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In less than 48 hours, Cinderella’s Sister has managed to break my heart in pieces.

The goddamn show has killed my favourite character!! WHAT THE FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!


If we’re going by the old Cinderella’s story, the dear ol daddy does pass away. I have been fervently hoping that it would not happen and my heart was pounding a couple of episode ago when the drama gave us a warning that Goo Daesung isn’t in his best condition. But the fact that they actually kill him off is unforgivable.

I refuse to believe that I will not see the amazingly kindhearted Goo Daesung for the rest of the drama. And the fact that Kijoon is the one who ‘killed’ him has sealed his fate: I would hate him forever and ever and everrrr. Arghhh..

I wanna sleep and hope by the time I wake up, Cinderella’s Sister has invented a way to bring him to life.

You better deliver, Cinderella’s Sister. I have sacrificed my favourite character. If you turn out to be crap, you’ve got a hell to pay.


Verdict on Wednesday/Thursday Dramas

Cinderella Unni came out the winner. I still admit that there is something decidedly off about the drama itself, but because I can’t really place it and that it doesn’t bother me much, I can’t criticize it either. I am enjoying the drama LOTS and liking it just as much. So until that something actually sticks out, I’m gonna shut up and enjoy the ride.

One critics I can identify, however, is Chun Jungmyung. I find his character really bland (not to mention how cliche his background story is) and despite how delectable he continues to be, it’s hard for me to connect to him and thus to root for him and Eunjo, played by Moon Geunyoung. And it might be just me or he’s losing his touch? What’s up with his expressions, or lack thereof? I know he’s there to steal our hearts and yes, I still go all pig squeal whenever he’s on screen, but his acting is starting to bother me. It’s like he cannot emote and thus he resorts to furrowing his eyebrows and glare every 15 minutes. We’ve already passed 8 episodes. Let’s hope his first role after military doesn’t go to waste.

On the other hand, I am LOVING Kim Gabsoo and heck, even Ok Taecyeon. My favourite male in the entire drama would definitely be Kim Gabsoo’s Goo Daesung. Inherently, I think this dude is a wimp. And if played by other actor, the wimpy quality would probably get overstated. But Kim Gabsoo plays him with such a grace and dignity that his character becomes like a fountain of unconditional love. Taecyeon, let’s not mistake him for possessing awesome acting skills or anything, but Jongwoo is seriously cute. I have such a soft spot for the young Jongwoo that I vowed to trash Taecyeon if he doesn’t do him justice. But Taecyeon so far, delivers. I have no other words than: HE’S SO ADORABLEEEEEEE!

Prosecutor Princess and Personal Taste are really…interesting.

I find Prosecutor Princess, the 7 episodes I’ve seen, a pretty good drama, especially since I have a soft spot for writer, who also wrote Brilliant Legacy. And I seriously love Kim Soyeon as Ma Hyeri. But I’m finding out that just loving one character or actror, despite the person being the main one, is not enough to stick to the drama. It’s hard to watch a drama when you LOVE one aspect, but HATE the rest.

I hate the male characters because most (if not all) of them are assholes. The only one I tend to like is Ma Hyeri’s half bald boss. Others go from ridiculously boring (Han Jungsoo’s Sejoon), annoying (Yoo Gun’s character), totalitarian (Ma Hyeri’s dad) to fake, greasy, and smarmy (ALLLLLLL Park Shihoo’s Inwoo, omfg I hate this dude). What was at first merely an eyeroll inducing has become an intense dislike for most of the characters.

The one thing I hate the most is the heavy patriarchal idea infused in the drama. It’s like in order for Ma Hyeri to become a successful person, she needs to be saved by her knight in shining armor. There were so many instances in those 7 episodes that made me grit my teeth in irritation. If in the end Ma Hyeri ends up with no one or that she becomes successful on her own right (without chauvinistic help from the men in her life), then I will revisit this drama, but otherwise, PASS!

Personal Taste is quite the opposite. I hated the first 2 episodes and even now as I’m watching episode 9, I still don’t like it. But there is something that keeps me tuning in. It’s not that I’m addicted to it or anything and I cannot really pinpoint what it is that keeps me is coming back, but I am, from week to week.

