Jongmin Returns!

Seems like my last few posts have been about entertainers getting out of military service.

So, following Gong Yoo and Chun Jungmyung, Kim Jongmin is set to be released soon. But that’s not the only reason he’s making news. It has been confirmed that Jongmin will return as the 7th member of the variety show 1 Night 2 Days, a topic that is quite controversial.

Jongmin is originally one of the founding members , along with Kang Hodong, Eun Jiwon, and Lee Sugeun. It’s only when he went to do his service that his place was vacated and MC Mong came as the new member. Two years have passed since that and 1N2D went from being the rookie variety show to a huge sensation it is today. And despite the start of the show, 1N2D’s current members are regarded as THE members.

Sometime ago, the discussion of whether or not Jongmin would go back to 1N2D after his release was spurred to dividing comments. Some were in favour, but the overwhelming majority hated the idea. I’ve read a lot of people stating their worries. The reasoning was that Jongmin’s return can potentialy muck up the current members’ chemistry and dynamic. That and the fact that one person might have to wave goodbye if Jongmin gets back. What is funny is that apparently, even among the members themselves, Jongmin is a taboo topic, hahaha.

But Lee Myunghan PD ended up inviting him back anyway, which I think is a big gamble considering how many people are opposed to it.

I, for one, am excited.

First off, I really like Kim Jongmin. Sure, he might be a singer, but really, it’s his work in the variety shows that are more known. I’ve watched him in those old variety shows and I find Jongmin to be really funny and his jokes are not over the top like I think No Hongchul’s is. I watched some episodes of the “old” 1N2D and I will just say that Kim Jongmin was easily the funniest member.

Second, I find it a good thing to change things up. One of the biggest charms of 1N2D is that it is such a dynamic show and even though the core concept of the show never changes, the producers and other crews have been very smart in inserting small changes and shiftings around this 90 minute/week show. I would say that adding a new member perhaps fall in the category of big change so it remains to be seen if this would be a successful move or not. But for me personally, I like the idea of Jongmin’s returns because it will freshen things up. I don’t mean to say that right now 1N2D is boring, not at all. But I do think that sunday mornings will be even more exciting.

Third, I want to see how Jongmin interacts with the current member and IF he will fit in again. Probably the first few trips would be awkward as he is adjusting, but we can see after that if Jongmin’s return, or more importantly adding a new member, is a good idea or not.


3 responses to “Jongmin Returns!

  1. i love him and wait his’comeback

  2. YAY, another supporter of Kim Jong Min!
    I honestly felt bad for him when people started to judge his style of humor, say stuff about how he’s gonna shake things up in 1N2D, spoil the chemistry of the 6 cast blah blah. =(
    I mean it’s okay to be apprehensive and worried, but all those objections just made me felt sad for him when he’s prolly looking forward to re-join the show which he’d reluctantly left just for MS.

    I for one, am happy that he’s coming back.
    He’s such a cutie… and his humor will never bore me.


    Just saw the latest episode of the winter challenge, Jongmin can’t do anything right. He looks like and acts like a goofy bastard.

    He adds nothing from the show, they might as well have a manequin in his place. He is the odd man out, 6 is the perfect team 3 OBs and 3 YBs.

    What were and are the producers thinking, get rid of him, he is just plain sucks with his goofy stupid shit eating grin.

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