Current Events, part 2

I’ve been in a dry spell, blogging wise. I’m still watching dramas and everything but am just finding no motivation to write.

I’ll keep this simple. So, the current (drama) events are:

1. Pasta

Up to this point, Pasta is between good and just ok to me. The main couple is all sorts of wonderful, great acting, great chemistry, and has dynamic that is so much fun to watch. I normally don’t really like a romantic relationship between a superior man and a lower status woman because I find the man tends to be way too strong (case in point: Hwang Taekyung and Go Minyeo of You’re Beautiful) and I don’t like seeing the woman giving in too much to the man. But Pasta makes a relationship between a boss and his employee different. Correction, Gong Hyojin is the one making it different. She plays heroine Yookyung with such crafty cuteness coupled with some heavy guts to be pretty much one of my favourite heroine EVER in a K-Drama. It also helps that Lee Seonkyeon does his role as a boss with enough arrogance but mixes in some (comedic) vulnerability that renders him human.

So, all on the main couple front is good. However, I find the supporting ensemble to be pretty lacking. One, there is an issue of number. There are just TOO many people and really, most of the supporting characters are redundant and their own little spinoff is serving no purpose. Case in point: there are 3 chef ladies that were fired from the restaurant and they are still bumming around finding job and generally complaining and whining whenever there’s a chance. I say get rid of them for real. Another case: One of the hottie chefs are in the process of hooking up with another character’s older sister. And when I say older, I mean she could be his aunt. But I don’t care of age gap, I care about whether it’s relevant or not to the story. And it DOESN’T.

Second, supporting leads are sorely lacking in acting skills. Supporting leads are Honey Lee and Alex of Clazziquai. Alex is fine, but he poses no real personality. I forgive that because his character doesn’t demand much of him anyway. Honey Lee is the one I can’t forgive. Not only she doesn’t seem to improve her acting from Partner, I get really irritated by her character. When these two supporting leads are acting alongside the natural Gong Hyojin and Lee Seonkyeon, the gap between their acting is really palpable. They so don’t measure up to the main lead, making the love quadrangle not interesting. Thankfully, we have such an engaging main couple that we don’t even need the supporting bitches around.

All in all, though, Pasta is a fun offering for Monday/Tuesday nights. It’s got great vibe and fantastic chemistry borne by Gong Hyojin and Lee Seonkyeon.

2. Smile, You

Given up on Smile, You pretty much. It’s getting repetitive and problems are being dragged out. I’m regretting because I was really loving Lee Minjung and Jung Kyungho, but I got tired seeing similar things over and over again. I said in the beginning of the drama that even though the drama is not being inventive, but it’s strangely refreshing. Now, it’s not so anymore. Plot points are getting redundant and story getting really slow. I still think that the characters are entertaining, but with tiring storyline, it’s not helping much.

3. Will it Snow for Christmas?

I’ve hit a point where I’m tired of watching this drama. Though I prefer happy dramas, I HAVE liked Lee Kyunghee’s dramas in the past, such as I’m Sorry I Love You and Thank You. The few Sangdoo’s episodes I saw were to my liking as well. And WISFC really hit me in the first 9 episodes. It wasn’t perfect: acting is uneven with Han Yeseul pulling in less than what she should have, plots are marred with familiar cliches I’ve seen in the past.

But then, the story took a weird turn and while I felt really moved by the conflicts in the early days, I now feel that things are getting fake, like Writer Lee is forcing things to get angsty. And normally I would get angsty with her, but this time I just got annoyed. I didn’t resent her that much when she put yet another Brain Tumor in the story. But now, we have medically unexplained amnesia, faux sibling incest, and our couple still can’t get together because of their selfish parents. I’m sick that she’s throwing every cliche in Kdrama land into this one drama that was so melancholic yet so beautiful.

Hopefully, with the drama in its 2nd last week, I can find the motivation to actually trudge in and watch everything.

4. Jewel Bibimbap/Assorted Gems

Sigh, I’m so easily influenced. After Thundie thunderbolt put this drama among the top dramas of 2009, I just had to have a look. It started out okay for me, the episodes are easy to get through. But then I’m sensing a problem when I couldn’t stop watching episodes after episodes. Before I knew it, I was halfway through. And then I was caught up with the current episode. All in less than 2 weeks.This is also the reason why Smile You has taken a backseat. Sorry! But the Goong siblings are hella addictive.

