Oh! My Lady, episode 1-3

Time for one of those First Impression posts!

My interest for Oh My Lady wasn’t that high. In the horizon, we were expecting a war between 3 dramas, Cinderella’s Unnie (I’m in!), Prosecuter Princess (IN!), Personal Taste (So in!). Cinderella’s Unnie features probably the best casting ever in the history of dramas. Prosecutor Princess has the awesome awesome Kim Soyeon playing a thick skinned ditz. And Personal Taste has Lee Minho and Son Yejin. In my head, I was wondering: HOW SHALT THOU CHOOSE?????

The answer is that no, you DON’T choose. You WATCH everything.

As you can see, this makes for very busy Wednesday/Thursday nights and overall week. On top of it, I still have to finish Chuno and Tamra the Island. Not to mention that I’m also following the sitcom More Charming by the Day. One might wonder how one person can juggle her love for dramas and her obligation as a student? You do lots of procrastination is how you do it.

Even though I admit that I MIGHT not even stick to all these dramas till the end, I have no time to think about even adding another one. That is, until I saw the preview of Oh My Lady.

The preview was nothing exciting. The plot and overall setup are not original or fresh. Noona Love? Check. Hottie Ex-girlfriend? Check. Cool Professional Rival? Check. Yes, it’s a check on all of these and more. But for some reason, the preview drew me. And no, it’s not the Choi Siwon’s Killer Abs factor (which they see fit to flaunt every single episode). But I found that I loved the dynamic between Chae Rim and Choi Siwon.

It also helps that these two people have not headed any dramas I’ve watched in a while. The last time I saw Chae Rim was when I went back in time and watched All About Eve sometime last year. And while I did catch Choi Siwon in Legend of Hyangdan, it was a long time ago and I didn’t even finish the drama. So, watching feels a lot of fun! It’s fun discovering that Choi Siwon is not a bad actor, and it’s fun finally watching Chae Rim again.

What I like so far: Chae Rim, Choi Siwon, Moon Junghee, and Uber Cutie Kim Yoobin.

The last 2 dramas of Chae Rim went unfinished. I thought Powerful Opponent was so boring and heck I fear for the life of the President of Korea if his bodyguards are that childish. Good Job, Good Job also didn’t hold my interest. But now it seems like Chae Rim is back in business. Although it’s kinda sad that 3 out of 4 of her latest works ALL has her as either an Ahjumma or an Older Woman Love Interest. Heck, she’s only 31. This is when she should be blossoming and playing more and more challenging role. But oh well, she IS entertaining and she does have a knack for comedy.

I only know Choi Siwon as one of the many members of Super Junior. At this moment, it’s not clear if his career as a singer is bright or not, but it’s clear that he should definitely do more acting. He’s not breathtakingly good yet, but he’s also not as bad as some other singer turned actor. I remember in a variety show that out of all Shinhwa members (see how Shinhwa creeps in just like that?), Choi Siwon looks up to Eric for his acting career. And even though I think Eric’s acting is still better as of now, I actually think Choi Siwon is more natural than Eric. His mannerism is so much more natural. Like Eric, he also has a good comic timing. I do think he has a tendency to overdo his ‘Frustrated’ and ‘Forlorn’ acting, but that kind of ease would be earned as we go along, I suppose. Also, forgive me, Elfs, but Choi Siwon really has a greasy look going for him. But I love that he utilizes it to the fullest in this drama to portray the greasy Sung Minwoo and it’s hilarious.

As for Moon Junghee, who I think is so due for a leading role, I’m loving her change of look. She’s scary and sexy at the same time, playing the dance instructor who is currently married but might have to kiss that marriage goodbye tomorrow as her hubby caught her cheating today. While I love her character, I’m not a fan of her storyline, which I will explain below.

And Kim Yoobin has got to be one of the cutest little kid in the whole world!!

What I don’t like so far: typicality, irrelevant branch story, Lee Hyunwoo, and Park Hanbyul sitting on the plane.

I remember watching Invincible Lee Pyungkang a few months ago and defending the drama by saying that despite the familiarity and typicality, I enjoyed the comedy and chemistry. But by episode 7, I was tired and jumped off board. I’m afraid the same thing will happen to Oh My Lady. I’ve seen the Younger Man/Older Woman romance numerous times. I’ve seen romance that comes out of Housekeeper/Master relations several times as well. This is crucial for Oh My Lady. The premise of the drama is pretty typical that if it cannot keep the dialogues and the interactions fresh, it will pretty much go down the drain.

Also, I mentioned about Moon Junghee’s character above. So she’s Lee Hyunwoo’s wife who got caught cheating in today’s episode. My criticism is: So What? It is so offtrack from the core story itself and it’s almost irrelevant. I feel like it is only relevant to the drama because it provides excuse for Lee Hyunwoo’s character to break free from his marriage and make connection with Chae Rim’s character over failed marriages and cheating spouses. If it is really the case, then I feel sorry for Moon Junghee who’s only there as a vehicle because she’s playing the cheating wife fantastically.

Lee Hyunwoo always makes me uncomfortable. Probably because he always looks uncomfortable himself. I’ve only seen him in 3 projects thus far and not once do I like his role or root for him to get the girl. It’s not like he’s scary and coldhearted, in fact he’s always pretty harmless but watching him is like watching the wall, so blank and flat. Plus, I don’t know why, but I barely see any chemistry between him and other actors.

Park Hanbyul hasn’t appeared much the last 3 episodes, but I wonder how long it takes from New York (yes, it’s new york AGAIN! I know there is a sizable Korean population there, but must every drama use NY?) to Korea?? She has been on the plane for all 3 episodes! I guess it’s believable and I understand this because the drama is set over a couple of days, but heck, I don’t need to see her sitting on the plane each episode. Will she sleep next? Order Vodka? Go the bathroom? Watch a movie? Oh, the curiosity!

But anyways, overall I’m enjoying the lighthearted vibe and the cute interactions. I have some reservation if the eventual romance between Choi Siwon and Chae Rim could be believable (as say, Oh Dalja and Kang Taebong??), but we will have to see for it to unfold first!

Oh and I so can’t wait for tomorrow when all 3 other dramas premiere!! Gawdness! So many dramas, which one should I pick first??


2 responses to “Oh! My Lady, episode 1-3

  1. The nuna-dongsaeng thing is really the trend nowadays huh? Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (which is a good fluffy drama with a successful nuna-dongsaeng pairing btwn Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee), this one and Personal Taste coming up.

    I’m so gonna exhaust myself out with all these dramas coming up. But I’m glad a lot of them are lighthearted stuff, because I seriously cannot take anymore depressing stuff (Chuno just ended and I’m still not emotionally over it yet T_T).

    On the other hand, looking forward to see you in the Prosecutor Princess thread! BL’s team-up there. And preview looked hilarious too, tho full of cliches..

    • I’m only up to ep 16, but I saw the last several minutes of Chuno’s ending. That was so heartbreaking, man. This drama totally change my perspective of Lee Jonghyuk and Oh Jiho. I already knew that Jang Hyuk was good, but found those 2 guys, LJH in particular, pretty wow-ing.

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