Don’t Judge Me….

but I am so addicted to Kara’s new song Lupin.

I’m loving their new all black gothic look. So chic and sophisticated with darker colour. I think the song itself is not especially amazing on the vocal side, in fact I think vocal wise, it’s so lacking. But it is sooooo damn catchy. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t think of much. I thought it was okay. But after hearing the song several more times, it got better.

Definitely, the choreography is its strongest point. It’s got some crazy contagious dance moves and arrangements. What I like about the dance moves is that they’re really high energy and fast paced. The girls must be great athletes to be bouncing up and down like that.

I think I don’t need to go into expensive aerobic classes. I’ll just need lots of hours practicing this routine.


7 responses to “Don’t Judge Me….

  1. Yea, the vocals were totally buried under the digitalization, that is, if they have the voice.

    I’m neutral with Kara, but I have to admit their songs do have very catchy choreography. Take Mister and their previous song, I forgot the name. This one’s no different, but I guess, edgier and sexier?

  2. And oh, Seung Yeon’s short hair fits her a lot. I think she looks prettier… and cool-er of course..

  3. I toss in my vote also for Seungyeon’s short hair. I hope it’s a real cut and not a wig b/c the girl totally rocking it. I also like Nicole’s edgier short cut.

    Love the concept, not quite the song, I just like watching Gyuri going “shh!”.

    KARA is not one for vocal prowess anyway. But they’re fun to watch and now that DSP spend some money on them, they look less like a poor man’s version of SNSD minus 4 or so.

  4. Hello!! Bee told me that you’re in Seoul rite now…I was wondering do you mind pm me your email address? As i need to ask you something about the transport system there. thanks alot!! 🙂

  5. You need to blog more.

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