Highkick Through the Roof Ends

(The two 86-ers of Highkick)

So Highkick Through the Roof ended on Friday. And it’s a contender for one of the suckiest sitcom endings EVER. Korea should know how to make sitcoms that is funny and character oriented without having to resort to the melodramatics and sap.

Throughout the 125 episodes of Highkick, the sitcom has been a wonderful viewing. Tho characters are not necessarily the most realistic characters, but they are full of little quirks that they are believable in their own little world. There’s the well meaning but annoying son in law, there’s the little girl whose middle name is Bratty with capital B, there’s a boy on the gate of adulthood who is rebellious but is sweet at heart. All these characters were charming, even down to the supporting role like Inna the popstar wannabe or Gwangsoo the jobless sweetheart.

The stories have been really fun as well, helped by many cameos around here and there. From Yoon Jongshin, who stole Jungeum’s kiss in the most hilarious way, to Pierre Deporte as the delusional pastry chef who kept asking Sekyung out on a date. The cameos are not the biggest factor, but they do add a little spice here and there and let’s face it, it’s more fun to see familiar faces on the screen.

Basically, I just want to say that the last 6 months (or 5 for me) of watching Highkick were really wonderful times. I started out hating Haeri, who is played fantastically, but in the end, Haeri was probably one of my favourite character. She was selfish to no end, but pure and honest at heart. I watched the series for Hwang Jungeum and true she is still my favourite, but I grew to like other characters as well.

But the last 2 weeks, as the show was wrapping up its loose ends, it went down the typical route: Angst. A little background here. Jungeum the tutor and Jihoon the doctor have been secretely dating. Jungeum was tutoring Junhyuk under the lies that she’s a student of the prestigious SNU. When she confessed to Junhyuk’s mother, who’s also Jihoon’s older sister, she was naturally fired and earned herself an emotional buttkick. At the same time, her parents’ business went south and she was forced to not only fend for herself but also for her family by doing various oddjobs and part-timing. The peak of this was when Jungeum felt so pressured that she broke up with Jihoon.

On the other hand, Sekyung the housekeeper received news from her dad that they would immigrate out of the country soon. Hearing this, Junhyuk was crushed. Despite knowing that Sekyung liked Jihoon, Junhyuk told her sincerely how he felt but Sekyung was set on going.

This was basically the position of everyone before the ending. There are other stories, but in all honesty, fans are mostly flocking to how this love quadrangle would dealt in the end. At times there have been blurry lines, but there were always 2 couples that were clearer than the other variations. Junhyuk/Sekyung and Jihoon/Jungeum. So far, the built up pointed to this permutation.

Thus, imagine my fury when the PDs/Writers didn’t give me my most deserved happy ending. The ending was the kind of ending that is supposed to be beautiful, haunting, and an open ending where viewers are left to their own devices to conclude what happened. To me, the ending was nothing but a stupid ending.

The series basically ended with the implication that Jihoon and Sekyung died in a car accident with Sekyung on her way to the airport and Jihoon on his way to pursue Jungeum in her home city. But in the car, Jihoon and Sekyung died together. What? Because they can’t be together physically in this world, the production people think it’s clever to let them be together in the netherworld?

I swear to god, it’s bull-fucking-shit.

Not only the ending was so far out of anything we’ve seen until episode 125, it was also an ending that was there just to create sensation. Instead of a sitcom, HKTtR would do better to categorize itself as a Banjun, with unexpected and irrational ending. Who cares about continuity when you can gain high ratings from ridiculous twists??

Another beef of mine is that this is a SITCOM, for god’s sake. Last I checked, the COM stands for Comedy. I see barely any of that in the last 2 weeks of HKTtR and pretty much zero in the last episode. If you want to call yourself a Comedy, doesn’t that entail making people laugh? Making people happy? The only happiness I felt was that I was rid of this sitcom and am ready to forget about the godawful ending.

No, I don’t regret getting through 125 episodes, it was a great fun watching so many of the characters. So, Highkick Through the Roof was an enjoyable sitcom, OVERALL. But it will be remiss if I don’t say it out loud: The ending was shit!

Next up, I can’t wait to see Hwang Jungeum and Jung Boseok in Giant next! Hopefully 50 episodes won’t be a painful journey! And Jin Jihee must must must do something soon. She’s the cutest thing ever!

Watch the last episode: HERE

Otherwise, good night and thanks PDs/Writers for ruining the sitcom for me. Cheers!


21 responses to “Highkick Through the Roof Ends

  1. Now I know your where your adversity to SSK came from. Was it from this drama?

    Dun blame the writer for the sucky ending. Because apparently SSK was the one who suggested that her character die in the end. She said in an interview that she’d already imagined her character dying a few months before and only the PD agreed with her.

