Shin Dongwook in a New Drama!!


According to Javabeans, Delicious Shin Dongwook is going to be in a new drama called Pick the Stars. He’s going to join Kim Jihoon (yum!) and Choi Jungwon (have yet to see any of her projects) and the drama is going to air in January.

Heeeeeee. After watching Soulmate this summer, I was in search of Shin Dongwook’s other dramas. But I wasn’t so enamoured with the first couple of episodes of War of Money when it aired and didn’t want to watch Park Shinyang anyway. I also started Cloud Staircase but kind of forgot about it, a sign that the first impression wasn’t memorable. So I had been trying to find time to watch Oh Pilseung Bong Soonyoung not just for Shin Dongwook perse, but also because it has Chae Rim, Ahn Jaewook, and Park Sunyoung ALL IN ONE DRAMA! But alas, I got distracted, heh.

I have also heard that he was in the variety show Kko Kko Tour and hosted (or is hosting?) his own cable show. But he’s basically gone on hiatus from the dramaland.

So Shin Dongwook’s case is a lot like Chun Jungmyung’s. Have only seen 1 project, but left such a huge impression. I admit that about 60% of the reason why I like Shin Dongwook is purely on the superficial level. Sure, he was great in Soulmate, but it’s his voice and that nonchalant swagger that just get me everytime. Looks wise, I find him to look a lot like a mix between Jung Ilwoo, Ji Hyunwoo, and Jo Kyehyoung (Yoorin’s friend in My Girl, who hasn’t been around much either!).

Oh January is only around the corner. Wohooo!


3 responses to “Shin Dongwook in a New Drama!!

  1. I adore this drama… He’s getting my attention as well as his hyung character too! maybe I should go watch soulmate too?

  2. can’t wait to wacth his move,,

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