Oh My Lady, episode 7-14

I still can’t retract my statement that this is the IT drama for me at the moment. I’m enjoying Harvest Villa a lot and still following Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister.

The latter is trudging along. I’m finding myself with little motivation to watch Cinderella’s Sister after they killed off my favourite character. And I got pretty tired of watching the whole company acquisition scheming stuff. I still haven’t even watched episode 10 and today is already airing a new episode. I definitely will continue but that’s not the number 1 priority.

Oh My Lady is.

Again, OML isn’t an innovative drama nor is it very smart or funny or even romantic. But I find it terribly terribly refreshing because it is able to throw in a small scenes that are quirky and unusually funny. Plus, unlike any other drama, I actually FEEL excited about the upcoming Monday or Tuesday for a new episode and seriously count down the clock till I can watch it. I cannot say the same about the other dramas I’m watching.

The last 8 episodes get the plot going. Without me noticing, Minwoo (Choi Siwon) has come to accept his daughter and while I wouldn’t say he’s fully THERE yet, this is such a huge change from the earlier episodes. His change comes so gradually (perhaps my favourite part of the drama) that I cannot even remember when was it that he changed his standpoint against his daughter from an Oppa (same generation older brother) to an Appa (obviously a father).

I also love the fact that despite the plot progression, the drama doesn’t forget about Minwoo’s own progression with his play. They keep us updated by showing little scenes of Minwoo improving his dance routine, his line delivery, etc. Through this, not only do we see Minwoo’s determination with work, but we also see him growing up.

It’s hard to deny that one of the biggest draws (if not the biggest?) of this drama is Choi Siwon. He doesn’t pull the best acting or anything, but he is so charming in his delivery of Sung Minwoo that you just root for him. And I need to mention that dude is making lots of funny faces. Sometimes I think he needs to tone that down because it does start to get a little cartoonish, but his funny faces seriously make a lot of great moments in the drama. This one below is only one of the MANY examples.

Altough, I’m sad to say that Gyehwa (Chae Rim) is probably the one with the least character development. The thing is, she was a pretty established character from the start that it’s hard to think where else she would go and can go. Perhaps the only evolvement that Gyehwa went through is that she’s developed a stronger self assertion (sans the bitterness from earlier episodes) against her husband, which indicates that she’s finally moved on for the better. I wanted to see her succeed professionally and the drama is giving this a nod here and there by showing that like Minwoo, Gyehwa is exerting extra effort for her job now.

With regards to Shijoon (Lee Hyunwoo)/Jungah (Moon Junghee) marital woes, I went from indifference to interest and now I think I’m back to indifference. This is simply because I’ve gotten bored. I seriously cannot get behind Lee Hyunwoo at all and fast forward most of his scenes. It doesn’t help that he and Chae Rim have almost zero chemistry (I got through Dalja’s Spring because the other characters are a LOT stronger) and many of his scenes are with her so I just tend to overlook that. He has more chemistry with Moon Junghee but still, she alone cannot carry the both of them. IF only they casted a stronger actor for his role, I would have probably been more excited and Minwoo would get a run for his money.

For some reason, I find the drama getting better the last 3 episodes or so. They seem to incorporate fresher material. One example would be Byunghak, Gyehwa’s ex. He’s gotten a lot more humane and sympathetic. And it’s so funny that the drama is making fun of Yura (Park Hanbyul) by showing how vain she is. It’s the little things like this that I really like from OML.

One thing I do have to wonder is the romance, or the lack of it. At times I even start to doubt myself whether there will be a romance at all in this drama. I still can’t even say for sure that Minwoo and Gyehwa will end up together because they really downplay the romance. If the romance is there, it’s stewing EVER so slowly. Which actually is fine by me. I voiced my concern that they will change Gyehwa’s appearance to suit a superstar’s love interest and I’m glad they don’t. Gyehwa continues in her ahjumma vein and I’m liking that.

At this point, I WOULD like a romance because Chae Rim and Choi Siwon have great chemistry with each other.


4 responses to “Oh My Lady, episode 7-14

  1. hey! thanks for the new post! I also like OML a lot, especially after the last 2 eps… the ending of 14 made me officially LOVE min woo. i agree that siwon is one of the biggest draws in this drama and he seriously surprised me. i liked him as an actor and singer before but i didnt think i would like him that much here. but what is more surprising for me is that the biggest draw for me was YeEun! that girl is SO cute.. lol. she has me totally fall for her.
    and yeah, i think that the romance part should get going because there’s only 2 ep left and the only hint of romance is MW’s jealous reactions.. GH still hasn’t shown anything past platonic affection (notwithstanding the kiss of course).
    see u next post! ^^

    • WAIT! there’s only 2 episodes left? I thought it would be a 20 episode drama. Then, should we wave romance goodbye? T___T

      • well, as far as I know, there’s only 2 eps left.. but i might be wrong if they decided to get an extension… i know personal preference/taste is considering that. and frankly, if I had to choose one of the two for an extension, i would choose OML cuz it’s still has a lot of room for development regarding GH/MW.

  2. Thanks for your post! It’s been a while since I’ve watched a Korean drama, and now, I’m very into Oh My Lady and waiting impatiently for every Monday and Tuesday. I’d have to say I’m very satisfied with Choi Siwon’s acting. I don’t think there will be very much romance happening in the next two episodes (if there is, it will be very rushed), but I would LOVE to see some happening because, as you said, Chae Rim and Siwon have great chemistry. Can’t wait for your next post!

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