Lettuce Love, part 4b

So I’m doing this really really slowly. But fear not, even if it takes 5 years to complete all of this, I really do have the intention to finish. Like I said, I treat this as my own keepsake of the Ssangchu obsession I had for quite a while. Everything’s in good fun and I’m enjoying this.

Onto episode 17:

We start the episode with Hyunjoong and Hwangbo having jajjang ramyeon lunch (unhealthy!). Hwangbo is down with a cold yet they couldn’t buy anything remotely healthier?

And I nitpick.

They proceed to do some a little chore around the house, mopping. But it isn’t Ssangchu if things don’t get quirky in the process. Today is probably the first time that someone (or something) comes between our favourite couple. Both Hyunjoong and Hwangbo are mopping the floor, but they are joined by Automatic Vaccuum extraordinaire. Hwangbo tells him to trust her and follow her lead. But Hyunjoong strays!! He lets it slip that it might be better to follow the machine instead.

Now this gets Hwangbo disappointed. She claims that it hurts her pride that the machine is better than her. Hyunjoong, who obviously hasn’t mastered the art of Pacifying the Wife, informs her that OF COURSE human can’t beat machine. Not to be outwitted, said wife counters that machine itself is made by human. Stupid Husband doesn’t back down because he says that the reason human invents machine is because they can’t do the job themselves. Wife sticks to her argument that because machine is made by human, human is of course better. But now comes the unbeatable argument of the century.

And I quote Husband, “But human used to be monkeys…”

In fits of laughter, Wife chooses not to challenge that absurd but yet hitting argument.

Seriously, in the Ssangchu household, you need to invent all sorts of absurdness to win arguments! (and if you can’t tell, this is a fun poke to the fandom as well, hehehe)

But in the Ssangchu household, everyone gets along again after, so it’s okay. As you can see, Hwangbo and Hyunjoong are peacefully enjoying their time in the new house, already forgetting about their opposing views with regards to machine and human. When Hwangbo says she wants to make curtain, Hyunjoong decides he too wants to get domestic and artistic (psst, Hwangbo, do NOT ever let him get close to your handbag!!). He will help by making a table cloth.

So Hwangbo gives him a portion of a cloth and he’s set to do the works. But as he was working, everyone notices Hyunjoong’s unconventional way of making table cloth. He uses bowl to mark the fabric and cut them in circular form. He also fiddles with ramyeon packet and even excuses himself to go to the convenience store to buy some food. This makes everyone wonder what exactly he is doing. Does he know he’s supposed to make a PRETTY table cloth??

So after all the anticipation, husband reveals his masterpiece. He reasons that the purpose behind this unique table cloth is that it gives the feeling of being full when sitting around the table.

And if you get full, you can change the picture according to the season. Cold noodle for the hot summer and hot bun for the chilly Korean winter.

If you’re wondering, this is wife’s reaction:

Ahh, wife gets to flex her laughing muscle a lot these days.

But no oh no, husband still has more odd trick up his sleeves. He suddenly stands up with the white fabric and declares that he would like to make a gown.

HUH? For who? For wife? For himself?

After further interrogation, husband admits that it’s not Gown that he wants to make, but a Gahun (family motto on the wall) but he has been thinking of Gahun for hours that for some unexplained reason, that word transformed into Gown in his head.

But by know we know enough not to ask questions about the odd workings of Husband’s head.

So the couple work on the Family Motto right away and coined their own phrase: My Life’s Events (Events Come to Me)

But it’s cloudy today. Hyunjoong is going to Japan for a while to stay there and record/promote the SS501’s album. Hwangbo, the Awesome Wife, helps him packing and she’s obviously a little emo because Hyunjoong seems more excited at the prospect of going to Japan rather than sad that he was leaving his wife. But whatever he feels, she still helps him packing his clothes. She even packs him multivitamin and ramen. But Hyunjoong doesn’t help because he just teases her that he’s more interested in going to Japan.

Sigh, this couple has a long way to go.

Hyunjoong, in his effort to appease Wife’s loneliness, gives him his only passport picture and tells her that if she misses him, she should look at the picture 3 times a day.

Hwangbo has another plan. She’s got a surprise! Because Hyunjoong mentioned that he missed the little pool they had in their first home, Hwangbo decides that she will relive that memory and surprise him with a rubber pool and filling it with water so they can play with it. Hyunjoong ends up taking the task to fill up the pool while Hwangbo sits in the living room…writing a short letter for Hyunjoong! She wishes him well in Japan and tells him to come back safely.

I love that Hwangbo writes that letter. It’s a brief letter, but it’s a supportive letter that lets Hyunjoong know that she does think about his wellbeing. You may argue that she does it for the show, but even then I find it sweet still.

Trouble is brewing tho. The first real disappointment and disatisfaction was voiced by Hwangbo. The first real tension! Dundundundundundun…

So Hyunjoong excuses himself to the bedroom to fold one paper crane. But that’s not all, if you remember, he tried to serenade a song to Hwangbo, but he kept on forgetting the lyrics. As Hyunjoong is folding the crane, he is memorizing the lyrics to this song called Dahengida (It’s a Relief). Hyunjoong spends quite some time in the room. On the other hand, Hwangbo who doesn’t know this, gets irritated that Hyunjoong would rather shack up in the room than spending time with her especially since they won’t be seeing each other often due to his work in Japan.