Personal Taste is a pretty awful drama. There, I threw that in the air. It’s somewhere near City Hall and My Fair Lady, but without the air of arrogance of MFL and loudness of CH. It’s a terrible drama, but one that is inoffensive. The only thing I find truly offensive is how they reveal the fact that one character is actually gay. But subsequently, I like how they’re handling this character. I roll my eyes numerous times in one episode, but I take none of these things to the heart and thus feel barely any annoyance. I guess it’s also the fact that I don’t even take this drama seriously.

A couple of aspects that Personal Taste has over Prosecutor Princess are: the respective sidekicks of Jinho and Gaein are FANTASTIC and second, Son Yejin and Lee Minho have great chemistry. Not a fan of Lee Minho’s Jinho but I’m warming up to him because Son Yejin’s Gaein is. I’m a little bummed that they’re entering the familiar k-drama territory of ‘love in denial’ stage, but just as with everything else Personal Taste, I just shrug my shoulders and watch on.

It’s an interesting experience for me because I tend to leave a drama pretty quickly if I don’t think it’s good enough for my eyes. But with Personal Taste, I enjoy the mindless fun nonetheless. So, verdict is I’m tuning in.

Midterm Musing: Between the Iljimaes and the Potatoes

Ender’s Girl from The Little Dorama Girl is one helluva fantastic writer. She mostly does J-Doramas but sometimes she delves in K-Dramas as well. The following is a 3 Part Comparison Essays (so yes, it’s long, but its awesomeness tranverses beyond words!) between the dramas: Iljimae and Return of Iljimae. And it is a MUST MUST MUST READ!!

Drama Smackdown: Iljimae (SBS, 2008) vs. Return of Iljimae (MBC, 2009) PART 1:: PART 2:: PART 3

I have never seen Lee Junki’s SBS Iljimae in its entirety. I remember watching the first episode a long long time ago and caught in a few scenes in the exceeding episodes. But I didn’t watch enough to be able to make judgement whether I liked the drama or not or whether it is a good one or not. I have always heard people liking Iljimae more and that’s obvious because the viewers rating was a lot better than Return of Iljimae. I did have a desire to watch it after finishing RoI just to see what the fuss was about, plus I was fresh off from watching Brilliant Legacy and was curious about Han Hyojoo. Alas, I never got around to do it. Interestingly, Lee Seunggi was supposed to be the title role in Return of Iljimae, hehe. If he had been, then who would have been the Hwan to Han Hyojoo’s Eunsung??? I’m curious. And I sidetracked.

But anyways, I have always been curious about how these two dramas fare against each other. I’m a huge fan of Return of Iljimae so the fact that most comments I’ve seen have preferred Iljimae more than Return of Iljimae makes me feel that maybe I’ve missed something great by not watching Iljimae. However, no one has ever really made an earnest effort to pit these two dramas and compare and contrast them in detailed writing so I’m not sure. But voila, Ender’s Girl did exactly just that. I’m so saving her essays for future read. They’re THAT awesome.


Away from that, I went to see yet more Hot Potato in action yesterday. Because I was disappointed that I couldn’t even get one single shot from the Indie Series Concert, I seriously took an overwhelming amount of pictures from the public performance yesterday. When I got home, I had about 70 pictures from the performance and when I shaved them, I ended up with about 40 pictures.

The performance was a pretty short performance, merely around 40 minutes. They only sang about 8 songs including encore songs. The performance was set in Insadong on a Sunday afternoon. Insadong is a popular tourist neighbourhood so I guess by default, there would have been many people. But the weather wasn’t the best yesterday, it was cloudy and at some point, it started raining as well. In the end tho the performance went well and I enjoyed it a lot.

I brought a couple of friends who barely know Hot Potato and the fact that they loved the performance made me proud for the band. The first thing they said after the performance was how great of a singer Kim C is and that they really liked the performed songs. Anyways, some pictures:

The rest are in Photobucket Album

Suicidal Industry?

