), it threw us AND her out of the loop. In my head, I started accussing Minwoo for not wanting to experience the burden of being a single parent. And when Kaehwa actually responded in a manner OTHER THAN  ‘Where the fuck did this come from?’, I felt ridiculous for watching this drama.

The drama lost me officially when Kaehwa, someone who experienced failed marriage already, agreed to marry Minwoo in the same episodes!

I’m glad the couple got together, but a little rationality please! For a drama whose characters have always had windows of reason, this ending feels like an outlier. Good thing that the drama kept the fun, lighthearted tandem in place of pure dramatic romance, otherwise I would have rolled my eyes too much.

I’m fully aware that my misconceived notion regarding the drama’s number of episodes has probably made this opinion ten times more sour, but I can’t help expressing my disappointment here. But I think the fact that I left Oh My Lady quietly (no cursing involved, if you must know) is proof that the ending isn’t THAT bad. I just think that a little extension (18 would really be perfect) would have made the ending flow so much better.

On another issue, apparently Kim C is leaving 1 Night 2 Days. I can’t think about him leaving without wanting to cry. I’m all sorts of dramatic, but ARGH!


3 responses to “Oh My Lady, Ending

  1. thanks for the review!! i wasn’t as disappointed with the ending as you were though because i guess 1. i already knew that there were only 2 ep left to work with so i expected them to rush the romance part 2. this drama is the kind of drama that wraps up with a happy ending (or at least not a depressing one) for everybody 3. thus it was all within my expectations with additional unexpected cuteness.
    i have complained before about the lack of romantic development and that KH did not seem to see MW in a romantic way but oh well, i don’t care anymore how they made it since MW was totally winning this week. and really, who can refuse him when he’s being so cute and in love… i do wish they’d shown YeEun more cuz she’s this drama’s raison d’etre in my opinion. in conclusion, the ending did leave me wanting a bit more, but i was pleasantly surprised by how they did it considering the time crunch and was left quite satisfied. Altho i do have a soft spot for OML, it will not be my fav drama, hell, it’s not even a “good” drama, but whenever i will think of this unambitious but lighthearted drama, it will be of positive memories… which is guess is all what entertainment is about anyways.
    and choi si won had proven to me that the guy can sing when he tries.. Suju’s new MV is out!! and yeah, it’s sad that Kim C is leaving 1N2D…TT

    • Yeah, I think if I knew they only had 2 episodes left, my expectation wouldn’t have been so high. But still, what were they thinking, forcing what is worth 3-4 episodes into 1? I really hope that Chae Rim would pick something challenging for her next project. She hasn’t been hitting it since Dalja and her character was a bit useless in this drama. As for Choi Siwon, is it too much to ask him to just become an actor?

  2. At first, this drama wasn’t interesting at all for me.. argh..
    i was excited to watch this because of si won oppa..
    but when ep. 6 came, i started to think this drama might be a little interesting.. and then, the unfortunate thing happened.. my dvd got stucked.. and it was broken.. and i haven’t even watched ep. 7 at that time.. grr..
    that’s why, i ended up reading reviews of the ending part.. (how pitiful of me)

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