I wanna do a write up for this drama so maybe I’ll save it till then.

5. Chuno

I refuse to watch this without subtitle. I need to appreciate the drama in its full view and understanding every bit of it. I saw the first 2 episodes and it’s simply breathtaking. Visual wise, it’s gorgeous as hell. And I was surprised to find that there are some comedic elements thrown in it for a good measure. It makes watching a lot more fun and I’m getting to like the characters easier. If I have to nitpick, however, I do have one tiny complain. This relates to Lee Dahae. I think Lee Dahae is one of the most talented actresses of her age. She’s lovely and beautiful, but she’s got the chops as well.

Nevertheless, I notice her tendency to be a little overdone in makeup in her dramas. I would have not complained but I do think this is a conscious decision on her part and I hate to think that it’s all about her vanity, wanting to look good on screen without regards if it’s actually fit with her character. The problem is that her makeup makes it a little jarring for me. An example, in My Girl, she was supposed to be a poor girl who was running from loan sharks. But she’s so caked up that I wonder how she can keep her lips shiny even when gangsters are on her trails. In Robbers, she was a single mom who’s busy trying to raise her daughter and making ends meet. She must’ve been over her head, but she found time to do her makeup perfectly. Now here, in Chuno, she’s supposed to be a slave, for god’s sake. But she’s so flawless and gorgeous and it’s disconcerting because you see other slaves are not caking it up on the makeup.

But anyways, that’s me nitpicking. I do think she’s acting really well in the drama and I’m enjoying Chuno immensely.

6. Highkick Through the Roof

I’ve actually been watching this for a couple of months now. Again, I was preparing an actual post for this, but then the dry spell hit and I just forgot about it. I’m enjoying the sitcom because I don’t have to focus 100% of my energy and focus here. I don’t feel guilty fast forwarding when I don’t like it because I’m not going to miss a lot of points. It’s a good fun. Hwang Jungeum of We Got Married is here and I’m having SO MUCH fun watching her crazy (much like her too, it seems) character.

These dramas are on top of the ones I’m trying to catch up, like The Reputable Family and Stars Falling from the Sky. Damn, no school is good!!


3 responses to “Current Events, part 2

  1. Spanks, how can you say Da Hae’s vain? HUUUUHHH? Out of all ppl!

    Haha, joking joking dear. 😛

    Anywayz, I don’t know if this is a reliable source, but according to some, she didn’t really put that much of make-up for her role in Chuno. It’s actually due to her lily-white skin and her good/fair-ish complexion that made her look that way. But of course, I can’t defend her on this point because I don’t know for realz and how true it is. However, there are various explanations on why she had to look really pristine and pretty by PD Kwak in the news.. but I think I’ll refrain from sayin more, or else I’d rant on non-stop. Aiks..

    That said, Chuno is still NO.1 right now for me. Just can’t get it out of my mind! Urrhhh…

    The rest of the dramas that you’ve just mentioned. Pasta’s okay, but I agree 100% with you that LSG and GHJ are the ones carrying the drama. Even the storyline lacks a whole mile compared to their sizzling chemistry. The supporting casts are boring, and the cooking, well passable for me. Alex and Honey Lee are pretty people, but again, boring in their interpretation of their characters… and don’t get me started on the non-stop screaming by LSG! Ermm… it’s getting a bit too much..

    Smile You, I’ve put on hold for a while. Stopped at 5 because I just could not concentrate with Chuno scenes repeating all over in my mind. >..<

    • Hahaha, I dunno, I’m really picky about makeup on dramas. I hate it when they show people in dramas waking up with perfectly painted eyeliner! WTF!

      Same here on Chuno’s fever. You have no idea how many times in a day I refreshed WITH S2’s page to see if perhaps Mister X is done with his sub, lols. I know Vikii does it too, but for Chuno, I want to have the complete enjoyment, subtitle with HD visual, haha.

  2. WISFC – gah, the most disappointing for me this season. I tried to get into the drama in the first half, and it was good but not mindblowing. After that, I just could not bring myself to continue, no matter how sexyhotalluring Go Soo is.. Considering that this was penned by Writer Lee, who wrote my most most beloved drama MISA (and Thank You in Top 10 as well), this became the biggest let-down for me followed by IRIS.

    Oopps… I think I just posted an essay! Miahne! >.<

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