Purely Rambling

Okay, so I was looking at my blog stat and since a few days ago, there was suddenly a flood (well, at my level anyway) of traffic that relates to Brilliant Legacy. Huh?? This is a curious thing since Brilliant Legacy ended like months ago. And I see that suddenly, Brilliant Legacy got popular again. What’s going on?? Is Brilliant Legacy being reaired or newly aired in some country?? I’m curious.

On another topic, who else is tired of this whole Jaebum thing?? I wrote my sympathy for Jaebum and my anger over how the public treated him back when he decided to quit 2PM and went back to Seattle. But things after that just turned me off. From a supposedly secret coverage of Jaebum’s life in America to the numerous rumours of him coming back or not coming back, the rumour that Jaebum was preparing for a solo comeback, the rumour that there would be a press con announcing his return, gawd, everything is just so overhammered. I’m sick of it. I think it’s obvious that this is all JYP’s master plan. Rather than being tacky and doing this tug and pull strategy, just get to the point. Either bring Jaebum back or just move on. This Jaebum thing is really starting to irritate me.

More JYP related ramble: I know I totally missed the boat on this one, but I’m officially addicted to Baek Jiyoung and 2PM’s Taecyeon’s song My Ear’s Candy. But I’ve learned my mistake. I went to Noraebang and sang a Baek Jiyoung’s song Like Being Hit by a Bullet and completely and utterly embarrassed myself. Now, I shall not step a foot in a Noraebang with the thought that I could actually do a BJY song ever again.

Yet another JYP related. This 2 AM guy, Im Seullong is SO.DAMN.CUTE!! I know about zero 2 AM song but I’ve been watching Seullong in We Got Married (he’s not in it but he appears like every single week) and he’s so entertaining.

So, Lee Minho has finally chosen his next role after his explosive Goo Junpyo and I say that it’s about time. I think Lee Minho has a natural talent for acting and he elevated Goo Junpyo to an almost iconic status in Korean pop culture. So I was disappointed that instead of perfecting his art like Kim Bum and Kim Soeun (who both went to do more acting, despite the general lack of success), Lee Minho chose to stick to advertisements. My point of view is that I’m afraid the longer he waits, the more expectation people would have, and there would be more pressure. Kind of like the case of Yoon Eunhye. She striked it gold with Goong, The Vineyard Man, and Coffee Prince but waited way too long after and pretty much flopped with My Fair Lady. Song Hyekyo is another case, her drama The World We Live In had really low ratings. It’s good that Lee Minho has finally moved on from his Goo Junpyo phase. He now needs to create a real image for himself as an actor.

As for Yoon Eunhye, IMO, she badly needs to do another drama soon because practice makes perfect. And less wait time makes for lower expectation.

Oh and I saw a news of this new drama called Pink Lipstick with Park Eunhye and I can’t help but roll my eyes. Wife’s Temptation, Angel’s Temptation, I Can’t Stop, and now Pink Lipstick??? You know what these dramas have in common?? They basically have the same plot! Good people turning evil and lots of hysteria in between. I caught a few episodes of Wife’s Temptation and wow, I feel like my brain cells were falling apart.

On the other hand, I watched the first 3 episodes of The Reputable Family and I’m loving it so far. The drama stars Cha Inpyo, Kim Sungmin (the awesome Billy of Fantasy Couple and is currently doing variety show Qualifying Men), and Han Goeun (her Cha Songjoo role in Capital Scandal is like one of my favourite female in Kdramas). So I have high hopes for this drama and I’m enjoying it. Which is surprising.

Okay, so two of the dramas I’m liking right now are of saeguk genre, Chuno and The Reputable Family. No one is more shocked than me. I’ve steered clear of ANY type of Saeguk but I guess after last year fantastic drama Return of Iljimae, I became more open to the idea of Saeguk.

Last, but never least. Lee Dahae admitted that she dated one of her costars in the past. OHMYGAWD!! I was a loyal shipper of Donghae (Lee Dongwook/Lee Dahae couple) for like 2 years. We used to fiddle around and finding little details of similarity between these two. I remember that one of the most ‘certain evidence’ was the fact that both their houses are decorated so similarly, down to the same wallpaper and the same dresser. Now, even if they share an interior designer, they have hired a terrible one because no designer would be so uncreative as to decorate two houses alike. I don’t care what anyone says but now I’m firmly believing that Donghae was actually real.