    I’m not watching the drama. But it’s on the news for sure. Poor writer.

    • I do think SSK is an talented young actress, but her character and the way she plays her character on the show annoys me so much that I’m confusing that boundary between acting and the actress herself. And the fact that she was the one to instill the idea of killing her own character only adds to my annoyance because it made for a very annoying ending.

      Notice how many times I’m using the word annoy-.

  2. i totally agree with you. i invested a of time getting to know these characters and caring for them and what happens to them. and, since this is still a korean show, i expected the ending to be a little sad such as sekyung really just leaving and not getting to be with juhyuk. HOWEVER, what they did by killing off sekyung and jihoon was so completely unnecessary and totally out of left field. when a show like this ends, it should either be with laughters, some bittersweet tears but not a “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” which is how it ended for me. when stuff like this happens, i want to unsee everything and get my time invested back, but i did enjoy the show immensely until this stupid episode. and what was jihoon’s last expression supposed to be about? was he really considering sekyung after all he went through with jungeum?! why even bother with building their relationship if only to tear it down within the last 10 minutes?! BAH!

  3. i didn’t love the ending but i didn’t hate it either. my only grievance with the ending was that the PD just allowed it to end rather suddenly without a follow-up episode to show viewers how the families coped with the loss of 2 major characters in the sitcom and of course, add a little comedy to finish off the last episode with bittersweet memories. though i did find Jung Eum and Jihoon an endearing couple, I wasn’t a great fan of their relationship. honestly, i would have loved SSK and Ji Hoon as a couple. if SSK had grown up like other teenagers, she wouldn’t have turned out to be the pitiful character she was. Despite everything, she was hardworking, brilliant, and very talented. She was quite charming in her own quiet way and I adored her.
    SSK would have complemented Jihoon very nicely; there fates were more intertwined than people had anticipated. if only she didn’t have her circumstances holding her back, if her life didn’t take a turn for the worse after her father found himself in trouble with the loan sharks when she was in middle school, forcing the family to take refuge in the mountains, SSK would have turned out beautifully. but that didn’t happen because that wasn’t her fate just like Jihoon and Jung Eum were not meant to be together in the long run.

    • re-watch Episode 92 of HKTTR to see why the PD allowed Ji hoon and Sekyung to die together. it’s not as if he did it on a whim and wanted to spite the viewers–there’s more symbolism attached to their deaths.

      HKTTR is still one of my favorites, I hope you can appreciate the ending just as much.

  4. OMFG i hated the ending. i agree that this sitcom was awesome until the last 2 weeks…it started dragging and getting boring…and then the friggen ending friggen killed me along with the characters who died. damn…i’m pissed. i hated the ending!

  5. I loved this sitcome so much until I was told about its sh***t ending so I gave up at ep 125 telling myself that JH would definitely bring JE back or JE would eventually come back to him. The big reason why I cant help but keep watching it until ep 125 is bcuz of JH and JE as they are the best couple ever. Even though their characters couldnt be realistic but when it comes to love and relationship, I think this sitcom does a good job at how their love story is processed. It was absolutely not love at the first sight but they, by accidentally or purposedly , develope thier feelings towards each others. I love every single scenes b/w them and espcially when they are making jokes and how JH cares for JE by his little doings. Again for more than 100 eps, the story is written in this direction of them getting fall in love deeper and deeper so how could it be possible for JH to fall for SK within the last ep? I never see him having any special feeling for her except feeling pitiful for her situation. U could say it is just bcuz he doesnt realize it until SK is about to leave but whatever reason is, it doesnt makesense. Even though he shows SK his other side but he always find himself comfortable and happy when he is with JE. They are compatible for one another so so much.
    As a sitcom and also with its high ratings, there is no reason to turn it upside down by creating more drama at the very end. It is not like JH and SK love each other so much but since they dont have a small chance, leaving the world is the only solution they have. I am very angry rite now but I still want to watch JH and JE together so I just go back to watch the old eps.
    JH and JE foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Okay I am at ep. 100 of High Kick now and I think I should stop here before the angst kicks in. I don’t understand why all sitcoms (esp. Korean) have to go for the melodramatic route toward the end. ALL OF THEM! It always leaves a bad after taste no matter how good they are. From what I read, this one sounds the most awful. Nothing is resolved in any constructive way that gives us even a tint of hope! I don’t buy the bullshit about time being stop so Sekyung’s love is realized for a moment. As if her freaking short life is all about love!!! It doesn’t make sense. I’m pissed!