I think it’s the first time Hwangbo shows her temper. Hyunjoong, in the backroom interview, views this little ‘fight’ as a sign that they have slightly gotten closer and therefore can reveal their other, not so peachy side. I like this take.

I’ve always wanted to see Hwangbo actually getting pissed off angry on the show like Seo Inyoung. But Ms Hwangbo always keeps her temper in check. Throughout the show, she has visibly been upset, but even then she never gets passionate about it. I kinda wish she would just whip out her taekwondo moves and spinkick Hyunjoong or something, lols.. That would SO much fun to see. Hehehe..

After a very brief rough patch, they make up easily. Hyunjoong tells Hwangbo to think of 3 things that she wants from Japan and he’ll bring it for her when he gets back. So, Hwangbo asks for a shower cap, a shampoo bottle, and a disposable underwear (lols, asking your fake husband to give you fake undies?).

My question at the time is whether or not Hyunjoong will fulfil this promise, given his less than stellar track records.

The last few days, I’ve been going on a Ssangchu marathon yet again. Yes, yes, I caved in and went on goo goo gaga over every single Ssangchu moment. To be honest, one of the reason this part of the Lettuce Love is so slow is because episode 16-17 are not exactly my favourite episodes. I appreciate them because we get a glimpse of conflict and things progress because of it. The progress can be seen in the next episode. I like these episodes because they’re not just flowers and candies but I will be honest and say that I prefer OTHER episodes.

Mirroring this is episode 22-23, the Wedding Picture shoot. They are some sort of turning point episodes and they’re awesome because of it, but yes I watch other episodes more. These episodes trigger progress that can be seen in the next episode. Episode 24 is one of my favourite, if not my favourite episode, which was an aftermath of what happened in the Wedding Picture shoot. Parallel to this is that I love episode 18 a lot more than 16 or 17.

BTW, this is old news or whatever, but Hyunjoong dated a celebrity for 5 months? Oh hell yeah, that spells Ssangchu right there!!


8 responses to “Lettuce Love, part 4b

  1. thanx the spirits( i’ve been watching legend of the seeker)for the update. and i’ll take ur word for it that u’ll continue to write about ssangchu… i ardently hope it wont take 5 years to finish since i love reading ur stuff….

  2. I recently found your blog and as a ssangchu fan, absolutely love it. I esp love your summaries on their WGM episodes. I hope you update soon! I also totally agree with you that Hyun Joong is a terrible actor. That’s why I love going back to see him on WGM, since it’s so obvious he’s not acting his real feelings for Hwang Bo (whom I absolutely adore). Call me a dreamer, but I totally think they’re together now. And if they really are, I hope HJ knows what a gem he has in HB. He may be the more popular one in the public’s eye, but for me, HB is really too good for him, unless he makes her really happy. Also, where can I find your fan fics on the couple? I thought I saw you mention in 1 of your comments that you had several. I would love to read them. I also have one in the works on soompi’s proboards – http://joongbo.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=fanfic&action=display&thread=356. If you get a chance, pls read and comment. Thanx for taking the time to read my long comment!

    • Thanks for visiting. I have a bunch of fics in Joongbo Proboards actually. My latest one was called Something About Pride. It’s a couple of months old, so it’s probably in the later pages. I’ll leave a comment once I get through your fic.

  3. I like your Lettuce Love! It brings back lots of good memories and really revive my love for this couple. Ep. 16&17 weren’t exactly my favorite too but I think it really picked up from there. =D

    About that 5 months dating thing, I was excited knowing about it but than it can work both ways. If they were indeed together awesome but that would mean they broke up. However, if its not true that means he never had feelings for her. My poor heart can’t decide on which one I would prefer so I’m hoping its her and still is her. LOL

  4. I stopped by here out of curiosity and found another Ssangchu fan. I adore this couple and reading your recap brings lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

    Thanks and I’ll be back, I’m sure for Ssangchu love.

  5. i admire your determination in keeping your readers abreast of the anything korean pop…

    im specifically uber gaga with this couple…i wonder if you have already done the rest of the eps… would appreciate it if you can keep us posted…

    many thanks and chalheseo!!! Fighting!

  6. Thanks for your Lettuce Love Series.. I truly loved it. Hoping you’d continue on with the whole episodes (even the ending sad part), I’ll still look forward to your writings. It brings back so many, many wonderful moments of their relationship in WGM. I’m a believer! Both Shillang and Buin were fated to met in WGM which gave us a glimpse of Ssangchu love. Thanks and more power.

  7. Waah! nice blog you have here. I was searching for the real translation of the “Family motto” and mr. google lead me here. Thanks for blogging about them. I think I’m relatively “new” to the lettuce world — almost two months since I got “acquainted” with them. It’s rather nice or weird that I started to label my mv file as “ssangchu love” too.. haha.. I guess that’s pretty common, but it easily came into mind. Anyhoo, ssangchu couple spells love. 🙂 Denying it or saying they didn’t have anything would seem more of a lie than there was indeed something. 🙂

    Thanks again lettuce love, more power! Hope to read more blogs about this adorable, sweet, crazy, wacky, playful couple. 🙂 To the world!!! Family motto!

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