Here’s something interesting: Park Jinhee: “40% of Actors Considered Suicide”

Four out of every 10 actors here have been suffering from depression and have had suicidal urges from time to time, according to a degree paper by actress Park Jinhee, Tuesday.

About 20 percent have actually purchased toxic agents or “devices” for suicide, she revealed, claiming that the extreme stress to stay attractive and to remain in the limelight drives them to mental instability and leads them to make drastic choices.

For her masters degree paper for Yonsei University, “Studies on Depression and Suicidal Urges Among Actors”, Park, who has played leading roles in numerous movies and TV dramas, interviewed 260 actors last year with incomes ranging from 10 million won-per-episode to less than 1 million won a month.

She found that 40 percent were suffering from depression.

Respondents were quoted as saying, “I am sick of being alive. I want to die” and “I want to commit suicide and have often thought about going through with it”. About 20 percent of them actually bought pills or other harmful devices to kill themselves and another 20 percent said that they have confessed to others about their urges.

Park said most of these symptoms derive from their “unstable status” in life. They thought their employment status was too rocky and that their talents weren’t received well enough by the public and industry insiders.

The gap between the general public’s perception that entertainers “live flamboyant and happy lives” and their actual life being “not so glamorous” also caused them mental anguish.

They were often forced to hide their real characters or feelings from others to remain “likable” and some of them thought “having to stay young and blissful” was self-consuming.

Their stress index marked 53.12 out 100, which is higher than that of self-employed men at 48.12 and salaried workers, at 48.18.

Park’s report is expected to create a whirlwind in the showbiz world recently reeling from many celebrities committing suicide and the possible copycat syndrome among their fans.

Actresses Lee Eunjoo , Jeong-Da-bin, Choi Jinshil ; actor Choi Jin-young and pop singer Yuni are just some of the well-known celebrities who have taken their own lives of late.

After the suicide by the late actress Choi Jinshil in October 2008, the number of suicides jumped by 60 percent compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Korea.

“The numbers show that people, who seem to be in the middle of amiability, love and glamour, are some of the most lonesome and troubled”, Park said in the paper.

Although we have seen a number of celebrity suicides, I can’t help but still feel pretty disturbed from reading this article. Almost half of Korean actors are or have been, at some point in their life, so depressed that suicide seems like a viable alternative. And among those, some have even thought of it as far as actually buying the tool to kill themselves.

I’m sure the show biz everywhere is stressful, but there seems to be an added pressure of being a Korean celebrity?

Korea seems to be a highly appearance-oriented nation. I’ve read somewhere that Korean women, in average, applies 17-18 (cosmetic) products before going out. It is also a nation whose collective body weight is among the lowest yet Korea is among the highest consumer of diet pills. There’s a certain standard of beauty that most people follow. From V line face, big eyes, glowing fair skin, etc.

The struggle to be good looking, even among regular people, is higher than any culture I’ve seen and experienced before. I was talking to a friend in the age range of 18-19 and she was talking about plastic surgery like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Friends her age spent thousands of dollars to fix themselves up to get ready for the university life. Some only went for double lid surgery, some went to get the full package. Double lid eyes, higher nose, shaved cheek bones, fuller forehead, and of course shots of botox. Plastic surgeries apply to the male population as well, tho perhaps not as prevalent as in the female population. Of course, there can be no generalization here. NOT everyone in this Republic does surgeries, but it is undeniable that the statistics is higher in Korea.

If regular people apply to themselves a certain beauty standard, then I can only imagine what kind of pedestal do they put celebrities in.

One thing I’ve observed about Korea is that it’s a very “IN” society. Few celebrities seem to hold a lasting impact on the people. Others have to just count their luck that their projects are constantly a success, otherwise, public would soon forget about them. A simple example: shops would blare out a few distinctive songs OVER AND OVER AND OVER again for a few weeks. Then that’s it, you can’t hear those songs anymore. CNBlue’s I’m A Loner and Chuno’s OST were the shops favourite. If I roam the neighbourhood all day, I can probably hear those songs playing respectively at least 7 times. I guess that reflects the flaky interests of Korean public? And one of the main goals of celebrities is trying to catch these flaky interests and manage to keep them.

