Fangirl Failure

Plan was that Sunday would be used to stalk the band CN Blue during a store opening in Seoul. I was hoping for a little performance, but even if they only wave around and look pretty, it would still be fine. I’d just quietly take pictures, scream a little, and be done with it.

I was so sure of myself. Because some people DID get to see them performing in Coex a couple of weeks back. Of course I thought I would be privy to that awesomeness as well.

Sunday was a rainy day. Of course, people would probably rather stay home, wouldn’t they? I mean, it’s raining and all. So I took my time getting there. I let my little friend chat with her little friends she ran into. I also bought a little umbrella first. I let our buss pass by because I was standing too far from where it stopped. It was fine, bussing to the location was a mere 15 minute matter. I got there at exactly 4 o’clock on the dot.

There were SO many people outside of the store, all with their umbrella opened up. Oh, they were still waiting for the band! The bodyguards were already yelling and people were already lining up to get into the store. Crap, I missed the band’s grand entrance. And then they were screaming!!! As much as I craned my neck, I couldn’t see what they were screaming at. Was it a sighting? Was it Yonghwa flashing his pearly whites? Was it Jungshin…being awesome?? WHAT??

And then I was in the walkway and the bodyguards were yelling at me to please keep it moving and get the hell out of their way. There were people on the line and despite the line seemingly not moving at all, I was wondering what the line was for and wanted to be on the line. The line was apparently for autograph. They would be standing for probably an hour in the rain. Uhhh, right, I think I would rather eat.

And that concludes my story of a failed attempt of being a fangirl. This is the only picture I could get. CN Blue is somewhere inside.


6 responses to “Fangirl Failure

  1. Arh I’m so envious. Plain green with envy here!

    If only I could have a glimpse of them or Yong Hwa in particular hehee.. if ONLY. >.<

    Btw, are you studying in Seoul?

    • Yeah, I’m studying for 1 semester in Seoul right now. Although I should use the word studying very loosely, hehehe.

      LOL, I was in Dahae’s thread and I just noticed you’ve got Goguma couple banner, lols. So another girl down for Yummy Yonghwa XD

      • Another reason to envy you!! I have a friend who’s also there as an exchange student and I wish I was him >.<

        Oh yeah, I'm a GOGUMA fan for sure. Officially back in the WGM game. But purely for Yo~ng and Hyu~n. They're sooooo 10000X cute!

        Can't believe I said he's just okay in YAB. Now all I see in him's CUTEHOTSEXY. haha XD

  2. LOL through the whole post, at one point was fearing for your life. You step in front of CNB bodyguards, did I get it right? XD

    “They would be standing for probably an hour in the rain. Uhhh, right, I think I would rather eat.”<— hehe

    Only one hour and you complained? I bet you didn't even bring signs, gifts, post-it notes… didn't you? Try again on a sunny day, ok?

    Have a great time in Seoul. The guy we talked about told me it's raining over there right now. You have to stalk the KBS building.

    • See, that’s why you need to come here. Who knows, maybe you can run into Song Taeha on the street.

      Who needs gifts and the likes when it’s ME who graces the site with my presence?
      It was supposed to friggin snow this afternoon, but nothing so far. Enough cause for celebration.

  3. Obviously it’s not you who fail, it’s CNBlue who fail to detect your awesome presence near them and welcome you into their arm or at least the dry-ness of the store.

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