Bad News

It saddens me that I have to bring this into your line of vision. I couldn’t help it because this issue is quite urgent and has to be brought to the table. The pain is unbearable for me to bottle this up inside (dramatic, much?).

*picture taken from Lee Seunggi World*

But WTF is going on top of Lee Seunggi’s head? It looks like he’s got squid sitting and gliding around on top of his head. Or is it that he hasn’t shampooed for a week and sets the curling iron on the loose?? Or is he trying to ugly himself down for fear of the ahjummas trying to marry him off to their daughters?

I saw a picture of Seunggi in the Baeksang award, but that did not compare to what I’m seeing here. Now, Lee Seunggi is one of the Princes of my lil black heart, but that doesn’t mean that I will just sit back and stew over this madness in silence. What in the name of all things holy was he thinking?? Is this supposed to be the new look for the drama he’s preparing? If it is, then I will have to question the credibility of this drama’s costume director.

If you say that Hwan of Brilliant Legacy had similar birdnest hairdo, I beg to differ. Hwan at least looked hot, especially with that scowl on his face. But this, is pretty bad. He needs to modify this look a bit, or he will look like *gasp* Robert Pattinson. The horrors.


9 responses to “Bad News

  1. Oh honey, you haven’t get used to this by now?! Comes with the territory of being a LSG fangirl. It’s to test the boundaries of your love for him.

    Now if Gumiho has him driving a convertible, it would totally make sense, no?

  2. That’s still okay for me. If he pulls a G-Dragon, I’d be surprised. haha..

    But all for being a LSG fan-girl…

  3. buru2 ngasah golok buat ngejar hairstylist nya seunggi, wanna join me?
    PS: sorry onni, can’t help to write a comment in bahasa ^^

  4. Owen,,
    Sini gw bantuinn buatt gorok hair stylistnya seung gi…aduuhhh rambut buat drama barunya jangan dibuatt ancurr gt dong,,sarang burung lagi sarang burung lg…


    yes, dramatic. Much.

  6. I have that grudge to her cody for a long time.. I really hate her always messing up LSG’s look.. She’s been trying hard enough with LSG outfit why not settele for simple yet elegant looking outfit? Grrrr…

    • Agree. I wonder why she’s trying so hard when Seunggi looks good in simpler clothing. It’s not like Seunggi aspires to be a fashion leader..

  7. omg reading ur rant i was basically laughing like crazy…its seems his hair its kidda like medusa from the movie with Uma thurman don’t u agree with me? snakes all in his head?lolz….i think the hairstyle its 4 his new drama role…i cannot imagine !!!!

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