But anyways, I just wanted to share this. It was really interesting to read. I guess now Korea should have more institutions to help with mental depressions.

Hot Potato’s Indie Series Concert

Unfortunately no picture. At all.

Wish I can take pictures of Sir Casanova Milky Skin, but alas, it was really not possible for me.

I learned about the concert around late last month when I started fiddling around with Korean fan cafes. You would not believe how crushed I was when I learned the concert was sold out. Hot Potato is perhaps one of my favourites Korean musicians and whose song I have on constant repeat in my Ipod. I like all singer-members in 1 Night 2 Days, but music wise, I gravitate toward Kim C/Hot Potato’s music the most. So, a Hot Potato’s concert was on my list even before I got here.

I visited the ticketing website more than 10 times a day hoping that a seat might suddenly pop up out of cancellation. On a lucky midnight (my ticket even says the ordering time 00:35 lol), I saw about 15 seats opened up. I couldn’t care less if I was placed on the back of the 2nd floor seating, I just had to get a seat!

So imagine my euphoria when I saw there were empty seats on the front and 2nd row!! OMG, man, seriously, I thought I was gonna die from spazzing too much. So I picked a center seat on the 2nd row and couldn’t sleep that night because I was grinning ear to ear.

Learning from the mistakes I made when attending SS501 concert, I did my due dilligence before the concert. It’s true that I am more familiar with Hot Potato’s songs, but I still couldn’t recognize individual songs and put a title on them. So I got myself memorizing the titles of the songs and stuff. It’s so ironic that when I got to the concert, we were given the rundown of what songs the band would perform. LOL. So my Name That Hot Potato Songs game wasn’t necessary after all.

This concert serves as a complete contrast to the SS501 concert I attended before. Whereas Persona was held in a venue that seats probably 20,000 people, Hot Potato’s concert seats around 200 people. What a difference, huh? Upon entering the venue, I was actually struck at just how small it is. There was no stage, basically the band performed on the floor. There was no fence separating the artists and the audience. Sir Casanova Milky Skin was at most five meters away from my seat (I can vouch for his milky skin now). It was only slightly bigger than the venue of Jung Ilwoo’s Beautiful Sunday play. Persona was full of yelling fangirls, and even tho the overwhelming majority of Hot Potato’s audience was also female, the vocal expressions were definitely much much tamer.

But anyways, the concert started on time at 8. Kim C and Go Bumjoon came out decked in simple white T and jeans with sneakers. The rest of his bands (a young looking cutie who manned the keyboard, the drummer with mohawk and pink T, and electric guitarist with glasses) also came out similarly simple. Kim C was so awkward, man. When he came out, we cheered, and it was so cute because Kim C literally went all bashful, lol, with that embarrassed grin. He was stuttering about something before starting on the first song, 풋사과 (Green Apple?) out of their 2nd album, New Turn (LOVE this album, btw!).

Can I just say, flawless vocal? Damn, Kim C live is something everyone’s gotta listen to. I would have preferred if they started with a more popular song, but it was a good warm up song.

The 2nd song was 도마뱀 (Lizard) from The journey of cultivating a potato field, 4th album. Great electric guitar piece here. And Kim C’s voice was so clear and dreamy, man..

Without stopping, the band launched into 봄바람 따라간 여인 (Lovers Who Follow the Spring Wind) from 3rd album, Yearly Diary. Love the husky element of vocal of this song. Another great electric guitar company.

If my memory serves me right, after this is a little intermezzo and talk time. Once again, say it with me, language barrier SUCKS! This is what I gathered. He talked about how they came to be one of the Indie Series Concert participant. He also stressed that Hot Potato is not an indie band and explained his reasonings. None of which I could understand. Sigh…

But anyways, the band’s 4th song is only one of the two songs out of their newest album Seesaw. The song is called 고백 (Confession). I have a hard time putting words to say about this song without butchering everything. It’s lovely, but it’s so much more than that. It moves your heart, it makes you smile, but it also strangely makes you feel blue. This was a great performance for a great song.

