Looking Forward To..

Some of the movies and dramas that are in the horizon that I sooo can’t wait to watch!

1. Chuno

Lee Dahae, Jang Hyuk, Oh Jiho, Kim Jisuk, Gong Hyungjin, Choi Chulho, Lee Jonghyuk, need I say more? The actors, both leading and supporting look really strong. I love so many of them. The stills, the preview, the trailer all look great. But I really don’t want to get my hopes too high just in case it doesn’t turn out the way I expected it too. I’m really excited for Gong Hyungjin, he’s one of my favourite ahjussi actors. Most of all tho, I am really anticipating Lee Dahae and Janghyuk. It’s been WAYYY too long since I saw their respective projects, the awful mess of Hello Miss and the incredible Thank You.

2. Jeon Woochi

I believe it’s already out in theatres in Korea but I have yet to see the online version of it. Kang Dongwon is one of those actors who got off to a cute start with his pretty boy image, starring in romcom projects like the drama 1% of Anything and the movie Too Beautiful to Lie. But then, came Duelist (I admit to falling asleep watching this), then Maundry Thursday, then Voice of Murderer, then M, and now Jeon Woochi. We can safely say that these are heavy weight movies, not exactly for the fluffy viewers. Kang Dongwon successfully shed off his pretty actor image for serious actor one. Can’t wait for Jeon Woochi!

3. Daddy Likes Women

Okay, on the onset this is probably going to be a mediocre movie, the typical romcom movie. But I so love Lee Nayoung. She can do ANY type of roles and I like how she diversifies her filmography. She was a girl next door in one project, then a rebel in another, then a prude in another. Her last 2 movies were pretty heavy, and I was glad to see he choosing a lighter movie for a change.

4. Life Unexpected

Okay, so this isn’t Korean but I just had to put this in. Unfortunate title (seriously, they need to change it, way too cheesy!), but OMG!! Look at the cast! Shiri Appleby of the alien series Roswell and Kerr Smith of the Old Skool Dawson’s Creek!! Dawson’s Creek was like my first ever TV series. My bedtime was 9pm, so I had to sneak around to watch Dawson and the gang who aired at 9.30pm. I kinda stopped watching after 3 seasons, but caught up with the finale and was so glad that it was Pacey that Joey ended up with.

Whereas Roswell was so my obsession. Liz and Max was like the hottest couple, both great looking and both had awesome AWESOME chemistry. The vampire kids Bella and Edward stand NO CHANCE to the alien couple. To be fair, the show itself was okay, but contrary to the generic teen dramas, they actually had great conflicts going on, both internally and externally. The only thing is that they took it too seriously. Rare funny moments make for some tiring experience. And ultimately, it couldn’t be saved. So now, I’m really excited to see Liz Parker back on television. Life Unexpected will air on January 18 and reviews have been good!


One response to “Looking Forward To..

  1. Jeon woochi is truly awesome! 🙂

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