War of Premieres

I’m down with a bit of cold and found an excuse to skip classes to “rest”. And thus, this is the result of my “resting”.

I haven’t been able to decide  what the bottom line is for me after watching the 3 dramas, Cinderella’s Sister, Personal Taste, and Prosecuter Princess. The 3 dramas are quite good, but it’s interesting that none of them (the first episodes) made me fall in love with the drama instantly. I have a current ranking, but I don’t have a particular one to root for.

Of course, first episode is not a sure sign whether a drama will be good or even whether you will like the drama and stick to it till the end. I’ve watched up to episode 12, 19, or even 26 before deciding that the drama is not worth my time. But I’ve also waved off some awesome dramas (eg: 9 Ends 2 Outs and I Love You) because the first episode didn’t hold my interest. That’s why, I do think that First Episode is essential in laying out the foundation and help viewers decide if they’re turning on their TV for the next one or not.

The good thing tho is that none of them had me in boredom. That’s a plus.

In the order of watching:

Cinderella’s Sister took a while for me to register. What with language barrier and everything, I couldn’t understand the storyline at first. It wasn’t until halfway through that my confusions were cleared but even now I’m still hazy on some details. But one thing I’m sure of from Cinderella’s Sister is HOW HOT WAS KIM GABSOO AND LEE MISOOK???

I know I should fangirl over Chun Jungmyung, but instead I was transfixed on Kim Gabsoo and Lee Misook. Whoah, awesome chemistry there. The sexual tension was portrayed really well, I love that look on Kim Gabsoo’s face the moment he saw Lee Misook in his beloved wife’s clothes. It’s clouding his judgement but he was so entranced to notice. He looked like he was afraid to blink or breathe. I find it unbelievable that they decide to live together after only a couple of days at most, but damn, their exchanges in this episode were so sexy.

The other actors deliver as well. Seo Woo can be a little too much, but she is undeniably cute. One minute I wanted to shut her up, the next I was grinning because she was so adorable. Moon Geunyoung is intense, man. I really enjoyed the portrayal of her inner conflicts. The scene on the train where she was contemplating to abandon her mother to the thugs had me on the edge of my seat. She has hatred for her mother, but does it rule over her innate love for her? That was a short, but totally memorable scene.

I’m hopeful that Chun Jungmyung will be given more dimensions. He hasn’t appeared much, but the quality I could attribute to him so far is that he’s good, reliable, and cute. Not particularly exciting. So, I hope we will see his conflicts and flaws, not just him smiling and looking tasty. Also, I know I said Moon Geunyoung is intense, but I also hope that she will soften a bit. Her expressions, 80% of them, are of her piercing daggers with her eyes. The rest is disinterest and anger. I can understand, given her situations, but deep down, I wanna see some variety.

Cinderella’s Sister is currently the number 1 in ratings and in mypersonal ranking. I’m intrigued but I’ve got reservations as well as I heard the drama would go down the melodramatic road. The last time I tried to watch melodrama, I got pretty irritated and left even after two-thirds of the run.

Anticipation wise, Personal Taste is my most anticipated drama, out of the 3. Premise is promising and casting is yummy. But after watching the first episode, I felt a little underwhelmed.

Storywise, I find it hard to believe that a girl doesn’t have ANY inkling at all that one of her best friends (since high school!) and her boyfriend have been fooling around behind her back and are marrying each other. Doesn’t she help this “friend” with the invitations or SEE them? Wouldn’t she want to know the groom? From another perspective, I cannot believe this cheating boyfriend waited until the day before the wedding to tell her he was marrying her roomate instead. No matter how busy you are, um, isn’t that kind of important?

The childish testosterone war between Lee Minho and Kim Jisuk, I find to be…trite. Now, if instead of with Seullong, they are the ones misunderstood as lovers, that would’ve been much more exciting, ha!

Lee Minho and Son Yejin look great together. And now that we’ve established the misunderstanding, I really can’t wait to see their ‘girlfriends’ interactions. Or Lee Minho acting the part of a gay guy. Acting wise, love love love Son Yejin who is good natured but pretty silly. I felt embarrassed for her that she was thinking of being proposed when she was actually getting dumped. On Lee Minho, I think he’s holding his own. I thought his character was going to be a happy-go-lucky (gay) guy nextdoor kind of type.  And in all honesty, I was more interested then cause now he’s becoming a more typical Kdrama hero. But oh well.

The highlight of this episode is Seullong in all his boxer glory, drunk and wailing.

It’s really too bad that other than Kim Soyeon and her mom, I didn’t find any other compelling characters in Prosecutor Princess. I’ve never liked Park Shihoo and while it’s still very early in the game, I was pretty much indifferent over him. Han Jungsoo is a more tragic case. I was so excited to see THE General Choi, but his character is so flat here. He’s hot and everything, but I don’t think I will be emotionally attached to this character. Which means, I’m also indifferent. The guys are really trite characters, classic Kdrama cool heroes with little to relate to and almost perfect.

It actually occurred to me that they should just do away with these two guys and the drama might actually be more interesting. It’s not the romance that drew me in, it’s the character development of Ma Hyeri. I’m fine without the 2 love interests.

But Prosecutor Princess is my second favourite. I felt that out of the 3, I had the most fun out of my one hour with this one. The first episode was cute, funny, and quick paced. Like I said, I really enjoyed Kim Soyeon’s antics as Ma Hyeri. From paying $7000 for a pair of shoes to going to the office in a pink mini skirt, she’s obviously the star of the drama and it’s well deserved.

I am well aware that one character only, albeit the main one, cannot hold up the entire drama. So I’m hoping that the 2 love interests will be injected with more spirit and depth. Otherwise, it will get old easily.


3 responses to “War of Premieres

  1. Hear hear deeta! I actually felt the same way as you did for Cinderella Unnie. Haven’t seen the other 2 yet, but you’re absolutely spot on about Kim Gap Soo and Lee Mi Seok in CU. They had the best scenes and best acting in the first eppie.

    So agree with you on MGY, SW and CJM. MGY’s a great actress, but I found her glaring and piercing expressions a lil bit too much sometimes. I know she’s supposed to be very reclusive and such, but to me it was too overbearing. And SW, she’s cute and cries BEAUTIFULLY, but again, too much of her cutesy acting there.. turned me off quite a bit. But my biggest disappointment was CJM’s character… I actually felt NOTHING for him!?! Save for his endearing smiles?

    I read that EP 2 got better.. hopefully it WILL indeed get better?

    If you want something really quirky and interesting, you can try Harvest Villa. I watched Ep1-2, and loving it so far =)

    • I’m enjoying Harvest Villa lots! The only catch is that it reminds me too much of Evasive Inquiry Agency, using the same song doesn’t help either. But I really lovewhat I’ve seen so far.

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