After Confession was 수학이 좋다 (Math is Good????) from 4th album. I swear to god, I specifically looked for the lyrics of this song to see what the song was about. LOL, I still don’t quite understand after running them through Google Translator.

The next song is one of my favourite Hot Potato songs, 소라를 줍는 여정 (Journey to Pick up Shells). There must be a deeper explanation behind this song, but the first thing that came to my mind was whether Kim C was documenting the hardship he went through to pick up ark shells in Beolgyo with the 1N2D crew? Nevertheless, I love this song a lot and this was the song I immediately looked for upon getting the rundown of the concert number.

After this was U-turn. Nothing eventful here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice song, but I would’ve preferred something more exciting like 몰라, 정말 몰라 (No Clue) or 빈방 (Empty Room). Next up is 잡담 (Gossip/Chat?). Again, a song I would have changed if I had a say. Both of these songs are from the 2nd album.

This next song is the song that introduced me to Hot Potato in the first place, 청춘 (Youth). Heard this when Kim C guested on the show Taxi and as they say about unforgettable first love, this song remains one of the most memorable songs. This song is basically only carried by Go Bumjoon’s bass, guitars, and Kim C’s vocal. A performance full of serenity.

The 10th song was the only one I wasn’t familiar with. It’s called 오늘 난 뭐했나 (What Did I Do) from their 1st album. Sir Casanova Milky Skin was SICK in this performance. He started with his trademark husky voice and then rose and rose and rose until it was an almost held-back scream and then he finished the song softly. I barely blinked, you could see the veins on Kim C’s neck standing up as his face got redder and redder. You don’t need fancy backdrop and fanservice, great singing and devotion to music is all you need.

Thankfully, after this song was a really relaxing song called 생각 (Thought) from 4th album. A good chunk of the songs performed are from the 4th album, which is great because I love that album.

Next up is the main song from the new album and shares the name with it, 시소 (Seesaw). The only thing I remember from this performance was the fact that Kim C didn’t have his guitar while he was singing and continued to move his arms around. Instead of focusing to the song, I wondered how pretty his hands were and how fair his skin was, hence the Milky Skin campaign here.

After this was a song everyone should know, 비 눈물 (Rain Tears). For some strange reason, the band, who was mostly quiet and serious the entire concert was full of smiles. I love the drummer with mohawk who was so expressive and looked like he had a helluva fun, which was great to see.

Following Rain Tears was 따르릉 (no idea what this means), the 1st song on the 4th album that’s uber catchy, and 좌절금지 (which means Frustration is Forbidden??) out of the 3rd album. These two songs were the climax of the concert before Hot Potato closed with a more low profile Bless Me from 2nd album.

And the concert was over.

But no, cause there’s ENCORE! The band came out for the obligatory encore with 맛좀 봐라 from 2nd album. Whereas Kim C had been mostly composed during the concert, he let loose with this song. He jumped up and down and twirled around that I got scaref he would get tripped off by the microphone’s cable. But Master Kim proved he’s a pro because he maneuvered his way around the cable nicely.

And why I focused on the cable is beyond me.


Kim C posted a few tweets prior to the concert, which he brought up during the concert. He made notes that he was still very nervous and awkward in front of strangers so even when doing performance like this, it was slightly uncomfortable for him to face the audience. Which is why he tweeted that everyone should have a glass or two (of that social lubrication known as alcohol) before the show so the show could be less awkward and more enjoyable. It was a great show nonetheless. I liked the small venue, you feel more emotionally involved in the performance.

The concert was a low profile event yet because it was so, it was really enjoyable. Plus, my killer seat was all sorts of wonderful.The only sucky thing is that there was so little chance to take pictures. Because the place was so small, the snippy ushers easily caught us and they would demand to see your pictures and delete them right away. Heck, they even interrogated a girl on the front row because she thought the girl had been taking pictures. And keep in mind that the band is barely 3 meters away from the front seat. Geez, woman!

