In less than 48 hours, Cinderella’s Sister has managed to break my heart in pieces.

The goddamn show has killed my favourite character!! WHAT THE FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!


If we’re going by the old Cinderella’s story, the dear ol daddy does pass away. I have been fervently hoping that it would not happen and my heart was pounding a couple of episode ago when the drama gave us a warning that Goo Daesung isn’t in his best condition. But the fact that they actually kill him off is unforgivable.

I refuse to believe that I will not see the amazingly kindhearted Goo Daesung for the rest of the drama. And the fact that Kijoon is the one who ‘killed’ him has sealed his fate: I would hate him forever and ever and everrrr. Arghhh..

I wanna sleep and hope by the time I wake up, Cinderella’s Sister has invented a way to bring him to life.

You better deliver, Cinderella’s Sister. I have sacrificed my favourite character. If you turn out to be crap, you’ve got a hell to pay.


3 responses to “Heartbroken

  1. hey again! didn’t expect another post so soon! anyways, altho i’ve already watched ep9 (and 10 too!) i was still kinda shocked to see the “spoiler” as it still hasn’t sunk in yet…
    I’m still in shock for the past 24 hrs. I did expect his death from the beginning tho cuz it’s still cinderella’s story (altho brilliant legacy’s dad did survive ^^ but i didnt like him as much as goo daesung) and I was wondering when it would come but that didn’t lessen the sadness though. I have to say the MYG’s acting in the stair’s scene was stellar. goo daesung was definitely one of my fav character and I really wonder which direction the writers are going to make ki hoon go to?
    i know uve stopped PP but have you watched PT’s ep 10 ending yet? SQUEEEE.

    • LOL, I’m squealing right there with you!! But seriously tho, I was really tired of the same circle Gaein and Jinho put themselves in. Gaein is not exactly subtle, Jinho should have clocked her interest way back at least last episode. But drama convention forced us to wait for her big ol declaration before Jinho man up. Still, SQUEE!

  2. Oh no no no… they didn’t just kill my favorite character too!! ARRHHH~~

    I’m 4 episodes late, but yes this really sux. Sighs.

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