Verdict on Wednesday/Thursday Dramas

Cinderella Unni came out the winner. I still admit that there is something decidedly off about the drama itself, but because I can’t really place it and that it doesn’t bother me much, I can’t criticize it either. I am enjoying the drama LOTS and liking it just as much. So until that something actually sticks out, I’m gonna shut up and enjoy the ride.

One critics I can identify, however, is Chun Jungmyung. I find his character really bland (not to mention how cliche his background story is) and despite how delectable he continues to be, it’s hard for me to connect to him and thus to root for him and Eunjo, played by Moon Geunyoung. And it might be just me or he’s losing his touch? What’s up with his expressions, or lack thereof? I know he’s there to steal our hearts and yes, I still go all pig squeal whenever he’s on screen, but his acting is starting to bother me. It’s like he cannot emote and thus he resorts to furrowing his eyebrows and glare every 15 minutes. We’ve already passed 8 episodes. Let’s hope his first role after military doesn’t go to waste.

On the other hand, I am LOVING Kim Gabsoo and heck, even Ok Taecyeon. My favourite male in the entire drama would definitely be Kim Gabsoo’s Goo Daesung. Inherently, I think this dude is a wimp. And if played by other actor, the wimpy quality would probably get overstated. But Kim Gabsoo plays him with such a grace and dignity that his character becomes like a fountain of unconditional love. Taecyeon, let’s not mistake him for possessing awesome acting skills or anything, but Jongwoo is seriously cute. I have such a soft spot for the young Jongwoo that I vowed to trash Taecyeon if he doesn’t do him justice. But Taecyeon so far, delivers. I have no other words than: HE’S SO ADORABLEEEEEEE!

Prosecutor Princess and Personal Taste are really…interesting.

I find Prosecutor Princess, the 7 episodes I’ve seen, a pretty good drama, especially since I have a soft spot for writer, who also wrote Brilliant Legacy. And I seriously love Kim Soyeon as Ma Hyeri. But I’m finding out that just loving one character or actror, despite the person being the main one, is not enough to stick to the drama. It’s hard to watch a drama when you LOVE one aspect, but HATE the rest.

I hate the male characters because most (if not all) of them are assholes. The only one I tend to like is Ma Hyeri’s half bald boss. Others go from ridiculously boring (Han Jungsoo’s Sejoon), annoying (Yoo Gun’s character), totalitarian (Ma Hyeri’s dad) to fake, greasy, and smarmy (ALLLLLLL Park Shihoo’s Inwoo, omfg I hate this dude). What was at first merely an eyeroll inducing has become an intense dislike for most of the characters.

The one thing I hate the most is the heavy patriarchal idea infused in the drama. It’s like in order for Ma Hyeri to become a successful person, she needs to be saved by her knight in shining armor. There were so many instances in those 7 episodes that made me grit my teeth in irritation. If in the end Ma Hyeri ends up with no one or that she becomes successful on her own right (without chauvinistic help from the men in her life), then I will revisit this drama, but otherwise, PASS!

Personal Taste is quite the opposite. I hated the first 2 episodes and even now as I’m watching episode 9, I still don’t like it. But there is something that keeps me tuning in. It’s not that I’m addicted to it or anything and I cannot really pinpoint what it is that keeps me is coming back, but I am, from week to week.

Personal Taste is a pretty awful drama. There, I threw that in the air. It’s somewhere near City Hall and My Fair Lady, but without the air of arrogance of MFL and loudness of CH. It’s a terrible drama, but one that is inoffensive. The only thing I find truly offensive is how they reveal the fact that one character is actually gay. But subsequently, I like how they’re handling this character. I roll my eyes numerous times in one episode, but I take none of these things to the heart and thus feel barely any annoyance. I guess it’s also the fact that I don’t even take this drama seriously.

A couple of aspects that Personal Taste has over Prosecutor Princess are: the respective sidekicks of Jinho and Gaein are FANTASTIC and second, Son Yejin and Lee Minho have great chemistry. Not a fan of Lee Minho’s Jinho but I’m warming up to him because Son Yejin’s Gaein is. I’m a little bummed that they’re entering the familiar k-drama territory of ‘love in denial’ stage, but just as with everything else Personal Taste, I just shrug my shoulders and watch on.

It’s an interesting experience for me because I tend to leave a drama pretty quickly if I don’t think it’s good enough for my eyes. But with Personal Taste, I enjoy the mindless fun nonetheless. So, verdict is I’m tuning in.


6 responses to “Verdict on Wednesday/Thursday Dramas

  1. hihi… this is one of those rare cases where I will disagree with you. lol. Well, I do agree that CU/CS is one hell of a good drama and with everything you said about it. and yeah, Jungwoo is cute! and I may not feel as badly as you do for personal taste but I do get what you mean… the drama fails to grab me to the heart and ur right, it does remind me of how i felt about MFL, altho it is growing on me and the gay character does not bother me. and ur right, the sidekicks are awesome and hilarious!
    and yeah, you’ve guessed.. lol. where i tend to disagree with you is PP. lol. i love kim so yeon AND most other characters as well. and I really like PSH in it so far. he might be a stalker but im hoping it’s for a good reason. i’ll find out soon enough i hope. it’s a bit a shame that you’re dropping it but oh well, u still have 2 other dramas to follow. anyways, thnx for the post. it’s always interesting to read another point of view.

  2. Each to its own each to its own..haha..

    Altho PP’s still my fav out of the slots, it’s starting to get draggier and draggier. More IW/PSH doesn’t harm, but I need to know his story! If they give us 2 more episodes of IW brooding, I’d go berserk!

    I dropped PT, CU on hold… and BOTR is my current addiction. hehe.. Very very old-school K-drama plot device, but the actors are fantastic!

    • omg, BOTR?? are you serious?? I admit to writing that off based on preview. Should it be given a second glance, you think??

      v: hehe, to each his own. I really tried to like it and I do think it’s better than PT, but watching PP is not good for my blood pressure, hehe..

      • SERIOUS haha. I never expected myself to like it too. It’s really VERY VERY cliche. Imagine all the typical K-drama plot devices.. they’re all in it!

        Lee Shi Young’s a total revelation here. So crazy!

        Ermm.. I wouldn’t go as far to recommend BOTR to people because it’s not great nor amazing. If you really cannot stand elements done all over and over again, it’s better to pass. But if you want JHW cuteness or cute romance, you may want to try it out. hehe..

  3. I’ve recently come across your blog while on Yahoo. I must admit what you’re doing here is really brilliant. Though your posts maybe too wordy sometimes, but I’ll still read it cause they are pretty good, how should I put it – Perspectives, on things.

    I’ll have to disagree with you about Personal Taste. I think the cast is doing a wonderful job. This drama is definitely something new and I guess not all of us will appeal to it. But there’s always 2 sides to a coin, and I think we will all come in favor of the drama sooner or later. Somehow, watching PT it brought back memories of ‘1st shop of Coffee Prince’, where they tackle to unconventional issue of liking someone of the same sex.

    I think Lee Min Ho has come a long way since his ‘Boys before flowers’ day. And I simply adore Son Ye Jin’s character Park Gae In. However, the drama has some downsides which is rather obvious a viewers of PT.

    I would just like to commend on such a fabulous critic blog you have here. Looking forward to much more posts from you. Thanks. ^_^

    • Oh wow, I’m not worthy of such comment! I was actually wondering if you are commenting on the right blog or not, hehe. Thanks a lot for visiting!

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