Bae Doona, who starred in the movie Seesaw, came to see the show. And I believe there was a girl from Kim C’s team in the 2nd Viewer’s trip who came as well.

I was hoping to get an autograph or something and tried to loiter around the concert venue to catch the band. When I was on my way out, Kim C opened the exit door nearby, obviously on his way out as well, but upon seeing there were people, he went back in right away. A shame, I wanted to chase him down to sign my CD, but my lefty brain told me to get the hell home and finished the damn homework.

Hot Potato will be having a concert on May 15 and is performing on May 21st for the Greenplugged event. Awesomeness!!

Oh My Lady, episode 4-6

Alright, this is the IT drama for me right now. With the Wednesday/Thursday dramas yet to hanker my devotion, Oh My Lady is so far the winner. It might be dethroned in the couple of weeks to come when the other dramas catch up, but I’m really really liking this drama right now. This is the drama that I rewatch during the week and whose next episode I tend to anticipate the most.

Like I said before, Oh My Lady is nothing exceptional, nothing original. Basically nothing special. It’s got all the familiar (read: exhausted) elements of romantic comedy of this kind. There’s been a comparison with Last Scandal of My Life, which is justified because there are so many similar things shared between both dramas. Especially after today’s episode, the similarities keep popping up. But strangely, I don’t mind the similarities. Oh My Lady executes itself nicely and manages to not simply ‘copy’ the elements from other similarly themed dramas.

I also appreciate the little funny surprises here and there that keep things fresh. Like in episode 5, Yoon Gyehwa (Chae Rim) and Sung Minwoo (Choi Siwon) were in the car together and Gyehwa was upset over her husband’s ignorance toward their daughter. She was yelling and just royally pissed. Minwoo, who was a little startled, wisely kept his mouth shut. Gyehwa finished her rants and the next thing she said was to tell Minwoo to stop by the market because they were out of milk. It wasn’t hilarious ha ha per se, but it made me chuckle.

Then again in episode 6, Minwoo’s asshole of a manager stormed inside his house and created ruckus after finding out Minwoo had a child out of wedlock. This bastard is not a sympathetic character, as we have seen in the preceding 5 episodes. Today, his immediate instinct was to abandon the child alone somewhere, so we expected the worst when he was left alone in the house with the aforementioned child. But then we saw that this dude was also human when upon seeing the child, all he cared about was for the child not to cry. Just when I was about to rip his hair off, he became slightly more sympathetic.

The same thing with Park Hanbyul’s character Han Yoora who underwent just the slightest ‘improvement’. Yoora is a typical pretty girl know fully knows just how pretty she is. She fusses about the tiny hole in her stocking and tells people to buy a new right away for her. She’s pretty vain and despite Minwoo’s softer edges, they pretty much rival each other in narcissism. But for the first time, we saw Yoora in a funnier light. The reporter who had been trailing Minwoo got hold of Yoora and she was more than happy to tell him about her association with Minwoo, seemingly craving a little 15 minute-fame. She told him about the time Minwoo waited in front of her house for 5 or 6 hours and claiming how they were total soulmates. To the reporter who wanted dirty juicy details to make up a full blown scandal, this was pretty frustrating.

It’s the little things that make Oh My Lady endearing. The strength of Oh My Lady is in its witty dialogues and the small funny moments that make up the drama. Chae Rim nails the ahjumma character in the head. Likewise, Choi Siwon’s Sung Minwoo is a total hoot. They’ve got great chemistry and I feel a little guilty because I was so faithful of Dalja and Kang Taebong noona-dongsaeng love…

In Last Scandal of My Life, I thought the playfulness was taken too far, making the male character unrealistically childish. For someone who was supposed to be 38, mental age of 14 is really not good at all. And the fact that he only found out about his child late in the drama made his growth less credible. Oh My Lady moderates the playful factor. The banters are cute, but not overdone. The same with Minwoo’s immature traits, they’re there but Minwoo has more depth and other dimensions than just being childish.