  7. “I gave up on understanding why does it have to end that way”..I tried watching this because of Kim Tak Gu. And then I love it all the way. I just watch this sitcom last week and imagine just for 3 days..because it was really fun watching it. Im pretty upset about the ending. I am really eager to find out why it has to be that way. I kept on reading articles, blogs, news, reviews etc about this sitcom..going back thru all episodes to find out answers that might link to the ending..but still in the end it doesn’t give me answers. Sure critiques do have different views about the ending and explained well why does it have to be that way but none of them suffice my dissatisfaction. I really felt betrayed but “what to do yanni”..I am just an ordinary viewer. All I can say is Ji Hoon and Jung Eum is the most amazing and cutest-lovable couple I’ve ever watched in Korean drama. I enjoyed the rest of the episodes from 1-125..till now i kept on watching this funny moments of this couple. And gets to laugh..hahaha. Just to relieve the depression about the ending and console myself and be happy..I did made my own ending on my imagination for the sitcom..thats weird but I’m happy..haha

    I don’t hate the ending nor like it. It wasn’t just my expectation…even near to my expectation. Its as if they promise to give me a box of fresh apples but in the end, they gave me a box of wasted apples. If you really watch every single episode of this sitcom you would surely feel the way I feel. And about the ending, All I can say is “Dont joke around your story, its not a circus that you can just twist whatever you like just to please or follow someone else. Be more realistic and connect your stories till the end. Most important don’t forget the viewers who supported you all the way, beacuse they cherish the story all the way so give them a little credit.”

    Cheers..I love High Kich Through The Roof!!! Eps 1-125..hehe

  8. i love the entire show except for the ending

  9. People like you are the reason korean dramas have the idiotic development and shooting cycles that it has. The PD had every right to end the series the way he envisioned it, not in some asinine way to pander to some picky fanbase like every other show on. Don’t like something? Quick writers, change the entire story so these idiots will be happy, F artistic integrity. No one needs that!

    • Yep. Just like the PD has every right to do whatever ending he likes, I (and people like me) also have every right to call them out on how they do their job, ie stupid ending.

      Partial artistic integrity is moot when it lacks coherence and becomes so jarring with the whole product.

  10. After watching every episode, I felt SO ROBBED at the end! It was like…getting your hair done and enjoying a nice stroll in the sun then some dog runs by and craps on your shoes and a random crow drops shit bombs from the sky.. all landing on you. Is it even normal to feel so sick to your stomach after watching a drama? If the writer’s intention was to make its audience remember this drama for life, then mission freaking accomplished! I was happy and giddy then just got clothes lined while skipping down the street! Ahhhh shiii… so mad. Gonna go eat icecream now to morn the death of a good drama. At least I know the icecream wont leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  11. Unlike everyone on this blog, I really like JH and SK, I seemed to like impossibilities. I like the twist and I was hoping the whole show that something will change that would bring them together. It never did, the ending gave me hope, then kills it. I am really sad, I thought maybe they were going to put them on a coma for a few years and when they wake up they ended a couple because they got to know and love one another during their coma. Well, such is life.
    I did not like JH and JE as a couple, but they did grew on me a little.
    I do understand the ending, I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either. SK ask for time to stop so she can be happy and that is exactly what happened.

  12. I just finished HKTtR yesterday and I’m so~ pissed right know and can’t stop thinking about the end and the way it ended. I enjoyed watching this sitcom, liked every personage. And I was so fond of JH and JE couple. I still can figure out why this drama end this way. This is the worst ever ending I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m so disappointed. HKTtR is a SITCOM so a happy ending is what we expected all I think …
    I have to see another drama quickly to forget this end. Even if the 125 episodes were so good tho.

  13. Just discovered Kdrama. I got hooked on this sitcom and watched it in 5 days. I had NO CLUE what I was in for. First of all, with social media and the magic of airtravel the relationships could have endured a season apart. I kept thinking the end might jump time and show how everyone reconnected. That would have been pleasant… I guess if you believe in reincarnation you can imagine Jihoon and Sekyung stay connected in their next life, but that’s bull so the ending was too tragic. It immediately brought back painful memories of loved ones in my life that died tragically. Why did I stay up for 5 nights watching this?? It lured me in with humor and cuteness. I am cynical by nature but whoever wrote this ending really has a beef with life. I also wondered about the other characters, how did they cope? what about the pregnant sister, what about the the grandfather’s heart condition, what about Junhyuk’s 3 yrs of college (no CC for him). In Jungeum’s last appearance she looks like the grandmother she was pretending to be in a previous episode. The sucky ending was, unimaginative, uncreative, disrespectful to viewers and I imagine young children tuned in to this lighthearted farce. I wondered how the children watching coped with.. they’re dead, end of story, deal with it. I thought I was gonna throw up for several hours after that last episode.

    • It was as if you read my mind. Everything you had written was what I wanted to express about the ending of High Kick. I’m so angry with the ending right now!

