Midterm Musing: Between the Iljimaes and the Potatoes

Ender’s Girl from The Little Dorama Girl is one helluva fantastic writer. She mostly does J-Doramas but sometimes she delves in K-Dramas as well. The following is a 3 Part Comparison Essays (so yes, it’s long, but its awesomeness tranverses beyond words!) between the dramas: Iljimae and Return of Iljimae. And it is a MUST MUST MUST READ!!

Drama Smackdown: Iljimae (SBS, 2008) vs. Return of Iljimae (MBC, 2009) PART 1:: PART 2:: PART 3

I have never seen Lee Junki’s SBS Iljimae in its entirety. I remember watching the first episode a long long time ago and caught in a few scenes in the exceeding episodes. But I didn’t watch enough to be able to make judgement whether I liked the drama or not or whether it is a good one or not. I have always heard people liking Iljimae more and that’s obvious because the viewers rating was a lot better than Return of Iljimae. I did have a desire to watch it after finishing RoI just to see what the fuss was about, plus I was fresh off from watching Brilliant Legacy and was curious about Han Hyojoo. Alas, I never got around to do it. Interestingly, Lee Seunggi was supposed to be the title role in Return of Iljimae, hehe. If he had been, then who would have been the Hwan to Han Hyojoo’s Eunsung??? I’m curious. And I sidetracked.

But anyways, I have always been curious about how these two dramas fare against each other. I’m a huge fan of Return of Iljimae so the fact that most comments I’ve seen have preferred Iljimae more than Return of Iljimae makes me feel that maybe I’ve missed something great by not watching Iljimae. However, no one has ever really made an earnest effort to pit these two dramas and compare and contrast them in detailed writing so I’m not sure. But voila, Ender’s Girl did exactly just that. I’m so saving her essays for future read. They’re THAT awesome.


Away from that, I went to see yet more Hot Potato in action yesterday. Because I was disappointed that I couldn’t even get one single shot from the Indie Series Concert, I seriously took an overwhelming amount of pictures from the public performance yesterday. When I got home, I had about 70 pictures from the performance and when I shaved them, I ended up with about 40 pictures.

The performance was a pretty short performance, merely around 40 minutes. They only sang about 8 songs including encore songs. The performance was set in Insadong on a Sunday afternoon. Insadong is a popular tourist neighbourhood so I guess by default, there would have been many people. But the weather wasn’t the best yesterday, it was cloudy and at some point, it started raining as well. In the end tho the performance went well and I enjoyed it a lot.

I brought a couple of friends who barely know Hot Potato and the fact that they loved the performance made me proud for the band. The first thing they said after the performance was how great of a singer Kim C is and that they really liked the performed songs. Anyways, some pictures:

The rest are in Photobucket Album


7 responses to “Midterm Musing: Between the Iljimaes and the Potatoes

  1. Didut! Thanks for pimping my posts, this was so wonderfully unexpected! Hehe, I don’t think I deserve even half those compliments, but I’m thrilled nonetheless that you liked the Iljimae Smackdown that much. (yay!) ^O^,

    ZOMG Lee Seung-gi was almost cast as Iljimae in ROI?????? No way!!! (Does. not. compute. Does. not. compute.) Wouldn’t have worked, not pretty enough lol XDDDD

  2. Should really get to ROI one day.

    Well at least you didn’t watch Iljimae for Han Hyo Joo. I thought she was horrible in it, and had ZERO chemistry with Lee Jun Ki. Park Shi Hoo (who happens to be my current guy obsession in Prosecutor Princess) was also bland and one-dimensional in it.

    The only thing that kept me going was the storyline (tho a lot of people criticized it) and the fact that it was WAY BETTER than Hong Gil Dong.

    • I caught Han Hyojoo in Dong Yi very briefly last night and it ocurrs to me she’s pretty much playing the same character all her career, huh. At least she looks lovely doing it, I suppose.

      I really wish I can get on board with you on PSH lovin. But I just get weirdly icky whenever he (and HJS) show up. I would be content to have Ma Hyeri the entire drama.

      And OMG, Park Jungah hair envy!!

  3. don’t know where to put this comment – but since joongbo’s anniversary is coming up, would you pls update your analysis of the rest of wgm’s epis ?

  4. thanks for the post! i will check it out.. well, some people disliked iljimae and some dislike return of iljimae. for me, i love (yes, love) both. although if i have to choose one to keep rewatching, it would be return of iljimae, simply because it has more subtance. iljimae was entertaining and with eyecandy and actually good pacing for most parts but like dramabeans put it, it’s like comparing painter of the wind with hong gil dong. anyways, i don’t dislike han hyo joo. i rather liked her in brilliant legacy. and i have crushes park shi hoo (yum seo stalker, i mean lawyer), lee jun ki… and IL JUNG WOO saranghae!!

  5. Go study. 😛

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