And more importantly, the character development of Sung Minwoo revved up right away so we see him changing ever so gradually. He wasn’t a completely bad character to begin with, but he was selfish as hell. Now we’re starting to see flashes of compromises he makes in order to accomodate the new change (ie: kiddo) in his life.

Another thing I like is that there is a more equal footing between Gyehwa and Minwoo. He doesn’t serve as a knight in shining armour and likewise, Gyehwa isn’t Minwoo’s doormat. It bugs me to no end when the female character is shown as a receiver to the male character’s grandness and she makes changes according to his fashion. But I also don’t agree with the female character being the constant wisdom and sets as a law of the drama. It should be a give and take relationship. Everyone learns from each other.

Now, I feel Oh My Lady is in danger of having both. It’s like Yoon Gyehwa’s life might be a joke, but she’s everything right and she’s the giver, the ray of sunshine to everyone around her. In the other respect, because of their age difference, sometimes it feels like Gyehwa has to reposition herself in order to match with Sung Minwoo’s mental age. I might leave the drama if things escalate higher in the future, but just like the comedy and the banters, Oh My Lady does this in moderation and I see hopes that it will be a give and take relationship.

Gyehwa gives wisdom to the people around her but it is mostly through her failed marriage and her survival skills. She’s always had her own agenda (otherwise, how else can she pack her bag out of that hostel and shack up with one of the hottest stars in town??) and while she might be a good samaritan,  it’s not like she’s Mother Theresa. Plus, right now is also her chance to develop herself professionally. I want to see more of her on the job, developing a late career. I want to see her succeed on her own out of her own perseverance.

Gyehwa and Minwoo is a unique pairing. Gyehwa is not a cool and sophisticated ahjumma, she’s a nosy one and can be seriously embarrassing when she’s at it. She pokes her nose into other people’s business, laughes and clasp in a musical like there’s no tomorrow, and speaks like a tacky lady. Moon Junghee serves as a total comparison to her. So it’s interesting to see how the tacky ahjumma and the diva superstar can work their differences. I don’t want them to fully change Gyehwa to become cooler and more of a match for Minwoo like what they did in Last Scandal. I want them to keep their personality but prove that love really goes beyond superficialities.

The fact that Gyehwa often treats Minwoo like a kid also made me cast a doubt whether this pairing is feasible or not. I still don’t buy the ultimate romance, but I am pretty excited to see how they would handle this.

And because I like spoilers:

War of Premieres

I’m down with a bit of cold and found an excuse to skip classes to “rest”. And thus, this is the result of my “resting”.

I haven’t been able to decide  what the bottom line is for me after watching the 3 dramas, Cinderella’s Sister, Personal Taste, and Prosecuter Princess. The 3 dramas are quite good, but it’s interesting that none of them (the first episodes) made me fall in love with the drama instantly. I have a current ranking, but I don’t have a particular one to root for.

Of course, first episode is not a sure sign whether a drama will be good or even whether you will like the drama and stick to it till the end. I’ve watched up to episode 12, 19, or even 26 before deciding that the drama is not worth my time. But I’ve also waved off some awesome dramas (eg: 9 Ends 2 Outs and I Love You) because the first episode didn’t hold my interest. That’s why, I do think that First Episode is essential in laying out the foundation and help viewers decide if they’re turning on their TV for the next one or not.

The good thing tho is that none of them had me in boredom. That’s a plus.

In the order of watching:

Cinderella’s Sister took a while for me to register. What with language barrier and everything, I couldn’t understand the storyline at first. It wasn’t until halfway through that my confusions were cleared but even now I’m still hazy on some details. But one thing I’m sure of from Cinderella’s Sister is HOW HOT WAS KIM GABSOO AND LEE MISOOK???

I know I should fangirl over Chun Jungmyung, but instead I was transfixed on Kim Gabsoo and Lee Misook. Whoah, awesome chemistry there. The sexual tension was portrayed really well, I love that look on Kim Gabsoo’s face the moment he saw Lee Misook in his beloved wife’s clothes. It’s clouding his judgement but he was so entranced to notice. He looked like he was afraid to blink or breathe. I find it unbelievable that they decide to live together after only a couple of days at most, but damn, their exchanges in this episode were so sexy.