And I’m bowing out.


10 responses to “Purely Rambling

  1. me too, recently my blog get a lot of traffic that relates to Brilliant Legacy! wonder why? I think this is because of the battle beetwen Brilliant Legacy and its “imitation” in our country ^_^

  2. Haha, an imitation of Brilliant Legacy? HAHA… drama news are indeed getting more and more interesting day by day nowadays. lol..

    Jaebum thingy, have nothing much to say. Altho I did notice that there have been LOADS of news of him returning/staying/preparing to come back to Korea..etc. I think I’ll only tune in when he REALLY comes back.

    JYP: The biggest news is Sun Mi’s departure from the most loved girl group Wondergirls. And JYP’s hecka fast to find her a replacement 0_0

    2AM: You have not heard of their songs before? Gosh, you should! I think they’re way better than 2PM… especially ChangMin and Jo Kwon. I don’t know much about Seullong, but he has ABSSS to die for! .< haha.. All those evidence, even some insider info of them dating..etc, those are indispensable!! teehee…

    And oh, she played a game of choosing between guys she liked in the show Sweet Night. And her results are as follows, if you're interested.

    OJH or Jang Hyuk: Jang Hyuk
    Lee Dong Wook or Lee Jun Ki: Lee Dong Wook
    Lee Min Ho or Lee Seung Gi: Lee Seung Gi
    So Ji Sub or Kang Ji Hwan: Kang Ji Hwan
    Lee Hong Ki or Lee Seung Gi: Lee Seung Gi

    Final four:

    Daniel Henney or Jang Hyuk: Daniel Henney
    Daniel Henney or Lee Seung Gi: Daniel Henny!

    Gah, how to choose man? But I'd probably choose LSG in the end, cos I love my heodang! πŸ˜›

    Drama rumors: I read that Lee Seung Gi and Sandara Park might pair up in the upcoming Hong Sisters' drama My GF is a Nine Tail Fox. I'm like OMG OMG.. dun care much for Sandara, but LSG back in drama is just LOVVVEEEEE!!

  3. ^Oppss…dunno what happened, but the post above deleted some extra paras…hehehe..


    LMH: Read the news that Son Ye Jin’s confirmed as female lead for his drama? I went like WOAAAAHHHHHH! Best news since Cinderella with CJM, MGY and SW. I’m like almost done with Alone In Love, and SYJ’s performance is just BRILLIANT!
    Don’t mind the Noona-Dongsaeng pairing that much… cos LMH’s hot and SYJ’s amazing.

    LDH’s revelation of her dating one of her co-stars: Like you, I’m all for Lee Dong Wook. It must be, it cannot NOT be. >.< haha.. All those evidence, even some insider info of them dating..etc, those are indispensable!! teehee…

    (This continued to the part of Da Hae choosing between the guys)

  4. i enjoyed your rambling πŸ˜‰

  5. Another drama shocker for 2PM fans:-

    TeacYeon of 2PM has been added to the cast of Cinderella Unni, alongside the already-so-perfect line-up!

    He will play the guy who likes evil sister Moon Geun Young.

    • I KNOOOWWW! I just heard about Son Yejin too! OMGawd, sizzling sizzling!

      Taecyeon in a drama? Hmm, I have no idea about his acting background, but an idol in Cinderella Unni isn’t really convincing. Especially since he’ll be up against the forever my love Chun Jungmyung.

      • It doesn’t have to be convincing, because we all know it’s a cast-list to die for. hehe..

        Chun Jung Myung is of course the biggest attraction here, not to mention that I love MGY and SW to BITS too. But the 2PM beast ain’t too bad either.. he’s a hottieeee! <333

        As long as he doesn't end up like TOP in IRIS (he better hella not!), I'm all good.

  6. i went home last december, and brilliant legacy is being aired in one of the major tv stations there.

    Philippines is my home. Ito ang aking lupang sinilangan. πŸ˜€

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