  14. In watching high kick through the roof i would say as a viewer it was really a very fun and entertaining sitcom. Knowing that every character has its own unique way of making us laugh and we’d almost jump out our seat because of their unique jokes that i have never heard nor seen in my country comedy shows, In my own point of view, while watching every episodes of the show I began wondering how and why don’t I feel something romantically thing whenever Ji hoon and JE are together. although most of their scenes are sweet. Readers who’ll see my comment right now. let me practice my freedom of expression. But I think JE and JH has no chemistry from the very beginning. Or maybe I got easily hooked with the main character which is Se Kyung who fells in love first at Ji hoon so I’m thinking that they’re good together. But as i go along the episodes I kinda noticed why the director seems to give a lot of scenes where in ji hoon still treating se kyung good. And despite I find some romantic scenes between jung hyuk and se kyung and starting to hope that se kyung would ended up liking jung hyuk. I just realized what was the story trying to imply when I see se kyung still cant get over with ji hoon. while ji hoon characters still cares for her. I also noticed that it highlights their scenes most of the time. and it gives me a lot of thoughts.

    I do understand that watching a drama we always looking forward the we enjoyed it, We inspired from it and we do hate. So every people has their own different points of view. We looked at every different angles keenly so did the drama itself on how it was ended. twists is the very important part of the stories as it spices it up and gives us a very shocking revelation. I do believed that, well, the ending was somehow is not agreeable for some but for me it ends well. I have so many reasons on it. First, I’m sure not only me on the audience are hoping that someday somehow there’s a chance for Se kyung and Ji hoon to be together. We can easily figured it out that they wont be cause ji hoon is currently in love with JE. But we are waiting for the moment of se kyung confession. So it did happened. I feel that ji hoon has feelings for her. We have to admit that his cares for her is not out of pity but there’s a love that he never realized at first. Secondly, we have to admit too that stories being showed in televisions are the perfect reflections of everybody’s life. We did fall in and out of love. We did strive hard for our lives. We started out nothing and we become successful. We hate and got an enemy. our fate is not in our hands we really had no idea what would happen next to our life. its always been a surprise. so we must be ready on it. that’s how the end goes. and the last reason, the writer or PD are very creative at all. For me, they made the tragic ending for two main reasons. First, They wanted an unforgettable remarks it will lives to their hearts and minds forever. although its a suicide on their part cause everybody’s expecting a happy one and it will leave a lot of negative feedback on the controversial ending. the risks also on the ratings instead of following the usual happy ending. And the last reason is they defined the real meaning of TWISTS and that happens in our life as well. To look more realistic.

    I did not wrote comment here just to defend on the side of the writer or the pd. I just said those cause I think. High kick is successfully got me on my nerves. “til now, so far to all the dramas I’ve watched this was somehow the unexpected and shocking ending I have ever seen. It lives a room in my heart and I will keep on remembering this til i get old.. I’ll give them a round of applause for making such a wonderful, entertaining and so-so-unforgettable drama especially the ending for the whole staff and crew of HIGH KICK through the roof. Raise the roof! Good job! Controversial it may seems but indeed a one-of-a-kind shows of all time. I just finished watching it this new year 2013. it was aired 2009-2010 but i find it an awesome one! I just finished Nice guy, bridal mask, May queen a drama that had an unbelievable twist but they managed to be reasonable one at the ending but you also kinda upset for the twist. Still another a round of applause for May queen. the King 2hearts another great one.

    Although the scripts, twist and story lines are keeps on progressing as the years go by. high kick through the roof is still on my list. I’m sure a lot of people would agree if they will watching it to the year 2020 and so on.

  15. I am wondering what the response was for the Koreans after watching the last two minutes of the drama? I compare this to having Ricky Ricardo and Ethel being killed in a car accident for the last scene of ‘I love Lucy’… because it was that funny throughout… in fact, I was telling all my Kdrama friends that this was by far the funniest and best kdrama ever… it was like Sienfeld and Lucy put together with farts and prat falls…OMG… the grandpa was halarioous… but the frickin’ ending ruined it for me and my wife… we were so upset that it took literally weeks to try to forget about the terrible ending ever… they just threw water in my face and told me to f**** Off!
    I still don’t understand why they did that… especially since this was not a drama but a comedy… and to do that the last two minutes of the series… unforgivable… tasteless… with no thought of what it would do to all drama fans throughout the world… why? Why? Why?

  16. ur express my mind…when i saw the ending i was like unbelievable….yes i really want to said it’s shit…i even dream about how much i anger about the end of this sitcom…i spend to much time on this drama n nothing but only make me so wanna remake this drama…high kick 3 is the best n not wasting my time…i really hope that jung eum n ji hoon will be tgether but at last all of them separate…hishhh i really piss off…i really wanna throw up n scream how unbelievable how this good drama has shit ending….i hate the end……i hope to see jihoon n jung eum in other drama…pleae make this couple in other drama..

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