The other actors deliver as well. Seo Woo can be a little too much, but she is undeniably cute. One minute I wanted to shut her up, the next I was grinning because she was so adorable. Moon Geunyoung is intense, man. I really enjoyed the portrayal of her inner conflicts. The scene on the train where she was contemplating to abandon her mother to the thugs had me on the edge of my seat. She has hatred for her mother, but does it rule over her innate love for her? That was a short, but totally memorable scene.

I’m hopeful that Chun Jungmyung will be given more dimensions. He hasn’t appeared much, but the quality I could attribute to him so far is that he’s good, reliable, and cute. Not particularly exciting. So, I hope we will see his conflicts and flaws, not just him smiling and looking tasty. Also, I know I said Moon Geunyoung is intense, but I also hope that she will soften a bit. Her expressions, 80% of them, are of her piercing daggers with her eyes. The rest is disinterest and anger. I can understand, given her situations, but deep down, I wanna see some variety.

Cinderella’s Sister is currently the number 1 in ratings and in mypersonal ranking. I’m intrigued but I’ve got reservations as well as I heard the drama would go down the melodramatic road. The last time I tried to watch melodrama, I got pretty irritated and left even after two-thirds of the run.

Anticipation wise, Personal Taste is my most anticipated drama, out of the 3. Premise is promising and casting is yummy. But after watching the first episode, I felt a little underwhelmed.

Storywise, I find it hard to believe that a girl doesn’t have ANY inkling at all that one of her best friends (since high school!) and her boyfriend have been fooling around behind her back and are marrying each other. Doesn’t she help this “friend” with the invitations or SEE them? Wouldn’t she want to know the groom? From another perspective, I cannot believe this cheating boyfriend waited until the day before the wedding to tell her he was marrying her roomate instead. No matter how busy you are, um, isn’t that kind of important?

The childish testosterone war between Lee Minho and Kim Jisuk, I find to be…trite. Now, if instead of with Seullong, they are the ones misunderstood as lovers, that would’ve been much more exciting, ha!

Lee Minho and Son Yejin look great together. And now that we’ve established the misunderstanding, I really can’t wait to see their ‘girlfriends’ interactions. Or Lee Minho acting the part of a gay guy. Acting wise, love love love Son Yejin who is good natured but pretty silly. I felt embarrassed for her that she was thinking of being proposed when she was actually getting dumped. On Lee Minho, I think he’s holding his own. I thought his character was going to be a happy-go-lucky (gay) guy nextdoor kind of type.  And in all honesty, I was more interested then cause now he’s becoming a more typical Kdrama hero. But oh well.

The highlight of this episode is Seullong in all his boxer glory, drunk and wailing.

It’s really too bad that other than Kim Soyeon and her mom, I didn’t find any other compelling characters in Prosecutor Princess. I’ve never liked Park Shihoo and while it’s still very early in the game, I was pretty much indifferent over him. Han Jungsoo is a more tragic case. I was so excited to see THE General Choi, but his character is so flat here. He’s hot and everything, but I don’t think I will be emotionally attached to this character. Which means, I’m also indifferent. The guys are really trite characters, classic Kdrama cool heroes with little to relate to and almost perfect.

It actually occurred to me that they should just do away with these two guys and the drama might actually be more interesting. It’s not the romance that drew me in, it’s the character development of Ma Hyeri. I’m fine without the 2 love interests.

But Prosecutor Princess is my second favourite. I felt that out of the 3, I had the most fun out of my one hour with this one. The first episode was cute, funny, and quick paced. Like I said, I really enjoyed Kim Soyeon’s antics as Ma Hyeri. From paying $7000 for a pair of shoes to going to the office in a pink mini skirt, she’s obviously the star of the drama and it’s well deserved.

I am well aware that one character only, albeit the main one, cannot hold up the entire drama. So I’m hoping that the 2 love interests will be injected with more spirit and depth. Otherwise, it will get old easily.